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6 - 45 Minute Personal Training Sessions - Offer Details

If you are thinking about taking personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi this promotion is a great way to get you started, especially if you are short on time.

This 6 x 45 minute offer from Advantage Sports UAE allows you to save money and will ensure you get the best male or female personal trainer, local to you in Abu Dhabi.

Whether you want a personal trainer to lose weight, get fit or have a specific need this discounted offer will help get you started on the road to realising your fitness goals.

All personal training discounts and promotions include added benefits and you can even train from the comfort of your own home in Abu Dhabi with a male or female trainer. Trainers are specialised in many different health and fitness types and you will always get professional, qualified advice which also includes nutrition support.

Benefits Of Personal Training In The UAE
Personal Trainers in the UAE - Are They Worth The Cost?
personal trainers for general fitness in the UAE

6 x 45 Minute Sessions - 1100 AED

For All Your Personal Training Goals

Weight loss – Nutrition Support – Fat Loss – Body Toning – Body Slimming – Zumba – Muscle Gain – Strength Training – Personalised Workouts – HIIT – TRX Resistence Training – Exercise For Seniors – Exercise For Kids – Diet Planning – Meal & Menu Planning

Promotion Available 7 Days Per Week  – Valid For 90 Days


Train At Home In Abu Dhabi – Your Building Gym – Outdoors – Advantage Sports UAE Gym

Promotion Package Includes

  • 6 x Personal Training Sessions of 45 Minutes

    Get 6 x 45 minute personal training sessions with a male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for a great price.

  • Nutrition & Supplement Guide

    Because nutrition forms a big part of any personal fitness plan you will get free nutrition support and advice.

  • Fitness Test & Evaluation

    Having a free fitness test will allow your PT to create a customized fitness plan based on your goals.

  • Body Measurements

    Before your personal training starts body measurements are recorded – helping you visually see your progress.

  • Lifestyle Analysis

    Changes to your lifestyle for the better can help. A full lifestyle analysis is provided to get you started.

  • Partner Packages For Pura Meal Plans

    Partner packages for Pura Meal Plans – Enjoy highly nutrition foods without the fuss as part of this promotional package.

  • 10% Off La Carne Meat Suppliers

    When you start personal training you’ll get a great 10% discounts from La Carne Meat Suppliers.

  • 30% Off Pure Sports Nutrition

    Enjoy a natural approach to healthy snacks and sports nutrition with 30% off PURE Sports Nutrition products.

  • 15% Off Simple Cafe

    Healthy, nutritious foods by Simple Cafe can help with weight management in Abu Dhabi as part of your personal training.

  • 30% Off Sci Mx

    Sci Mx are market leaders when it comes to sports nutrition in Abu Dhabi. This offer includes 30% Off Sci Mx products.

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