Is Boxing or Kickboxing in the UAE right for you? These articles can help you decide
In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates boxing and kickboxing are popular sports.
But, boxing and kick boxing are not just contact sports, they are great exercise tools.
You can use the same fitness techniques that boxers and kick boxers use in your personal workouts. This means you can get fit fast and stay in shape using a variety of exercise programs.
Boxing helps with stamina, strength and co-ordination. Kickboxing in the UAE can help with cardio fitness and weight loss.
The articles and tips on this page will help you learn more about boxing and kickboxing in the UAE.
If you need a PT in your area with boxing or kickboxing experience the UAE Personal Trainers website is the place to find one.

Kickboxing In Dubai For Weight Loss Goals

If you’re looking for a fun and faced paced way to lose weight in Dubai have you though about kickboxing? You’d be surprised how this method of training can help.

Boxing For Women In Abu Dhabi – Can It Help Reduce Stress?

Boxing for women in Abu Dhabi can be a great way to get in shape and stay fit. However, did you know that boxing can also help with your mental state and help to reduce stress?

Self Defense Training In Dubai – SDT Seminar

The self-defense seminar in Dubai is aimed at teaching you the basics of self-defense through various workshops. Aimed at men, women, children and companies it will provide you with the basics to defend yourself and increase your self-confidence.

Boxing For Cardio Health In The UAE

There are many different forms of cardio based exercise routines available in Dubai. Is boxing (boxercise, boxfit) good for general cardio health and how does it compare with other forms of cardio fitness types in the UAE?

Female Boxing In Dubai – 5 Tips To Increase Strength

Boxing requires strength. What are the best exercises for women in Dubai to increase their overall strength which will ultimately improve their boxing skills?

Losing Weight In Dubai – Muay Thai

There are so many ways to lose weight. Muay Thai in Dubai is a great all round fitness tool that can also help you burn calories when used with other training methods and a proper diet. How can Muay Thai help with weight loss?

Kickboxing For Women In Abu Dhabi

You’d be suprised at the number of benefits to your health that kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi provides. Here are the top 10 reasons why kickboxing can help your fitness routine.

Personal Trainer In The UAE – 10 Questions To Ask

Finding the right personal trainer local to you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can be made easier if you know the right questions to ask a PT in the UAE.

Are Personal Trainers Worth The Cost?

You might have tried setting your own fitness goals in Abu Dhabi or Dubai but have failed. Can a personal trainer really help you? Here are some of the top reasons hiring a personal training specialist in the UAE will help with your personal fitness goals.

Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Why are personal trainer prices in the UAE different? There are many reasons why personal trainer costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi vary – read more to find out why

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