How To Master Rowing

How To Master Rowing
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Personal Training Sessions Using Rowing Techniques & Machines

Being a Personal Trainer now for almost 6 years I’ve worked in several gyms. Technique is something I see in a lot of gyms that is often questionable, usually down to a lack of knowledge about the particular exercise being performed and/or machine being used. Technique is one of the most important aspects of training to consider during your workout: firstly to make sure your training is effective and secondly to make sure you stay clear of injury.

Using A Rowing Machine Correctly

The Rowing Machine, in particular, is one of those exercise machines that I see people misuse. The Rowing Machine isn’t just for seasoned rowers, it can be used by anyone aiming for overall fitness. Rowing works most of the major muscle groups in the upper and lower parts of the body. As the Rower requires so many major muscles to work it is a very effective way to raise your heart rate and increase your oxygen uptake. The Rower also burns on average 600 calories an hour, therefore is great for fat loss and toning. Just look at the physiques of professional rowers to understand how good this bit of equipment is for overall health and fitness…. if performed correctly.

Good Rowing Techniques

Personal Training Rowing Machine


To start reaping the benefits of the Rowing Machine, I have put together a step by step guide to good rowing technique.


  1. Set-up: The foot straps should go over the widest part of the foot. You should be tucked up as close to the foot plate as possible, bottom on calves, on the balls of your feet and arms outstretched.


  1. Resistance: Bring the resistance down to 4 or 5. The stroke is a fluid whole body movement. This is more effective than setting it to 10 and using brute upper body strength.


  1. Stroke: Starting with the pull, you should straighten your legs followed by the body and arms. Come back to the set-up position at the same time (legs and arms). Think: legs straight, arms straight and back in together, repeat. Aim for a stroke rate between 20-25. This may seem slow but will make you concentrate on good technique.


  1. Chain: The stroke should be smooth, with the chain running level from the machine to just under the rib cage.


  1. Rhythm: Once you have mastered the stroke, you should think about the rhythm. The stroke should be a powerful and strong pull up the slide and a slow recovery back down to the set-up position.


  1. Tips: Push hard from your toes, pull strong with your arms, rock back slowly and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Return to the set-up position slowly.

A Highly Beneficial Piece Of Exercise Equipment

Make the most out of rowing during your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi and start using these techniques. Get your heart pumping and lungs working. Reduce your risk of injury and enjoy a highly beneficial piece of equipment.

Further useful information on using rowing machines with diagrams can be found on the following link:

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Personal Trainer Nutrition 101 – Healthy Eating Tips
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Nutrition – eating what your body requires for successful personal training sessions

Confused when it comes to what you can and can’t eat when it comes to achieving your personal fitness and healthier lifestyle goals? With so much conflicting advice out there it’s no wonder.

In this UAE Personal Trainer article Kate Jenkins, a mobile personal trainer and all-round fitness expert in Abu Dhabi provides some nutrition and diet tips for getting the most out of your personal training sessions.

Are you eating enough? Eating healthy foods everyday and still frustrated at the results you aren’t getting, even though you are continually giving your workouts 100% in the gym? There is a reason for this.

You are not eating right for what your body requires. 

Here we look at macronutrients -protein, carbs and fat. Nutrients our body needs to function everyday. What you may not know is that we need a specific amount of macros for our body composition goals.

Where it be muscle gain, fat loss etc it will all depend on what your goal is.

Weight gain = calorie surplus, weight loss = calorie deficit – SIMPLE!

Eating Healthy – For Fitness & A Healthier Lifestyle

Now there is a misconception out there that eating “healthy” is the only way to reach your desired goal. False!

Eating healthy is such a broad word – clean, raw, vegan, gluten free sound familiar? Yes we may be eating healthy, but are you still in the same position with no changes to your body? You may be eating too much or too little.

Now don’t get me wrong, healthy food is what we all need to function properly – I’m talking wholesome food here like fruits, vegetables, lean meats etc, but there is also a way to fit in your favourite treats without jeopardizing your results.

What do I mean? I mean, you CAN have that bit of chocolate each and every day without the guilt. Why? Because fitting your favourite foods into your daily macros is going to lead to a less restrictive diet therefore more sustainable. This is called flexible dieting.

Restricting Your Diet – A Definate No No

UAE Personal Trainers - Healthy Eating & Nutrition For TrainingA restrictive diet is dangerous, for both our mind and metabolism. What happens when you restrict yourself for so long, you start to plateau and no longer see results? You couldn’t possibly eat any less each day, this will ultimately lead to binging. This is why we take a sustainable approach to our nutrition with tracking our macros.

Targeting Your Results

Your targets are based on your age, weight, height and activity levels. You are given a formula based on these subjects. You then log and track your food daily on a mobile phone app called ‘myfitnesspal‘.

The key here to is keep yourself accountable and to stay consistent. Consistency is key, if you are not hitting your daily macro targets, there is no accurate way to see how you are progressing, therefore you are only guessing.

Educate Yourself! – It’s All About Balance & Flexibility

There really is no need to cut out an entire macronutrient. No need to avoid sugar or sodium for that matter.

Failing to educate yourself on the nutritional value of food will ultimately hold you back from getting the results you always wanted.

Flexible dieting will lead you to a more sustainable approach to your eating/training purpose.

Let’s not complicate the process, weight gain = calorie surplus, weight loss = calorie deficit. 

So long as you’re tracking your daily intake consistently, you’re then setting yourself up for a much more sustainable approach, enjoying the foods you enjoy whilst getting the results you desire.

Abu Dhabi Master Fitness Personal Trainer Kate Jenkins
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Moderation Is Key – A Personal Trainer Perspective
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Finding balance in your exercise regime and daily lifestyle

As an Abu Dhabi based Personal Trainer, one trait I continually come across with clients is their inability to find balance. No, I’m not talking about whether they can stand on one leg, I’m talking about people who can find balance, and an equilibrium in their overall lifestyle. Exercise sensibly, eat sensibly, enjoy the finer things in life in moderation, ultimately leading to physical and mental wellbeing.

We live in an impatient society of “quick fixes”, wanting things “now” and I am of the opinion that you are setting yourself up for disaster in the long term if this is your psyche.

The Exercise Haters

These types of people have negative association with exercise possibly derived from school years. Running around the playing fields was punishment….running when you are not “fit” is not a pleasurable experience and there is where the distorted relationship with exercise can manifest for many. Guess what? In adulthood…..its still not any fun!

These people will deny themselves all sorts of forbidden foods as you’re not allowed carbohydrates or a few glasses of wine with your friends at the weekend …right? Denial never has a good outcome long term.

The exercise haters hate exercise because it is painful, they hit boot camps and attempt to execute complex athletic movements in an unconditioned state so why would they enjoy that??

Begging the question…… Why do they do that? Because they want a quick fix. All to often leading to injury preventing training full stop. You know what will happen then? Yup, you guessed it…..they will do it all over again, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

The Moderation Brigade

Finding Balance Personal Trainers Dubai, Abu DhabiTo these people, nothing is forbidden. If they want take away they will have it, or chocolate, or whatever their palate desires. Not all the time though. You will see them in the local gym, sometimes twice a week, sometimes 4 times a week. Exercise is something we should all do to keep healthy, maintain a healthy weight, and de-stress from all the work, family and relationship anxieties that can build up. These type of people are CONSISTENT. They exercise every single week and these are the people who fit in exercise around daily life commitments and routines. So if one time they only manage a workout once a week, so be it, something more important in their world has taken precedence. You don’t see them killing themselves in the gym for 3 hours trying to play “catchup”. Exercise does not take over their lives, and it never should.

For me (as a personal trainer) moderation and consistency wins every time. Exercise and food are both there to be enjoyed so why don’t you start enjoying them. Break the negative connotation with both, and who knows, you may start to find your happy place…

Lynsey Usher - Female Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi
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Yoga Benefits For Children
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YOGA and the health benefits to children – UAE Personal Trainers

What are the health benefits of yoga for children – mental and physical?

Yoga for kids physically enhances their flexibility, strength, co-ordination and body awareness. Mentally, it improves concentration, relaxation and sense of calmness. It teaches them how to deal with stress in positive ways such as breathing, meditating and body movement. Yoga is also a non-competitive activity, thus reducing the stress of expectation that kids may feel with other sporting activities and thus helps to increase self-confidence.

How important it is for kids to remain active, how often should they exercise?

It is very important for children to be active. They have a lot of energy and need to use it up – they should play as much as they can. Kids yoga classes in Abu Dhabi or Dubai can range between half an hour to an hour, but ultimately depends on how long the child remains engaged.

Children learn how to do things by playing, so yoga for kids is presented in a fun, supportive environment. Kids yoga classes greatly differ from adults yoga classes. It is greatly beneficial to know how and when to energise and to relax. This helps to create balance. Yoga can be done to expend energy and build strength, or to calm down – or both.

With the use of technology and the increase in obesity levels – what are your views on starting kids in exercise and activities from a young age?

yoga personal training in the UAEMotor co-ordination skills, among many other skills are learned through play. With the increase in technology and devices used to play games on, a sedentary lifestyle is encouraged. By introducing healthy ways to express their energy, children are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Yoga is especially beneficial as it provides other tools, such as meditation, concentration, balance and learning to deal with stress in healthy ways that sometimes even adults are not aware of.

What age should they start doing something active?

If the parent practices yoga, parent-and-baby yoga can be started from birth.
This is a means for bonding between parent and child. As the child grows older, it becomes more of a play activity and more interactive. Partner yoga is often used with kids. Yoga for kids (with an instructor/personal trainer) can be started at about 3-4 years of age.

Yoga personal training In Abu Dhabi for kids and adults

Yoga for kids is a great way to encourage children to respect and pay attention to their bodies, as well as others in their environment around them. They learn to get in touch with their inner selves, balance their emotions, learn how to express emotions, enhances creativity, eases tension and anxiety, build concentration and so much more.

A child who learns yoga, mindfulness and relaxation will be developing essential skills for a lifetime of health ad wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Leila Knight - Personal Yoga Training In Abu Dhabi

Article Submitted By: Leila Knight – Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer

Article Category: General

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Personal Training Exercise Kit & Equipment
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Choosing the right fitness equipment for your personal training needs & fitness goals

One of the many benefits of being a Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi is you have an option of training clients with equipment they have either never seen before or feel too intimidated to use.

I have always had a great love of training with free weights – as I had the opportunity to be a Figure competitor a few years ago, the love for it grew even more. There was a great satisfaction seeing how my body changed on a weekly basis and it was a pleasure proving the myth wrong that women who train with free weights become bulky or look ‘manly’.

Each Personal Trainer has their own training style and some equipment that’s their ultimate favourites. Mine are using free weights, resistance bands and basic boxing skills (or shadow boxing) coupled with body weight exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAEWhen seeing this piece of equipment for the first time, many clients quietly giggle and wonder how this long piece of elastic would ever benefit them physically but to their surprise – it works just as well as free weights and many ladies don’t feel as intimidated using it as they would performing exercises using free weights.

A few of the many benefits of using Resistance Bands are as follows:

  • It’s small enough to fit into your handbag or suitcase should you be travelling
  • You don’t need a lot of space to perform exercises
  • Economical
  • Resistance Bands come in a variety of resistance (light, medium, heavy) and you can adjust the resistance
  • You can complete a full body workout in less than 30 minutes (and still break a sweat)
  • Assists with flexibility, range of motion and boosts your stamina

It is important to add variety to workouts as our muscles get accustomed to exercises fairly quickly – that is why adding a few Resistance Band workouts between sets can challenge your muscles.

Basic Boxing & Shadow Boxing Personal Trainer Workout

My female clients absolutely love getting their frustrations out on a set of punching mits. Teaching them the technique of basic punches gives them a feeling of liberation and also they never thought that punching a mitt a few times would actually make them work up a sweat.

Their training routine will usually consist of a combination of punches coupled with a few body weight exercises, example: Jab / Jab / Left Hook / Right Uppercut / 10 jump squats x 5 sets (these can be performed whilst boxing with gloves or even shadow boxing.

The reason I enjoy this workout is because there are no rules with regards to boxing combinations – I get to choose what combinations I would like my clients to perform and boxing is a great way to burn fat as the exercises are performed at a high intensity.

Free Weights For Personal Training Sessions

My ultimate favourite is training clients on free weights or performing some basic aerobic movements whilst holding a set of dumbbells is a killer of a workout too.

personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi with free weightsWhilst using free weights I always encourage my clients to focus on keeping their core tight and standing upright to ensure they don’t use their body for momentum to lift a weight or perform a specific exercise.

Free weights have many benefits like building strength and increasing stability because they use their stabilizer muscles to perform exercises.

Technique is crucial when performing exercises with free weights – not using the correct technique can be very harmful as you could either seriously injure yourself or you will finish your workout feeling that you have not benefited at all. When using heavy weights, it’s important to ensure there is a person who can spot you – a spotter will ensure you are keeping correct form and aid you when those last few reps are almost impossible to complete.

Robyn Van Ravesteyn Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi Advantage Sports

Article Submitted By: Robyn Van Ravesteyn

Article Category: Exercise Kit & Equipment

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