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UAE Personal Trainers - Healthy Eating & Nutrition For Training
UAE Personal Trainers - Healthy Eating & Nutrition Board
Providing Useful Tips & Advice On Diet, Nutrition and Weight Management

Diet, nutrition and weight loss are popular topics when it comes to health and fitness. With so much advise out there about what we should and shouldn’t eat, how much we should be eating and even at what time we should be eating it’s no wonder most of us get confused about the do’s and don’ts of dieting and eating in general. More carbs, less carbs, increased protein, vitamins and minerals – the advice is often conflicting and contradictory which can make matter worse.

The question and answer sessions on this page of the UAE Personal Trainers website are dedicated to bringing you quality information direct from personal trainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The vast majority of personal trainers include some form of diet, nutrition and lifestyle guidance in their personal training plans so hopefully the information in these Q&A sessions will shed some light on such a hot topic of debate. With the right advice, the right attitude towards diet and nutrition and of course some commitment it takes no time at all to get back on track with leading a healthier lifestyle.

Of course with any diet or nutrition plan you should seek specialist advice and not just rely on what you read or what others might be telling you.

Personal Trainers In the UAE - The Importance Of Strength Training
Being a vegetarian bodybuilder in the UAE

Can you really get good muscle mass at the same time as eating a vegetarian diet in the UAE? The debate continues about whether you actually need animal based proteins in order to make great gains.

how much weight can you lose in a month in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah - UAE
Realistically - How much weight can you lose in a month in the UAE?

Are there any secrets to rapid weight loss and how much weight can you realistically lose in a month? Nutrition expert Chris gives some advice on why we should be planning longer term rather than shorter term for weight loss. That’s not to say you can’t reach your weight loss goals in a month. Read more….

water for exercise hydration in dubai abu dhabi sharjah uae personal trainers
Water - Is it really the best way to stay hydrated during exercise in the UAE?

During exercise and training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah your body does lose fluids. Water may well be the best ‘calorie’ free way to make sure you are staying hydrated in the UAE.

personal trainers in dubai and abu dhabi for weight loss & nutrition advise
Wedding Weight Loss - How UAE Personal Trainers can help brides to be get in shape for the big day.

It’s all in the planning. Plan ahead and work with a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah to reach your ideal weight and tone your body too before your wedding day.

Better nutrition in the UAE leads to a healthier lifestyle
Menu Planning - helping you choose the best foods for your PT training in the UAE

Menu planning in the UAE is so much more than ‘foods to eat, foods to avoid’ With a menu planning personal trainer you choice of foods and variety is greatly increased – saves you time too!

senior fitness in the UAE - cycling for fitness in abu dhabi and dubai
Weight loss for seniors - sensible advice & diet

For seniors it can sometimes be difficult to lose weight for a variety of reasons. With advice from a personal trainer in the UAE you will find it can be easier and safer to lose weight sensibly using a combination of good diet/nutrition and gentle exercise.

diet and nutrition in the uae during pregnancy
Clean Eating Diet - Good For You Or Another Craze?

It’s a relatively new term in the fitness world – Clean Eating. How can clean eating in the UAE help you personal and family diet plan? Read more for personal trainer tips and menu examples.

UAE Personal Trainer Advise - The Basics Of Nutrition
Losing Weight Fast - Tips For Safely Losing Weight Quickly

Professional are right when they tell you crash diets are bad for you and don’t work long term but are there other ‘safe’ ways to lose weight fast in Abu Dhabi & Dubai?

Find a boxing personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah - UAE Personal Trainers
Boxing For Weight Loss - Does It Work?

Boxing in the UAE gives a great, all-round body workout but can this high intensity sport also help you lose some weight and get in shape? Dubai PT Kris Hughes explains why it can.

UAE Personal Trainers - Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrtion in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah
Physical Appearance - Does it Effect Your Self-Esteem?

In today’s modern world it seems that physical appearance is more important than ever. How does this effect people’s self-esteem and are there any benefits to striving for the perfect look?

Breakfast - A Good Start To Your Day

Being the most important meal of the day we though we would ask a couple of personal trainers in Dubai what they choose for breakfast and why they feel their breakfast choices help them get a good start to their training day.

personal trainers in dubai and abu dhabi for weight loss & nutrition advise
Don't Stress Over Weight Loss

Get Some Great Advise & Useful Tips & Techniques From An Abu Dhabi Female Fitness Personal Trainer. In this Q&A Session Chloe Merritt discusses the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dieting for the long term.

Food Choices - Before & After Training

Adam Howlett, a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi discusses his preferences and recommendations for what to eat and when during your personal training and exercise sessions.

Better nutrition in the UAE leads to a healthier lifestyle
Holistic Nutrition - Change Your Diet To Change Your Life

Nutrition expert and personal trainer Nicole Robertson from Abu Dhabi answers key questions about ‘Holistic Nutrition’. It really is amazing how changes to our diets can increase our overall health and help us lead a fitter, more active lifestyle. What we put into our bodies is reflected on the outside.

Teenager Weight Loss & Exercise In Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Teenage Weight Management In The UAE - Overweight & Underweight

It’s no surprise that in the UAE, like the rest of the world teenage weight issues are on the rise. If you are a parent in Dubai or Abu Dhabi this can be worrying. Get some some advise and tips for dealing with this sensitive subject from a professional Abu Dhabi nutrition personal trainer.

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