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The ‘Articles’ directory on the UAE Personal Trainers website has been created for you. So, whether you are looking for training tips or perhaps diet and nutrition information we aim to include useful information articles relating to all aspects of personal training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.

Learn from the professionals. Articles are also created by personal trainers which can provide valuable and knowledgeable information from people who really do know what they are talking about. To view an articles just click or hover over an image below. You can also use the filter options to sort articles based on a fitness category.

HIIT Exercises For Cardio Fitness

Cardio fitness is a key element when it comes to staying in great shape. How does HIIT exercise provide you with the best cardio fitness training?

Warming Up Exercise Routines Before Training

Why is it important to warm up before exercise and training in the UAE? We asked a professional personal trainer for her tips and advice and pre workout warm ups.

How To Build A Great Six Pack

It does take time, work and a great diet to get a really good set of abs. We asked a female PT in the UAE for her tips on how long it might take to get a great looking six pack.

How To Maintain Muscle Mass

Once you have built up a muscular physique what are the best ways to maintain muscle mass? We asked a professional PT in Dubai for his advice on training and diet for maintaining lean muscle.

Weight Training & Weight Loss For Women In Dubai

Weight training and weight loss. Can you really lose weight by doing weight training exercises in Dubai? Recent studies say you can but what do female personal trainers in Dubai think?

Postnatal Dieting In Dubai

Many postnatal women in Dubai want to lose excess weight after having their baby. However, is it safe to diet and what are the best options?

Abu Dhabi PT Bruna – Tips & Advice

We all have different health and fitness goals. In this article Bruna, a pre natal specialist in Abu Dhabi shares her thoughts and tips on healthy living.

Why Is Flexibility Training Important For Health?

Why is flexibility training so important and what is flexibility training? We asked a professional Dubai PT for tips and advice.

Prenatal Personal Training In Dubai – Is It Safe?

If you’re considering personal training in Dubai when you are pregnant get the best advice and tips about safety, exercise types and even nutrition. We asked a professional prenatal fitness coach in Dubai for some tips.

Kickboxing In Dubai – How Much Time Does It Take To Learn

Like any sport, kickboxing does take some time to learn. Above all you need to practice and practice regularly. So, on average how long does it take to learn kickboxing basics in Dubai? Read on to find out more.

Abu Dhabi Training Tips – PT Stefan

What does Stefan think are the most important ways to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Valeria – Tips & Advice

Valeria is a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who can help with many aspects of your personal fitness. Read her tips and tricks on leading a fit and healthy life.

Dubai Yoga Trainer Neha – Tips & Advice

If you are interested in Yoga either as a Yoga class in Dubai or private coaching Neha can help. Read her top tips on how to get the most from Yoga.

Dubai Yoga Teacher Pooma – Advice & Tips

Yoga in Dubai can provide so many health and fitness benefits. Poonam, a Yoga class instructor in Dubai explains how and why yoga can help you.

Dubai PT Shiblin – Training Tips & Advice

Training and nutrition tips from Shiblin. How she manages to stay in shape with exercise and nutrition.

PT Sky – Training Tips & Advice

Learn how professional trainers stay in great shape. Get advice from Sky – a professional female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai PT Halil – Training Tips & Advice

How does Dubai Kickboxing Trainer Halil stay in shape and what is his nutrition like? He explains all in this Q&A with UAE Personal Trainers

PT Hamada – Training Tips & Advice

Getting to know your trainer in Dubai: COACH HAMADA – fitness tips, training goals and nutrition guidance.

Sports Performance & Endurance Training Methods In The UAE

In sports, endurance and performance is a critical part of doing well at your sport. There are many different training types to help you improve but what are the best training methods for your sports activity?

Post Natal Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Post natal belly fat is one of those problems that many women suffer with. Whether you watch your diet or train regularly it sometimes doesn’t want to shift. We asked a female PT for tips.

Personal Trainer Client Progress Monitoring

Monitoring progress is an integral part of a successful personal training plan in the UAE. How do Personal Trainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah monitor their clients progress to ensure they stay on track?

Training To Reduce Belly Fat In The UAE

Slimming down the waist area and reducing the belly fat can be difficult. It seems that this area of the body shows body fat more than any other. What are the top exercises to reduce belly fat in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

How To Maintain A Healthy Weight In Dubai

Reaching your weight loss goals in the UAE is great. It’s a major step in leading a healthier lifestyle. What are the best ways to ‘maintain’ your new, healthy weight?

Does Clean Eating In Dubai Help With Weight Loss?

What is 'clean eating' and can it help you lose weight? With so many diet plans promising amazing weight loss results how can you be sure what will help and what's pure 'science fiction. Medical professionals and personal trainers alike always advise that following a sensible diet combined with exercise is the best way to... View Article

Price Of A Personal Trainer In Dubai

Dubai Personal Trainer Price – why is there such a difference from one trainer to the next. We take a look at what influences the price for personal training in Dubai.

Does Exercise In The UAE Help Control Blood Pressure?

You don’t need to shy away from exercise in the UAE if you have blood pressure problems. In fact, a lack of physical activity can often cause high blood pressure in the first place. What you do need to do is get professional advice on what exercises are safe and which are not.

The Benefits Of Using A Personal Trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Personal Trainers are fitness experts. When it comes to your health and fitness a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is a worthy investment Every time you walk into the gym in the UAE you’ll be greeted with a variety of posters advertising all of the services the local personal trainers can offer. Everything... View Article

Fat Loss Training – Try Swimming In Abu Dhabi

Is fat loss achievable with swimming? There are many different exercise methods that can help with weight and fat loss in Abu Dhabi but if you want to try something different swimming could help you.

Muscle Building In The UAE – Best Sources Of Protein

You need to eat well to get good muscle gains. Protein forms a major part of this diet process but do you know what the best sources of protein are?

Is Swimming Safe For Pregnant Women In Abu Dhabi?

Is swimming a good exercise type for prenatal women in Abu Dhabi? Yes, it is and for many reasons too. Swimming can help you remain fit and active and also reduce the pressure on the body that some other exercises would create.

Is Tennis In The UAE Suitable For Senior Fitness?

Tennis is a great sport when it comes to providing an all over body workout. It doesn’t have to be like a Wimbledon match! You can play tennis at all ages and for seniors it helps with mobility and flexibility.

Playing Tennis For Body Toning In Abu Dhabi

Tennis is an active, enjoyable sport that can be played by all ages. If you’re bored with the usual body toning workouts and methods tennis might be right for you. You’d be surprised how many fitness benefits there are to playing tennis on a regular basis in Abu Dhabi.

No Time For The Gym In Dubai? Training At Home Workouts

No time for the gym? No problem. You’d be surprised at how many exercise types you can easily do in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up.

Eating For 2 When Pregnant – Fact or Myth

When you are pregnant are you really eating for two or is that an old wives tale? How much weight will you gain during your pregnancy? We asked a female PT for advice.

Kickboxing In Dubai For Weight Loss Goals

If you’re looking for a fun and faced paced way to lose weight in Dubai have you though about kickboxing? You’d be surprised how this method of training can help.

Exercise For Seniors In Dubai

Many seniors in the UAE feel that they would like to add some exercise to their lives but are lost where to start. We asked a top trainer in Dubai for his tips on senior and elderly fitness.

Second & Third Trimester – Prenatal Exercises In The UAE

Confused about what exercises you can safely do during the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy in the UAE? These training tips will help you make the right choices.

Battle Rope Training – Is It Good For Muscle Gain?

Battle Rope (Battling Rope) training. Get for an all over body workout that will leave you shattered but can you use it as part of your muscle gain training in the UAE?

Are Your Weight Loss Goals In The UAE Realistic?

Weight loss in the UAE doesn’t need to be difficult if you get the right advice but are your weight loss goals realistic? How can you tell?

Boxing For Women In Abu Dhabi – Can It Help Reduce Stress?

Boxing for women in Abu Dhabi can be a great way to get in shape and stay fit. However, did you know that boxing can also help with your mental state and help to reduce stress?

Which Is Better For Weight Loss – Jogging Or HIIT Exercise

There are many different types of exercise that are designed to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight in Ab Dhabi. Jogging and HIIT are two popular choices but is one better than the other?

Self Defense Training In Dubai – SDT Seminar

The self-defense seminar in Dubai is aimed at teaching you the basics of self-defense through various workshops. Aimed at men, women, children and companies it will provide you with the basics to defend yourself and increase your self-confidence.

Pilates Training When Pregnant In The UAE

There are many different exercises you can safely do when pregnant in the UAE. How safe and beneficial is Pilates Training for pregnant women?

Swimming In Abu Dhabi To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Swimming is great when it comes to fitness but did you know swimming regularly is also a great way to maintain a healthy weight?

Weight Gain For Skinny People In The UAE

Weight gain for skinny people. Some people in Abu Dhabi can’t seem to put on weight no matter what they eat. Is a combination of good diet and training the key to weight gain?

Training In The UAE To Increase Sports Stamina

Increasing your sports fitness through stamina and endurance workouts can help you perform better in football, tennis, running, swimming and more. What are the best ways to increase your endurance?

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to losing weight there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss but what is the difference? We asked a professional PT for her specialist advice.

Muscle Building In The UAE – Reps & Sets

Confused by reps and sets? Is one more important than the other? We asked a PT in Abu Dhabi for his thoughts and guidance on whether reps or sets are more important as part of your muscle building training regime.

Boxing For Cardio Health In The UAE

There are many different forms of cardio based exercise routines available in Dubai. Is boxing (boxercise, boxfit) good for general cardio health and how does it compare with other forms of cardio fitness types in the UAE?

Female Fitness In Dubai – Bodyweight Training At Home

You have a great personal fitness tool at your disposal 24/7 – Your body! So how does bodyweight training at home in Dubai work and can a female PT help you learn how to do bodyweight personal fitness?

Female Boxing In Dubai – 5 Tips To Increase Strength

Boxing requires strength. What are the best exercises for women in Dubai to increase their overall strength which will ultimately improve their boxing skills?

Losing Weight In Dubai – Muay Thai

There are so many ways to lose weight. Muay Thai in Dubai is a great all round fitness tool that can also help you burn calories when used with other training methods and a proper diet. How can Muay Thai help with weight loss?

First Trimester Exercises In Dubai

Most women in Dubai can continue with their exercise and training as long as they do so with precaution. Exercises during the first trimester are safe but what are the best exercises to do?

At Home Bodyweight Training In Dubai – Top 10 Techniques

Training at home in Dubai doesn’t need to be limiting. You can use your own body as your training tool with a wide variety of body weight exercises suitable for any level of fitness. What are the top 10 body weight training techniques?

Diastasis Recti Post Pregnancy In The UAE

New mothers in Abu Dhabi might be told they are suffering from ‘Diastasis Recti’. For those confused by the term this article helps to explain what post-natal Diastasis Recti is and how you can fix it.

Kickboxing For Women In Abu Dhabi

You’d be suprised at the number of benefits to your health that kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi provides. Here are the top 10 reasons why kickboxing can help your fitness routine.

Dumbbell Training For The Arms – UAE Personal Trainers

Are dumbbells a good choice when it comes to training the arms for better muscle growth in the UAE? We asked a female personal trainer for her tips and advice for using Dumbbells at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah.

Body Toning In The UAE – Example Personal Training Plan

Ever wondered what a ‘Body Toning’ personal training plan in Abu Dhabi or Dubai might include? Using information from body toning personal trainers we’ve created a quick guide which will help.

Personal Trainer In The UAE – 10 Questions To Ask

Finding the right personal trainer local to you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can be made easier if you know the right questions to ask a PT in the UAE.

Personal Training, Fasting & Exercise During Ramadan

You don’t need to stop exercising or training in the UAE during Ramadan. Taking sensible abvice about when to train and diet changes can help you maintain your fitness levels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

10 Reasons How A Personal Trainer In The UAE Can Help You

Why do you need a personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah? We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons for using a local personal trainer in the UAE. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or do Yoga a fitness coach is an investment in you.

Arthritis In The UAE – Yoga Options

Many seniors in the UAE suffer from arthritis and other mobility conditions. Some forms of exercise are too stressful on the joints but Yoga is low-impact and the ideal way to relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis.

Dieting In Dubai – It Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Does even the word 'diet' fill you with dread when it comes to what you can eat? Does dieting in Dubai have to suck? Or are you making it so with your beliefs? This article gives some practical ways that you can change your mindset for better success when dieting. Dieting…it isn’t as hard as... View Article

Yoga For Mind Body & Soul in the UAE

There are so many benefits of Yoga it's difficult to sum up in one article. Alla, a personal yoga teacher in Ajman & Sharjah provides us with her views on Yoga for every day living In everything that we do in life, it is well known that our attitude and mindset are the most important... View Article

Personal Trainers in Dubai – How Can They Help You?

Finding the best male or female personal trainer in the UAE is the start of your fitness journey. A fitness coach local to you can help you achieve all your fitness goals in less time.

Diet in the UAE – Why Do People Have Problems Sticking With It

Why does dieting seem so hard? Are there any secrets to 'sticking' with a diet in the UAE? We’ve all been there... Starting out a new diet in the UAE with hopes of getting in shape and achieving a desired physique. Only to realise half way there that you have lost every bit of  motivation... View Article

Personal Trainer Favourite Foods Pre-Wortkout – UAE Personal Trainers

Food provides energy but what do personal trainers eat before their workouts in the UAE? Eating too much before a workout in the UAE isn't a good idea but having a high energy snack to get you going can help with your energy levels during your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. We... View Article

Corporate Fitness In Abu Dhabi & Dubai – UAE Personal Trainers

The Benefits of Health and Fitness for Sedentary Employees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE One of the biggest risks to health in the UAE is sedentary living and now, more and more companies are realising the benefits of movement and on-site exercise for their employees. The risks of being sedentary go far and... View Article

Should Children Lift Weights in the UAE?

Exercise and physical activity are important components of any child’s healthy development in the UAE.
But when it comes to training programs in Abu Dhabi, there’s been some controversy as to how early is too early for kids to start weight-lifting.

Better Practices While Using The Treadmill In Abu Dhabi

Love it or hate it, the treadmill is a staple in the fitness industry. Used for specific purposes it can be an extremely effective tool in conquering your fitness goals.

Exercise & Training During Ramadan in the UAE

Can you or should you exercise during Ramadan in the UAE? We're now well and truly into Ramadan! During the holy month, various routines can often be affected such as opening hours for businesses, reduced working hours (ideal!), and more often than not, interruptions to our fitness routines. Fear not. Here are some simple and... View Article

Ramadan in the UAE – Meal Planning & Exercise Guide

It can be difficult to arrange your training sessions and meal plans during the holy month. However, Shihab, a Master Personal Trainer from Sharjah has created a great user guide for meal planning and gentle exercise routines during Ramadan.

How To Improve Your Posture In 2 Minutes

If you spend a lot of time sitting down during the day due to work or home life in Abu Dhabi you could suffer from posture related problems. This quick and easy exercise method can help prevent problems before they arise.

Online Personal Training In Abu Dhabi

For teachers and busy people online personal training in Abu Dhabi could be just what you need to get fit and healthy

Tabata Training In Abu Dhabi – Burn Fat Fast

Burn Fat Fast & Get In Shape With Tabata Training In The UAE - The FOUR-MINUTE Workout I want to touch upon a highly effective fitness method that will help all you busy and short of time people. It’s called, Tabata training in the UAE…and it’s awesome for cooking unwanted lard. Tabata Training Tips From... View Article

Personal Training In The UAE vs Gym Fitness Classes

Personal Training in the UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah or Gym Fitness Clients - Which is right for you? In Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah two of the best (and most popular) ways to get into shape are hiring a UAE personal trainer or joining a gym. Both options have their strengths and... View Article

Best Personal Trainer In Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah

How do you choose the best at home personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah - UAE The best personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah - these are terms that people in the UAE regularly search for on the internet when looking for personal trainers at home or local to them. However,... View Article

Fitness, Training and Exercise Benefits For Seniors In The UAE

Why should you use a personal trainer in the UAE and how they can help Seniors in the UAE are becoming more aware that some form of exercise and daily activities can have a dramatic improvement on their everyday lives. Getting older doesn’t mean we need to stop exercising, in fact it’s just as important... View Article

Why use a personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Why should you use a personal trainer in the UAE and how they can help In the UAE getting into shape can be a tough business especially if you are one of those people with a busy life who has a lot to deal with every day. When it comes to leading a fitter, healthier... View Article

3 Key Parts To Any Good Diet In The UAE

Before you embark on another Diet, just consider these 3 things. Every good diet should, above all else, abide by these three main principles

Should I Be Exercising During Ramadan In The UAE

Training in the UAE doesn’t need to stop during Ramadan – if you take sensible steps you can still stick to your training schedule.

Diet During Ramadan – UAE Personal Trainers

All you need to know about dieting and what is best to eat during Ramadan. Personal Trainer in Sharjah & Dubai Shihab has some great tips and advice.

Exercise During Ramadan – Staying On Track In The UAE

Keeping On Track With Your Personal Training During Ramadan The month of May for many of our Personal Training Clients, is about to bring about one of the most significant periods of their year – Ramadan. Ramadan falls in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims around the world fast (abstaining... View Article

5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight – UAE Personal Trainer Tips

Feel like losing weight is a stuggle? Chris, a professional PT from Abu Dhabi provides some useful tips to help you get back on track.

How To Exercise For Fat Loss – UAE Personal Trainers

What are the best ways to reduce ‘fat’ and get that body scultped look in the UAE? Personal trainer and fitness expert Chris explains some of the best methods to lose fat

Swimming For Babies & Teenagers in The UAE – The Basics

Teaching babies how to swim in the UAE with some simple techniques can help them learn at a early stage and also help them deal with fear of water. Swim coach Jason describes how he helps in the UAE

Simple Drills To Help You Run Like A Pro In The UAE

Get some great tips and ideas on how to improve on your running technique and reduce injury. Peter, a Duabi PT sets out what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Starting At The Gym In The UAE – What NOT To Do

Starting at the gym in the UAE - Personal Trainer tips Whether you have a specific fitness goal in the UAE or you just want to get fit starting at the gym in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can sometimes be a daunting thought. With the right advice, going to the gym and working towards your... View Article

Price Of Personal Training In Abu Dhabi

Why are personal trainer prices in the UAE different? There are many reasons why personal trainer costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi vary – read more to find out why

Functional Training For Everyday Living – UAE Personal Trainers

Functional training is often misunderstood. Elena, a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi explains how functional training can help with everyday tasks.

Carbs…Friends Not Enemies – UAE Personal Trainers

Carbs! Are They Really That Bad? With so much conflicting advice about what we should and shouldn't eat Peter Judge, a personal trainer from Dubai provides some useful tips on why carbs are not that bad for you after all. Carbs Are Not The Enemy... It seems to me that people will never stop arguing... View Article

Yoga In The UAE – Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Need some help or advise on your yoga poses? Yoga personal trainer in AD Leila provides a detailed look at the famous ‘Downward Facing Dog’ yoga pose

Cycling In The UAE – Personal Trainer Tips

Want to get in to cycling in the UAE? Professional personal trainer Lynsey has a passion for cycling and gives some great tips about why it is becoming such a popular sport in AD and the rest of the UAE

ABS Core Workout – UAE Personal Trainer Tips

How important is core training? Well, it’s not just about getting a 6 pack (although that is a bonus). Effective core workouts in the UAE can help prevent injury and provide other workout benefits too

Nutrition & Diet In The UAE – The Basics

Nutrition – sometimes a confusing topic but thanks to Sebastien, a personal trainer in the UAE we get some clear advise on what nutrtition can mean for you.

UAE Crash Diets & Fad Detoxes – PT Advice

The world of dieting and detoxing is mystifying to many of us. Chloe, a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi tells us why we should avoid crash diets and fad detoxes where possible.

UAE PT – Myofascial Release Explained

Concerned about ‘over training’ or stress on the body? In this informative article Jack explains how the effective use of foam rollers and even a lacrosse ball can help with Myofascial release.

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer & The Biggest Loser Teen

The best words a personal trainer can hear – “thank you for changing my life” Tiago, a personal trainer in AD recently worked with a teenager on the Biggest Loser Teen with incredible results

Iroman Training – The Ultimate Personal Trainer Challenge

Ironman – one of the toughest physical fitness challenges in the world. Jason Wagner, a personal swimming trainer in Abu Dhabi takes us through his experience of this mammoth event

Functional Training In The UAE – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Advise

So what exactly is Functional Training? Monee Barakat – a professional gym based personal trainer working in Abu Dhabi gives us an insight to this popular workout method

A Life Lived In Fear, Is A Life Half Lived

Live your life to the full. An inspirational article from Leila Knight – a professional yoga instructor based in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Personal Trainers – Reaching Your Goals & The Stage World

A diary of setting a goal and achieving it. Abu Dhabi personal trainer Robyn provides an insight into the world of stage competition

Yoga Personal Trainer Leila Takes On The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Half Marathon Experience and Training

Exercise In The UAE – The Body-Mind Connection

Did you know that stress is a major contributor to illness and can even make it worse? Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Robyn discusses the body-mind connection relating to exercise in the UAE

Children’s Exercise In The UAE

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle is not only effecting adults in the UAE, it effects children too. Personal trainer Bernie provides some useful tips on how to deal with this problem

Foam Rolling For Pre and Post Workout

Foam rolling – never heard or it? It’s something we should all be doing as part of our ‘warm up’ and ‘cool down’ pre workout process. Chloe, a female personal trainer in the UAE explains why

The Benefits Of Organic Food In the UAE

Organic food – just a ‘in thing’ or is it really better for our health and fitness. Abu Dhabi personal trainer Serene Ghandour explains why she believes organic is the way to go

Lifestyle Changes – Training & Exercise Goal Setting For Success

Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi Matt Spooner shares his tips on making lifestyle changes and goal setting to ensure your reach your exercise and workout goals

Training, Exercise & Lifestyle Changes – Setting Goals

Valuable tips on changing your lifestyle with goals that are achievable, sustainable and successful. Getting the best advice from a professional personal trainer in the UAE is a step in the right direction.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated For Training In The UAE

It’s hard at times to get motivated about your personal trainer sessions or your at home fitness & exercise workouts. Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Tobe provides some motivational tips to get you back on track

Personal Trainer Tips for starting And Sticking To A New food Routine

changing your eating habits as part of your personal training plan in Abu Dhabi. Here are some great tips and ideas on creating and sticking with a healthy eating plan in combination with your exercise and training regime

Exercise In The UAE – It’s Not Just Physical

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. In this article Abu Dhabi female personal fitness trainer Chloe explains why it is important to take regular exercise for mind and body.

Obesity In Children In The UAE

Obesity in children is on the rise in the UAE. Many parents are now using professional personal trainers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi who specialise in child obesity problems.

The Importance Of Strength Training – Personal Trainer Tips

Get some great tips and advise about the important of strength training as part of your personal trainer sessions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi from Bernie Bray, a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Training For A Triathlon – Part Three

The 3rd and final part of Abu Dhabi personal trainer Jack McAllister’s advise and tips on training for a triathlon – nutrition

Training For A Triathlon – Part Two

This is the second article from Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Jack McAllister about preparing and training for a Triathlon.

Myth – All Athletes Should Take A Multivitamin

Confused about which vitamins and minerals you should take? Are they really necessary? Abu Dhabi female personal trainer and fitness expert Robyn sheds some like on this confusing topic.

Keeping Nutrition Simple – UAE Personal Trainers

Confused about Nutrition? Abu Dhabi based personal trainer Robyn provides some great tips and advice on how to ‘Keep Nutrition Simple’

Motivated To Stay Unmotivated

Feeling unmotivated about fitness? Get some great tips and advise from an Abu Dhabi personal trainer on how to overcome these issues and get into a good training regime

Training For A Triathlon

Abu Dhabi professional personal trainer Jack McAllister gives you some tips and advice for triathlon training in Abu Dhabi.

Exercise Equipment & Training Kit – UAE Personal Trainers

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer & Football Coach Alex King provides some useful information and exercise tips for training at home ‘without’ exercise kit

Keeping Fit & Healthy In Abu Dhabi

Lynsey Usher – A Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi discusses some great ways to stay fit and healthly in the UAE

Cardio Exercise In The UAE – Is It Essential For Fat Loss?

In this article Personal Trainer Kate Jenkins discusses the benefits of cardio exercise and its effect on fat loss.

Training & Exercise for Mental and Emotional Health In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi personal trainer Gemma Weedal discusses the many benefits of training and exercise for mental and emotional health.

How To Master Rowing – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Arran gives tips and advise on the effective use of rowing machines for your training sessions.

Personal Trainer Nutrition 101 – Healthy Eating Tips In The UAE

Confused about healthy eating and nutrition? Get some tips and advise from a Master Personal Trainer which can help you understand this complex subject.

Moderation Is Key – A Personal Trainer Perspective

Moderation is key when it comes to exercise and a healthier lifestyle in general. Lynsey Usher – a Personal Trainer from Abu Dhabi discusses her views on moderation and balance.

Yoga Benefits For Children

Learn about the many benefits of Yoga training and classes in the UAE for children and adults.

Personal Training Exercise Kit & Equipment For Training At Home In Dubai Or Abu Dhabi

In this article Abu Dhabi based personal trainer Robyn discusses her favourite personal training equipment and the benefits associated with them.

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