Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Valeria – Tips & Advice

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Valeria – Tips & Advice
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Training Tips & Advice From Valeria – Abu Dhabi Female Personal trainer
Female Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi For Crossfit & General Fitness - Valeria

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Valeria

Finding the best female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi used to be a time consuming task. Now, thanks to the UAE Personal Trainers website you can easily find the perfect fitness coach in your local area for your exact fitness goals.

All trainers listed on UAE Personal Trainers website are qualified fitness professionals who will provide at home training in Dubai or your local gym.

Q 1 – In your own words, can you sum up why you think actively taking an interest in nutrition and physical fitness can help people lead healthier lives in Abu Dhabi.


Bad diet and bad habits can lead to developing severe disease – not only physical but also mental.

Being physically active with a good balanced diet and regular exercise can have immediate and long-term benefits.

Not only losing a few extra pounds but improving your flexibility, mobility, self-esteem and a quality of life.


Q 2 – Overall, how important do you think nutrition is when it comes to lifestyle and why?


It’s an old saying but a true one – we are what we eat! Being a healthy individual is balance of exercise and nutrition one does not work without the other.


Q 3 – As a personal trainer, what methods and techniques do you use to ensure your nutrition is in good shape and your weight is manageable? For example, do you count calories, macro’s, protein content etc.


I have done so much counting for so long that i don’t have to think about it because once I learned how and what to eat for me it became second nature.

For me, I Believe my clean diet works perfectly with my training in Abu Dhabi and my energy levels. I’m not always perfect but I always treat food as fuel for my body.


Q 4 – How many times per week do you physically work out to ensure you stay in great shape?


For me personally, my sessions are usually 40 to 60 minutes long I can easily maintain my body in same shape if my body-weight doesn’t fluctuate I train max. 3 times a week


Q 5 – For cardio fitness what is your favourite exercise type and why? (for example HIIT, BootCamp, Aerobics etc)


I absolutely love dancing and cardio kickboxing classes. I love to roller skate or take a bike ride outdoors during winter time.

During summer season I like to walk on treadmill on the highest incline.


Q 6 – For muscle building and strength what are your favourite exercise types? (for example kettlebell, free weights, bodyweight etc)


My absolute favourite workouts for muscle building and strength are shoulder workouts.

In Summary – Valeria’s top 10 tips when it comes to personal training, physical fitness and nutrition in Abu Dhabi are:


1. Avoid/control Sugar amount in your diet

2. Drink more water – not just when exercising

3. Get more ‘quality’ sleep

4. Move around more and sit less, even if it’s just going for a walk

5. Set yourself ‘realistic’ goals and stick with them. A PT in Abu Dhabi will help you know what training goals are realistic

6. Try and limit your salt intake. It will make you healthier

7. Increase the amount of vegetables in your diet

8. Exercise in Abu Dhabi at least 3 times per week – more if your schedule allows

9. Don’t become obsessed with the weighing scales – look at your body and feel comfortable in it

10. Believe in yourself!

Whatever your fitness goal is, the UAE Personal Trainers website connects you with the best trainers in your local area
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