Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost
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The price of hiring a personal trainer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi the cost of personal training can vary from trainer to trainer. For many this is confusing but there are many reasons why one personal trainer in Dubai for example may be more expensive or cost less than another.

Cheap is not always best but then again more experience doesn’t always mean you are getting a better service either.  We do suggest you do your research on the UAE Personal Trainers website, find a trainer that best suits your fitness goals, check their credentials and also check their reviews.

The good thing is that most personal trainers in the UAE and other fitness professionals do offer a free consultation which allows you to discuss your health and fitness needs without committing to anything until you have found the right trainer.

Why Is There A Difference In Price For Personal Trainers In The UAE?

Experience Level:

The level of experience of a personal trainer is a contributing factor when looking at the cost of personal training services. A trainer with many years of experience might charge more for their services because they are able to offer many different training skills that have been developed over time.

On-Going Personal Development:

Like any business a personal trainer has overheads. One of these overheads is the continuation of their own personal development through training courses, seminars and other certifications. More often than not a personal trainer who invests in themselves might need to charge a little more but you as the client also benefit from using updated training methods, new techniques and more.

Company Or Freelance Personal Trainers:

Personal trainers in the UAE are either working on freelance basis or for a personal training company.  Freelance trainers don’t usually have the same overheads (offices, gyms etc) as a company trainer but this is not usually reflected in the price. Many of the freelance personal trainers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi listed in the UAE Personal Trainers website charge roughly the same as a company based personal trainer.

Sought After Skills:

When a personal trainer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is specialised in a certain subject they can usually charge a premium for their services if there are few personal trainers in the same area offering the specialised service. Training and certification in specialised areas costs money so these trainers will usually charge more. For example, prenatal and postnatal personal training in the UAE with an experienced trainer may cost more because this is a very specialised area. The same applies to injury rehabilitation and other related PT requirements.

Membership Of Professional Services:

As well as being legally qualified in a number of different training techniques some male and female personal trainers choose to be registered with regulatory, professional services. In the UAE this is UAE REPS. Membership of these professional services costs money which the personal trainer has to pay yearly. As part of their membership they also have to undertake regular training courses to ensure they meet specific criteria. Not all personal trainers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi charge more to the client because they are a member of UAE REPS but a UAE REPS registered trainer does ensure you are getting your personal trainer services from a professional expert.

Lower The Price & Get A Better Deal With Block Bookings:

Many trainers offer special rates with substantial discounts if you are prepared to book in for a training program which includes a set number of sessions. For example, if you book 10 or 20 sessions you will definitely pay less than booking one or two sessions.

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Functional Training For Everyday Living – UAE Personal Trainers
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The Basics Of Functional Training In Abu Dhabi

You may have heard of functional training but it’s a term that is sometimes misunderstood. Abu Dhabi personal trainer Elena has provided the Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers website with some basic information about functional training and how it can be used in our day to day life.

What exactly is functional training?

When we say “functional training” we are talking about training your body to efficiently do the things that is required of it during daily/weekly activities. Functional training consists of exercises that engage multiple muscle groups of “compound exercises”. So instead of sitting and doing a bicep curl where only the bicep is engaged, we do movement that requires the muscles around the shoulder, elbow, core, back, hips, knees and ankles to all engage at the same time.

According to some sources the best explanation of functional training is ‘training the body for the activities performed in daily life’ This seems quite a broad statement so how does functional training help in our daily life?

With functional training we are training our bodies to move through the motions that our activities require for us. But so, the purpose of functional training is so that we can do these things efficiently, with a reduced risk of injury, without pain and with emphasis on a good form. Here are some examples:

T-Pushup: Work upper body strength and spinal stability with the twisting motion for getting off the floor

Farmers Carry: Train your core and full body stability for carrying the groceries or shopping bags!

Weighted Step-up: For carrying anything upstairs.

Balancing on Bosu : For being able to keep balance on slippery surface.

Does functional training target any particular area(s) of the body?

When we do functional training, we don’t train specific muscle group, we train whole movement that could help in our daily routine.

How does functional training fit in with other training methods, for example is it used to supplement other exercises or used as a stand-alone training method?

Functional training can be use as a stand-alone training method if it is required for rehabilitation, for example, or when the goal is to have multifunctional body where strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance is developed equally well.

Also, FT can be perfectly fit in bodybuilding program, as it helps to improve range of motion for some exercises and some individuals.

As a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with functional training experience can your techniques be applied to anyone and any age group?

There are principles (mobility and stability, tension and relaxation and so on) on which meaningful functional processes are based. These are basic principles of movement that are foundations that support any viable training process. So, it can be applicable to anyone accordingly.

In your experience, can you sum up why functional training is important and how it can help with ‘general fitness’

Here are some major benefits of functional training, strengthen not only our bodies but also our philosophy that functional training can be right for everyone.

Movement Matters; Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit slumped over a computer all day. The less you move, the less blood sugar your body uses. Functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. If you spend most of your working day sat down in the office, sitting on the chest press machine at the gym is probably counterproductive.

Posture; Functional training can help to correct bad posture and muscular imbalances caused by the daily grind, stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles.

Fat Burning; Functional training provides fantastic fat burning workouts, by using full body exercises that improve strength, endurance and boost metabolism, not wasting a minute of your session.

Muscle Tone/Density; It develops strong, lean bodies.

Stability; Every session includes flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles to keep your body constantly challenged in all areas of a strong, healthy and vibrant body.

Sports Specific; Functional training provides essential training for sport specific conditioning. Enhancing the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal system, providing quick, reactive, and powerful movement patterns – whether your chosen sport is golf, rugby or MMA.

Core Strength; in functional training every exercise involves core activation, teaching the core to stabilize the spine against external force, throughout an array of differing movement patterns and body positions. Therefore, mimicking the demand placed upon the core and spine in our everyday tasks and recreational activities. Crunches alone, unfortunately just don’t cut it!

Abu Dhabi Fat Loss Body Conditioning Personal Trainer Elena

Article Submitted By: Elena Gridchina – Female Abu Dhabi Personal Fitness Trainer

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Carbs…Friends Not Enemies – UAE Personal Trainers
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Carbs! Are They Really That Bad?

With so much conflicting advice about what we should and shouldn’t eat Peter Judge, a personal trainer from Dubai provides some useful tips on why carbs are not that bad for you after all.

Carbs Are Not The Enemy…

It seems to me that people will never stop arguing over the best way to eat. Let’s set the record straight here, on why you SHOULD in fact be including carbs in your diet and how they will aid you in your personal training in Dubai.

Carbs are certainly not a negative, if used proportionately they play a vital and in fact CRITICAL role in the performance of your body.

Once upon a time, whilst the rest of the world continued to live in fear of fat, the fitness community totally embraced it.  However, carbohydrates became the target of our frustrations and we began blaming them for making us fat, compromising our immune system and gut function, inflaming our joints and generally ruining our lives.

Since then we in the fitness industry have learnt our lesson and carbs have had their reputation restored!

Im just not seeing the same revelation in Dubai, as it’s still a misconception I have to address with personal training clients over and over again.

Why? You ask…

Let me go through a few simple reasons to use carbs;






  1. BODY & MIND

So Which Carbs Are Best?


Let’s starts with fruit, yes that’s right, fruit contains carbs! It shouldn’t make up the bulk, but that doesn’t mean don’t eat fruit.


Fruit is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and fiber; and has definitely got its place in a balanced approach to nutrition. However, you would have to eat a lot of fruit to satisfy your carbohydrate/calorie requirements after training. So it’s not optimal to rely upon fruit as an energy source.

Most fruits are low calories and essential for optimizing health, just not optimal as your primary energy source.


Starch is literally just a long chain of glucose molecules bonded together.

That doesn’t matter too much, although humans have a tough time digesting the stuff raw, which does matter. Cooking breaks it down into pure glucose ready for utilization as a substrate to produce cellular ENERGY throughout your body.

What doesn’t get used can be stored. Preferably in your biceps, quadriceps or abdominals. Which while we are on that subject are notably the main areas people store excess body fat.

What you need to think about is the rate of absorption and how it’s affected by added fiber in starchy foods; it’s potentially disadvantageous in situations where we need to shoot for quick glucose uptake like when you train or do excessive activity.

The most important thing to note is that you need dietary glucose (CARBS) to effectively replenish muscle glycogen, otherwise the body crashes and that’s when you get the cravings of bad dietary foods.

Supplementing Carb Intake And Liquid Nutrition

Now there is one great way to optimize the balances through supplementation although I STRONGLY recommend you start with REAL WHOLE foods first through a few different means.

For anyone in search of greater performance, incorporating supplements into your plan can really bring your performance to the next level in both spectrums.

For Athletes the most important time to ensure you have adequate energy available is before training. You also need to be able to replenish those glucose stores immediately after for recovery.

For the general public the most important and best use is for recovery; restoring what has been lost before workouts and to avoid crashes to vital parts of nutrition. Any carbs that don’t get used will be stores away if not used.

Now what we mean by supplements… we mean Modified Starches like Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Waxy Maize. The great thing is they’re affordable and easy to blend right in with your favorite protein powder and provide you with exactly what you need to begin restoring glycogen.

On the other hand; pureed food are a fast and effective way of getting what the body needs. You can be imaginative and creative with what you put in them to make them delicious, making them and interesting yet very effective in post work out nutrition.

E.g. Potato, along with some coconut milk, not forgetting some salt would be a simple solution. You can also use a variety of choices mixed with coconut milk or almond milk.

In terms of quick nutrient absorption and efficiency for time (if prepared properly) this can be a great time saver for those with busy schedules.

So to sum up enjoy your carbs and use them to your advantage as they are vital to your health and should never be completely left out.

Dubai Personal Trainer & Sports Performance Specialist Peter Judge

Article Submitted By: Peter Judge – Dubai Physical Fitness Personal Trainer

Article Category: Diet & Nutrition

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