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In Category: Sports Fitness
How do you increase your cycling endurance in the UAE and deal with the heat of Abu Dhabi & Dubai? A cycling PT offers some of his tips.
The benefits that Yoga provides to the elderly in the UAE can be simply amazing. With the help of a qualified yoga instructor everyday living becomes easier.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Why is flexibility training so important and what is flexibility training? We asked a professional Dubai PT for tips and advice.
Most women in Dubai can continue with their exercise and training as long as they do so with precaution. Exercises during the first trimester are safe but what are the best exercises to do?
Circuit training is a great way to get fit and get your cardio health in top form. Can circuit training in Abu Dhabi also help you lose weight and if so how?
A Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi gives tips and advise on the effective use of rowing machines for your training sessions either at home or in the gym.
Many seniors in the UAE feel that they would like to add some exercise to their lives but are lost where to start. We asked a top trainer in Dubai for his tips on senior and elderly fitness.
In Category: General
Did you know that doing more cardio exercise in the UAE can help improve your mood? There are many other reasons why you should do more cardio.
In Category: Sports Fitness
Are you considering entering into Triathlon in the UAE? Get the advice and tips you need from PT’s who themselves have participated – article 1 of 3
In Category: General
How do you find the best personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah? Training experience, price, qualifications and more all contribute when it comes to who is considered the best.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Stretching before exercise is crucial, it helps to warm tight muscles before you start exercising. It’s important to do this before any exercise but especially important before you start a vigorous workout or start to lift weights.
There are many reasons why more women in Abu Dhabi are choosing MMA fitness with a female personal trainer. As well as weight loss you can also tone your body and learn self-defence too.
In Category: Sports Fitness
Increase your swimming performance with these tips and advice from a professional female swimming coach in Abu Dhabi. Train at home or your local pool.
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
Boxing requires strength. What are the best exercises for women in Dubai to increase their overall strength which will ultimately improve their boxing skills?
When it comes to losing weight there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss but what is the difference? We asked a professional PT for her specialist advice.
In Category: General
Hiring the best personal trainer for your fitness goals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or RAK is a great investment in yourself. But, what do you need to think about before hiring a coach?
In Category: General
Why do we think that using a training partner in the UAE is a great idea? Focus, motivation, improving your exercise technique and much more….
In Category: General
Without discipline your training goals can quickly lose traction. Being disciplined is about more than exercising, it’s a mind set too. Find out how you can reach your goals by being more disciplined.
If you are into sports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you are at risk of injury unless you train correctly. Pilates is a great way to ensure you body is aligned well and all your muscles work in co-ordination.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Did you know that stress is a major contributor to illness and can even make it worse? Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Robyn discusses the body-mind connection relating to exercise in the UAE
Arthritis can be a debilitating condition for any age. The conditions is more apparent as we age and although medications are available Yoga can provide natural relief.
Love it or hate it, the treadmill is a staple in the fitness industry. Used for specific purposes it can be an extremely effective tool in conquering your fitness goals.
Choosing between free weights and training machines is often a personal choice but does one give better and faster results than the other when it comes to body toning?
In Category: General
Beat stress and create a calm, more relaxed you. Exercise and working out with a PT in the UAE can help whether stress if related to work, lifestyle or other factors.
Weight loss is one of the primary reasons many people in Dubai decide to use a professional personal trainer. These top 10 weight loss tips can help you make a great start on your weight loss journey.
In Category: Yoga & Pilates
Yoga in Dubai has so many health benefits. There are also many different styles of Yoga to choose from. Is ‘Hatha Yoga’ the right choice for beginners in Dubai?
What kind of training equipment should you have at home in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for when you are not working out with a fitness coach? We asked a professional PT.
In Category: Yoga & Pilates
If you are new to Yoga in Abu Dhabi the different styles of Yoga might be a little confusing. Leila Knight, a professional Yoga coach explains Vinyasa Yoga.
A new type of healthy eating is gaining polarity – Clean Eating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, can clean eating help you lose weight? We asked a professional personal trainer from Dubai for their advice.
In Category: Sports Fitness
Tired of going to the gym everyday? Swimming is a great way to add some variety to your exercise and fitness plan in Dubai with surprising benefits from increasing stamina to building strength. Suitable for all ages including children and the elderly swimming helps you get fit and stay in shape.



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