• Karina Frelich – Fat Loss Female Personal Trainer in Dubai, UAE
  • Dubai female PT Karina lives and breathes fitness. I always used to be active since young age (playing volleyball for a team in my town in  Poland, running half marathons, attending high school and college with a volleyball sports profile) but 3 years ago  that's when i felt in love with fitness and body sculpting and that's when i decided to compete as Bikini Fitness athlete with IFBB back in the United Kingdom, since then i became the British Champion in Bikini Fitness 2015 and represented the UK on international stage at events such as Arnold Classic in Barcelona and European Championships  Santa Susanna 2016. After i transformed my own body i decided that i need to share my passion and dedicate myself to help others in achieving their dream bodies.


    With my bodybuilding background i gained knowledge how to sculpt our bodies by applying the right training and diet. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my clients feeling amazing in their bodies and being proud of their results. I believe that with the right training and nutrition we can achieve it. Preparing for various bodybuilding completions gained me the knowledge of the techniques how to achieve results in short period of time and stay motivated which i can now share with my clients. For the past two years I dedicate myself to help clients in achieving their goals.


    Each client is an individual and needs to be treated with the right approach. I worked with clients from different backgrounds and have the skills of keeping them motivated and focused. My mission is to not only tp be a personal trainer but to be the person who motivates others and helps transform peoples life, as its not a diet or training change is a lifestyle. I helped clients in UK to achieve great results but this year i decided to move to Dubai and spread the passion for healthy lifestyle.