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The world of dieting and detoxing is mystifying to many of us. Chloe, a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi tells us why we should avoid crash diets and fad detoxes where possible.
Is swimming a good exercise type for prenatal women in Abu Dhabi? Yes, it is and for many reasons too. Swimming can help you remain fit and active and also reduce the pressure on the body that some other exercises would create.
For ladies in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai and RAK training during pregnancy is safe and beneficial but what exercises can you do for each trimester?
Get the best personal trainer tips and advice for slimming the waist in the UAE. We asked a female PT in the UAE for her top 5 waisting slimming tips that anyone can do.
In Category: General
Which is right for you? Training in a gym with fitness classes or hiring a personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. In this article we explore both options.
Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle is not only effecting adults in the UAE, it effects children too. Personal trainer Bernie provides some useful tips on how to deal with this problem
In Category: General
Why do you want to hire a personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK or Sharjah? In this article we explore the many benefits of using a personal training compared to working out alone.
A new type of healthy eating is gaining polarity – Clean Eating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, can clean eating help you lose weight? We asked a professional personal trainer from Dubai for their advice.
Healthy eating and weight management go hand in hand in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. What are the best ways to make sure you eat well, stay in shape and stay fit at the same time?
In Category: Sports Fitness
Learnng to swim in Abu Dhabi is just as important as kids learning to swim. There are surprising health and fitness benefits too.
In Category: Boxing & Kickboxing
Boxing for women in the UAE can provide great health and fitness benefits including body toning and weight loss.
What exactly is clean eating? An Abu Dhabi personal trainer answers some questions about the benefits of a clean eating diet with examples – read more
Functional training in Abu Dhabi provides seniors with low-impact exercise techniques that can help with daily living, mobility and increased flexibility.
Weight gain for skinny people. Some people in Abu Dhabi can’t seem to put on weight no matter what they eat. Is a combination of good diet and training the key to weight gain?
Swimming has so many benefits when it comes to childrens fitness in Abu Dhabi. We asked a swimming coach and fitness trainer for their thoughts on how and why it’s important for children in the UAE to learn swimming.
What are the best ways to increase muscle mass and definition in Dubai? Aly, a professional body building PT provides some tips and advise for men and women
Teenage exercise and personal training in Abu Dhabi & Dubai – find out why regular exercise for teenagers is so important for health in the UAE
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Cardio fitness is a key element when it comes to staying in great shape. How does HIIT exercise provide you with the best cardio fitness training?
In Category: Yoga & Pilates
The Pilates Reformer machine is a great tool used by personal trainers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to help correct posture, toning and body balance.
Obesity in children is on the rise in the UAE. Many parents are now using professional personal trainers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi who specialise in child obesity problems.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
If you’ve suffered an injury to your back or have general issues with back pain a specialist rehab PT can help. How do they help? Read the full article.
In Category: General
It’s hard at times to get motivated about your personal trainer sessions or your at home fitness & exercise workouts. Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers provide some motivational tips to get you back on track
Tennis is a great sport when it comes to providing an all over body workout. It doesn’t have to be like a Wimbledon match! You can play tennis at all ages and for seniors it helps with mobility and flexibility.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
Did you know that stress is a major contributor to illness and can even make it worse? Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Robyn discusses the body-mind connection relating to exercise in the UAE
What are the main benefits of strength training in the UAE? Fat loss, bone health and much more. Learn how increasing the amount of strength training you do can really be of benefit now and as you age.
Just because we get older doesn’t mean we can’t do exercise to stay fit and healthy in the UAE. These 6 tips will help you understand how and why exercise is important at any age.
In Category: Exercise Techniques
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in Dubai is a great way to get fit and lose weight too. During a HIIT session you’ll get a good cardio workout and many HIIT instructors will change the training from lesson to lesson – ensuring you’ll never get bored in your workouts.
Choosing between free weights and training machines is often a personal choice but does one give better and faster results than the other when it comes to body toning?
You need to eat well to get good muscle gains. Protein forms a major part of this diet process but do you know what the best sources of protein are?
In Category: Exercise Techniques
A healthy body equals a healthy mind. In this article Abu Dhabi female personal fitness trainer Chloe explains why it is important to take regular exercise for mind and body.



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