5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated For Training In The UAE

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated For Training In The UAE

Problems with exercise & training motivation? Use the SMART solution…

Let’s face it – we all go through periods where we find it hard to get ourselves motivated with our training and exercise regime. Whether it’s the exercise part or making sure we are sticking to our nutrition plan ‘motivation’ road blocks do appear from time to time.

At Home Abu Dhabi professional Personal Trainer Tobe gives some tips and advice in the article below to help overcome these issues and stay on track.

Setting Yourself Goals…

Setting short and long term goals should be one of the first things you do when stepping into a gym. If you have no goals set how are you going to measure your progress!

Goals need to be SMART;

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

Rather than saying, “I want to lose a little weight,” a SMART goal might look something like this:

“I’m going to lose 15 pounds of scale weight by August 1st 2016”.

Once you have written your goals down look and remind yourself of them daily to keep that motivation strong!

Note; Setting goals that are not achievable and unrealistic will have a negative effect.

Remind Yourself Of Where You Started…

Sometimes along your fitness journey especially if you have a big goal, you lose sight of where you started.
You might have lost 20 pounds but still want to lose another 40.
Remind yourself of where you used to be. Look at before pictures, if your goal is getting stronger remind yourself what weight you used to lift compared to now. Subtle reminders of where you used to be can give you that extra boost when you need it!

Workout Buddy…

Exercise is better when you do it with a friend.
There’s nothing more motivating than knowing someone is waiting for you at the gym. Not only will a workout buddy help you avoid skipping exercise when you’re feeling unmotivated, but you will also work harder too.
Ask a friend to be your training partner and then schedule workout times that can be kept consistent from week to week. This helps establish consistency and builds good exercise habits for both of you. A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi makes a great motivational training partner – ensuring your stay up even when you are having a down day.

Keep It Fun & Switch It Up…

Don’t fall into the rut of doing the same exercises all the time… you will get bored. Change it up every 4-6 weeks. There are loads of workouts, exercises and personal trainer videos on the internet! Keep it fun and enjoyable there is no point doing something you hate, its going to have a negative effect on you and you’ll more than likely stop going. Find something you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to step away from the treadmill!

Stay Positive!

You’re going to have bad training days, everybody does. Think positive! tell yourself you’re going to have a great workout session. Especially at the end of the workout otherwise you’ll be dreading your next training session. Remember – A bad workout out is only the one you didn’t do.

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