Abu Dhabi Training Tips – PT Stefan

Abu Dhabi Training Tips – PT Stefan
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Training Tips & Advice From Stefan – Abu Dhabi PT & Swim Coach
Abu Dhabi PT & Sports Fitness Coach - Stefan

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Stefan

If you are looking for the best personal trainers in Abu Dhabi the UAE Personal Trainers website can help.

All trainers listed on UAE Personal Trainers website are qualified fitness professionals who will provide at home training in Dubai or your local gym.

Q 1 – In your own words, can you sum up why you think actively taking an interest in nutrition and physical fitness can help people lead healthier lives in Abu Dhabi.


Eating healthy and training regularly can lead to a healthy life because your body will be working at a rate where it can heal and recover faster against flu and other illnesses as well as physically after a workout and also be less prone to injury



Q 2 – Overall, how important do you think nutrition is when it comes to lifestyle and why?


Following a balanced diet with a high nutritional content, your body is less susceptible to sickness and disease.


Q 3 – As a personal trainer, what methods and techniques do you use to ensure your nutrition is in good shape and your weight is manageable? For example, do you count calories, macro’s, protein content etc.


I personally follow a good diet regime, for example my calorie input matches my calorie output.


Q 4 – How many times per week do you physically work out to ensure you stay in great shape?


I do 5-7 workouts during the week excluding rugby games on the weekends.


Q 5 – For cardio fitness what is your favourite exercise type and why? (for example HIIT, BootCamp, Aerobics etc)


My favourite fitness training is interval training on the rower and assault bike.


Q 6 – For muscle building and strength what are your favourite exercise types? (for example kettlebell, free weights, bodyweight etc)


For me, free weight training has to be the best.

Stefan’s top 10 tips when it comes to personal training, physical fitness and nutrition in Abu Dhabi are:


1. Eating a healthy diet

2. Exercise regularly

3. Making sure you take in the correct nutrition after training

4. Getting the recommended 8 hours sleep

5. Staying well hydrated

6. Allowing yourself to relax and de-stress

7. Maintaining a good range of motion by regular stretching

8. Kick bad habits

9. Limit sugar intake

10. Listening to your body

Whatever your fitness goal is, the UAE Personal Trainers website connects you with the best trainers in your local area
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