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Sharjah Ladies Personal Trainer – Viktoria
Personal Trainer Type : Private Personal Trainers In Sharjah
Personal Trainer Location : Sharjah
Trainer Gender : Female
Group Price (From) : 200 (AED) Per Person (4 - 6 Ladies)
Training Since : 2006
Training Locations : Your Home In Sharjah, Your Gym
Availability Times
  • Monday :6:00-19:00
  • Tuesday :6:00-19:00
  • Wednesday :6:00-19:00
  • Thursday :6:00-19:00
  • Friday :13:00-15:00
  • Saturday :6:00-19:00
  • Sunday :6:00-19:00

Female Sharjah personal trainer Viktoria is based in Dubai but can offer her personal training services to groups of ladies (4 – 6) in Sharjah on request. Your Ladies personal trainer sessions can be held at your home in Sharjah, your building gym or outdoors depending on the activity. As a professional PT Viktoria will create individual fitness and nutrition plans based around what you want to achieve from your personal training session and what your personal fitness goals are. An expert in all aspects of fitness some of Viktoria’s specialist areas include training for weight loss, general fitness, body toning, Zumba Dance Fit, Pilates, Aerobics and Aqua Aerobics.

About Sharjah Female Personal Trainer Viktoria:

If you are looking for a female personal trainer in Sharjah who can provide personal training services at your home or other agreed location Viktoria provides the knowledge and experience you need no matter what your health and fitness goals are. Passionate about fitness from an early age Viktoria has been a professional gymnast which has led her on to helping others with health and fitness as a career. Being a professional athlete takes time and dedication, she passes this experience on to her personal training clients in Sharjah.

Viktoria's Personal Training Style:

Clients has different needs – Viktoria understands this and can adapt her personal training style and methods based on what you want or need to achieve. Each training programme is created with the individual lady in mind. Viktoria will monitor and advise on your daily lifestyle habits, your eating habits and of course your exercise methods and timings. Viktoria is a specialist when it comes to body weight loss programmes and you will soon see results that can make you feel and look great.

Viktoria's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

With more than 10 years female personal trainer experience and many more in the sports industry Viktoria is a well-qualified, professional fitness expert. Having a sporting background and the dedication, commitment and motivation it requires ensures Viktoria provides ladies in Sharjah with top quality, results-proven training and fitness methods.

Education and certificates :

  • 2006, Group and personal instructor.
  • 2014, Dance Aerobics, Step-Aerobics and strength training instructor level 2-3 (groups).
  • 2014, Certificate of Personal training (individual gym and nutrition programs)
  • 2015, Nutrition Adviser.
  • 2016, Zumba instructor.
  • 2016,  Pilates specialist.
  • 2016, Ladies training specialist.


  • 2006- 2011, Zhytomyr National University, social psychology (Master Degree)
  • 2006-2010, Zhytomyr National University, professional sport and physical culture (Bachelor Degree )

Viktoria's Personal Training Specialist Areas:

Viktoria is a fitness expert and excels in many areas of general fitness including weight loss (general and weddings for example), pre and post natal personal training in Sharjah, body toning and body conditioning, strength and muscle building personal workouts, aerobics and step aerobics, Zumba dance fitness and many more.

Viktoria's Personal Training Methods & Equipment:

As a persona trainer in Sharjah Viktoria likes to use a wide variety of fitness equipment but this will ultimately depend on the needs and personal fitness goals of the client. She regularly uses dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and other pieces of fitness kit. Training methods can include high intensive cardio (HIIT) cardio-dance fitness, circuit training and mixes of other methods.

Personal Trainer FAQ

You probably have a number of questions that you would like to ask a personal trainer. Below you can find questions and answers relating to some of the most popular FAQ’s.

You can also contact the personal trainer by using the form in the ‘contact’ tab above.

Where can you provide personal training services?

For groups of ladies in Sharjah who need a female personal trainer Viktoria can provide your PT sessions at your home or your building gym.

Do you provide a fitness evalutation before I start?

Yes. A group fitness evaluation and individual assesment can be provided before you start any personal training session. This allows Viktoria to tailor make her workout plans based on your needs and goals.

Do you bring the exercise equipment to the PT sessions?

Yes. Viktoria will attend each personal trainer session at your home in Sharjah with the required training kit. It is often useful to have some small training items yourself for you to work with when your personal trainer is not with you. You can ask Viktoria what her training equipment recommendations are when you take your first session.

Do you provide nutritional and diet information?

Yes. Because nutrition and healthy eating in general go hand in hand with good exercise results Viktoria can provide you with professional nutrition advise.

Can I pre-book weekly personal training times?

Yes. Viktoria is based in Dubai and therefore needs to travel to Sharjah for her personal trainer client sessions. With this in mind you need to pre-book your training sessions beforehand.

What if I need to cancel a personal training session?

If you need to cancel a personal training session with Viktoria you do need to provide at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations after this period may be chargeable.

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