BOXING & KICKBOXING Articles & Training Tips

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Is Boxing or Kickboxing in the UAE right for you? These articles can help you decide

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates boxing and kickboxing are popular sports. But, boxing and kick boxing are not just contact sports, they are great exercise tools. You can use the same fitness techniques that boxers and kick boxers use in your personal workouts. This means you can get fit fast and stay in shape using a variety of exercise programs. Boxing helps with stamina, strength and co-ordination. Kickboxing in the UAE can help with cardio fitness and weight loss. The articles and tips on this page will help you learn more about boxing and kickboxing in the UAE. If you need a PT in your area with boxing or kickboxing experience the UAE Personal Trainers website is the place to find one.
Boxing for fitness for men and women in Abu Dhabi and Dubai - UAE Personal Trainers
Boxing & Kickboxing

Boxing Fitness In Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Looking for a energetic and proven way to shed some weight? Boxercise might be the right choice for you. Suitable for adults and children, boxing for fitness uses the same fitness techniques professional boxers use to stay in great shape.

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cardio boxing in dubai for health and fitness
Boxing & Kickboxing

Cardio Boxing In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Doing cardio exercises are not just to help you lose weight. A good cardio routine can provide a complete body workout and help with endurance too. Cardio boxing is a fun, fast paced workout method designed to get you in great shape in a short period of time.

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Boxing For Kids Fitness In Abu Dhabi With boxing Coach Hamada
Boxing & Kickboxing

Boxing Coaching For Children In Abu Dhabi

There are many sports in Abu Dhabi that can help with kids fitness. Boxing is great for many reasons including improved fitness levels, weight loss, stress relief and much more. Coach Hamada explains how boxing for kids can help.

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kickboxing for cardio fitness in the UAE
Boxing & Kickboxing

Kickboxing For Cardio Fitness In Dubai

Cardio training is an important part of any fitness regime but sometimes the same old fitness programs get a bit boring. Kickboxing on the other hand is fast paced with many other benefits too including weight loss and body toning.

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Muay Thai in Dubai for weight loss
Boxing & Kickboxing

Kickboxing For Weight Loss

There are plenty of ways you can exercise for weight loss in the UAE. As a High Intensity workout method Kickboxing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah is a great choice when combined with a well balanced diet.

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