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Core Conditioning Fitness Classes - Strengthening All Your Core
  • Core Conditioning Classes In Abu Dhabi

A strong core is essential to help your posture and also help with reducing injury when training. A good core workout in Abu Dhabi is about more than just sit ups and planks.

Improve your posture and develop your core muscles through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles whilst increasing your flexibility. These core conditioning classes in Abu Dhabi are held at various times and days at the Sheraton Corniche and are provided by a fully qualified personal trainer.

Working on your core muscles regularly provides great benefits when it comes to other training methods too. Walk taller and feel stronger.

core wqorkout classes in Abu Dhabi
  • Fitness Class Timing:

Mondays: 09:00 – 10:00

Saturdays: 09:00 – 10:00

  • Location Details:

Sheraton – Corniche – Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Fitness Class Organiser:

This fitness class in Abu Dhabi is organised by:

 Advantage Sports UAE

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Thai Boxing and boxing coach personal trainer in Abu Dhabi - Richard
About The Class Instructor/Trainer

Abu Dhabi personal fitness trainer and boxing coach Richard works with the Advantage Sports UAE group based at their Gym at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi, Hamdan Street, Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi & Le Meridien Resort in Abu Dhabi. As well as boxing personal training and fitness Richard also provides personal training for kick boxing and muay thai in Abu Dhabi.

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