Kickboxing For Women In Abu Dhabi

Kickboxing For Women In Abu Dhabi
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Kick boxing For Women In Abu Dhabi – A Great All Over Body Workout Which Can Help With Weight Loss Too
Kickboxing is not just a ‘contact sport’ but it is the perfect workout to find the psychophysical balance.

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Fabiola

Kickboxing in Abu Dhabi is more popular than ever as a all-round fitness method for women.

While many people might be confused and think that kick boxing is just a contact sport the truth is that exercise routines are normally non-contact.

As a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who has experience in training clients in kickboxing what are your top 10 reasons why you think more women should do kickboxing as part of their health and fitness regime.



Total Muscle Training


The main reason to practice Kickboxing is that all muscles are trained, there is no muscle area that is not engaged.


Burn Calories


Another important reason is that many toxins are eliminated during the kickboxing session in Abu Dhabi and a huge number of calories are burned during the class.


Reduce Cellulite


For ladies in Abu Dhabi kickboxing as a training method is very useful as a sport that improves circulation and fights cellulite.


kickboxing cardio workout in Abu Dhabi




Ladies have fun and they learn some basic defense technique.


Body Toning


Because you are using all your muscles during a workout in Abu Dhabi the body tones and strengthens.


Reduce Anxiety & Stress


Kickboxing can really help to reduce stress. Kickboxing also helps to reduce anxiety and nervous reaction.

A workout effectively releases daily tension and gives you positive energy to face everyday life in a better way.


Improve Your Core


You need a strong core in order to perform any exercise well. Working the core muscles also means you reduce the risk of injuring yourself during any other training workout.


Warming Up


Before doing a kickboxing workout you warm all the muscles – this can effectively help reduce injury in other training sessions.


Improved Self-Esteem


Kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi will significantly increaseself-esteem and self-confidence since tenancy and determination are constantly tested.

These are very important from a psychological point of view.


Improved Agility


Kickboxing will improve agility, speed in reaction in times and joint mobility. This can help you stay more mobile as you age.



In Summary, kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi has many health and fitness benefits.


  • Total Muscle Training

  • Burn Calories

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Self-Defense

  • Body Toning & Sculpting

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Improve Your Core Muscles

  • Warm Up Muscles For Training

  • Improved Self-Esteem

  • Improved Mobility & Agility

Abu Dhabi At Home Personal Training – Fabiola

Fabiola is an expert when it comes to female fitness in Abu Dhabi. With her knowledge of personal training and general fitness she can create a tailor made fitness plan just for you. Fabiola can work with Adults, Kids and Seniors.

You can view Fabiola’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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