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Weight gain for skinny people. Some people in Abu Dhabi can’t seem to put on weight no matter what they eat. Is a combination of good diet and training the key to weight gain?
You might think Zumba has to be fast paced but Zumba classes in the UAE can also be adapted for senior fitness too. Enjoy the health benefits of Zumba for seniors in a fitness class near you in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
Teaching babies how to swim in the UAE with some simple techniques can help them learn at a early stage and also help them deal with fear of water. Swim coach Jason describes how he helps in the UAE
Reaching your weight loss goals in the UAE is great. It’s a major step in leading a healthier lifestyle. What are the best ways to ‘maintain’ your new, healthy weight?
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
Boxing requires strength. What are the best exercises for women in Dubai to increase their overall strength which will ultimately improve their boxing skills?
It wont happen overnight but with the right training and muscle building techniques you can get a great set of abs. It takes more than sit-ups and eating well.
Eating well is key when it comes to acheiving your personal training goals in Abu Dhabi. We asked a professional fitness coach for meal planning tips.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Functional training is often misunderstood. Elena, a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi explains how functional training can help with everyday tasks.
Confused about healthy eating and nutrition? Get some tips and advise from a Master Personal Trainer which can help you understand this complex subject.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
It’s known all over the world as one of the most fun ways to get in shape and stay in shape. Zumba dance exercise is not just for the young or for those who are fit. Anyone can take Zumba lessons either in a class or with a personal trainer in the UAE.
Weight loss is one of the primary reasons many people in Dubai decide to use a professional personal trainer. These top 10 weight loss tips can help you make a great start on your weight loss journey.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Thinking about bootcamp training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Get some great advice and tips from a professional boot camp personal trainer in Abu Dhabi.
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
Boxing for women in the UAE can provide great health and fitness benefits including body toning and weight loss.
In Category: Yoga & Pilates
Suffering from posture related problems can be painful. Does Yoga help relieve the pain and reduce the problems associated with posture? Dubai Yoga Coach Hema provides some tips and advice.
It does take time, work and a great diet to get a really good set of abs. We asked a female PT in the UAE for her tips on how long it might take to get a great looking six pack.
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
There are many different forms of cardio based exercise routines available in Dubai. Is boxing (boxercise, boxfit) good for general cardio health and how does it compare with other forms of cardio fitness types in the UAE?
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
You might be lacking when it comes to adding an elements of cardio to your personal fitness regime in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. How can you improve that? Easy, with kickboxing! Kickboxing not only improves your cardio health but can help with posture, strength, alertness and even your mood.
Many parents in the UAE are concerned that kids are not getting enough exercise. Even younger children can benefit from adding some extra-curricular exercise to their week.
Tennis is a fun and active way to help children in Abu Dhabi and Dubai add more exercise to their lifestyles. Whether as part of a group tennis lessons or private training tennis provides all the exercise benefits of other training methods and also includes a fun element. How can tennis help your kids in the UAE?
Teenage exercise and personal training in Abu Dhabi & Dubai – find out why regular exercise for teenagers is so important for health in the UAE
Self-esteem is linked to body image and something many of us have problems with in our teenage years. If you are a concerned parent in Abu Dhabi you need to read this article created by a children’s fitness PT in Abu Dhabi.
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
Boxing for women in Abu Dhabi can be a great way to get in shape and stay fit. However, did you know that boxing can also help with your mental state and help to reduce stress?
In Category: Yoga & Pilates
During these difficult times you can still enjoy practicing Yoga at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah with fully qualified and professional Yoga trainers in your area of the UAE.
How important is core training? Well, it’s not just about getting a 6 pack (although that is a bonus). Effective core workouts in the UAE can help prevent injury and provide other workout benefits too
In Category: Exercise Techniques
If you’ve suffered an injury to your back or have general issues with back pain a specialist rehab PT can help. How do they help? Read the full article.
Get ready for a fast paced, high energy workout. Zumba is great for body slimming and toning in Abu Dhabi and is a fun group workout.
Is fat loss achievable with swimming? There are many different exercise methods that can help with weight and fat loss in Abu Dhabi but if you want to try something different swimming could help you.
What are the best ways to ensure your kids in the UAE maintain a healthy weight during their growing years? There are many way and many diets available but seeing exercise and healthy eating as a lifestyle is a starting point.
In Category: Sports Fitness
Increasing your sports fitness through stamina and endurance workouts can help you perform better in football, tennis, running, swimming and more. What are the best ways to increase your endurance?



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