Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer & The Biggest Loser Teen

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer & The Biggest Loser Teen
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Thank You For Changing My Life…

My name is Tiago and I am a personal trainer specialising in weight management and fat loss in Abu Dhabi. I would like to share with you my experience with an 18-year-old female client “M” from the television show “Biggest Loser Teen”.

We had 3 months to train and at the end of the 3 months we had to see how much weight “M” had lost.

After a very tough 3 months of training and a clean diet “M’s” results proved that all the hard work she put in had paid off.

With a starting weight of 100.3 kg, “M” managed to finish with a weigh-in on the ‘Biggest Loser Teen’ scales of 73kg, almost a 30kg weight loss in 3 months.

With a good diet and high volume of training “M’s” goal was achieved.  “M’s” determination, dedication and drive was truly inspirational. When I first met “M”, I saw a teenager filled with motivation to change her life and immediately I felt that I wanted to help her to achieve this.

“M” started to do Personal Training sessions with me every morning. During our first sessions I carried out a complete evaluation and started to teach her the movements that we would use during our sessions. The technique was the main point in the beginning, then once she got it, we started to put some intensity in to it, doing some basic circuits and starting to increase her cardiovascular capacity.

Every day I was teaching her new techniques and exercises and filling her with motivation for our journey.  Most of the exercises we did were full-body working, compose exercises and functional movements. Such as squats, lunges, deadlift, rows, push-ups and planks. I also introduced some progression exercises to make it harder.  Between strength and functional circuits, we did treadmill, cross-trainer and rowing machine, always putting the intensity on a high-level.

In the afternoon “M” was back to the gym where she was following the training plan that I had created for her, this mainly consisted of more extended cardio or some group classes.

Keep Smiling & Keep Working Towards Your Fitness Goals…

UAE Personal Trainers - Healthy Eating & Nutrition BoardIt was a pleasure for me as a Personal Trainer to work with someone like “M” who every day without fail would have a smile on her face and such impressive willingness to train and reach her goal.

The nutrition plan/diet was created by a nutrition specialist that worked alongside me. Training and diet should always work together.

“M” continues to maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle and can be found at the gym every day.



I will never forget her words “Thank you for changing my life”, this has to be my greatest reward.

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