All About Jiu Jitsu Training In The UAE

Jiu Jitsu Personal Training Experience

Whether you are bored of the more traditional exercise routines or want to learn a martial art in the UAE Jiu Jitsu could be right for you. As a sport and exercise methods it’s perfect for men and women and even children.

Nutrition In The UAE – For Heathier Living

healthy eating tips in the UAE - UAE Personal trainer

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp A well balanced diet is not just for weight loss – proper nutrition is a lifestyle choice Article Contributor: Andrew When you Google the word ‘Nutrition’ you will find the following definition: “the process of eating the right kind of food so you […]

Aerobics & Circuit for weight loss in the UAE

aerobics for weight loss in abu dhabi and dubai

Need help losing some weight in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Circuit training is a great choice which will not only help you shed a few pounds but will also help you get in great shape for the long term.

Healthy Eating & Weight Management

Healthy Food and dieting in Abu Dhabi - PT advice

Healthy eating and weight management go hand in hand in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. What are the best ways to make sure you eat well, stay in shape and stay fit at the same time?

Cardio Boxing In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

cardio boxing in dubai for health and fitness

Doing cardio exercises are not just to help you lose weight. A good cardio routine can provide a complete body workout and help with endurance too. Cardio boxing is a fun, fast paced workout method designed to get you in great shape in a short period of time.

Kickboxing For Weight Loss

Muay Thai in Dubai for weight loss

There are plenty of ways you can exercise for weight loss in the UAE. As a High Intensity workout method Kickboxing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah is a great choice when combined with a well balanced diet.