UAE Personal Trainer Exercise Techniques

‘It’s All About Technique’ This is a common piece of advise which all personal trainers and fitness coaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi would agree on.

Exercise the ‘right’ way and you will see results. Exercise the ‘wrong’ way and the results will be less visible and you may even cause yourself injury.

So where do you start? Well, a UAE personal trainer is an expert in his or her field of experience.

This knowledge can of course benefit you. Especially when it comes to achieving your fitness goals in the ‘right training way’

Finding out which exercise techniques provide the best results for particular muscle groups. Or which techniques you should use to gain the most weight loss are all things you learn along the way.

The exercise technique articles in this section of the UAE Personal Trainers will provide you with tips and useful information.

circuit training classes with personal trainers in the UAE
Exercise Techniques

The Benefits Of Circuit Training

Circuit training in the UAE can help with weight loss, body toning and cardio fitness. Find out why circuit training might be a great addition to your fitness regime in the UAE.

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Low Pressure Fitness Training In The UAE
Exercise Techniques

What Is Low Pressure Fitness?

Low pressure fitness (LPF) is a revolutionary and innovative form of workout that is steadily becoming popular among women in Abu Dhabi.
The unique exercise methodology is highly recommended by fitness experts and enthusiasts alike.

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Jiu Jitsu Personal Training Experience
Exercise Techniques

All About Jiu Jitsu Training In The UAE

Whether you are bored of the more traditional exercise routines or want to learn a martial art in the UAE Jiu Jitsu could be right for you. As a sport and exercise methods it’s perfect for men and women and even children.

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Stretching an flexibility exercises in the UAE
Exercise Techniques

Why Is Stretching & Flexibility Important?

Stretching before exercise is crucial. But, there are many other benefits that a good stretching and flexibility program can provide including preventing injury and keep seniors mobile.

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Exercise Techniques

Zumba In The UAE – A Fast & Fun Way To Get Fit

It’s known all over the world as one of the most fun ways to get in shape and stay in shape. Zumba dance exercise is not just for the young or for those who are fit. Anyone can take Zumba lessons either in a class or with a personal trainer in the UAE.

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hiit exercises for cardio health in the uae
Exercise Techniques

HIIT For Beginners In Dubai & Abui Dhabi

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in Dubai is a great way to get fit and lose weight too. During a HIIT session you’ll get a good cardio workout and many HIIT instructors will change the training from lesson to lesson – ensuring you’ll never get bored in your workouts.

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Reiki personal therapy in Dubai, UAE
Exercise Techniques

Reiki For Health & Fitness In The UAE

Reiki is a great way to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and also promote weight loss. Add reiki to your personal fitness plan in Dubai with a fully qualified personal Reiki therapist.

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Keeping Fit & Healthy In Abu Dhabi UAE
Exercise Techniques

Running For Weight Loss In The UAE

If you want to lose weight fast and stay in great shape in Abu Dhabi or Dubai then get your running shoes on. Running is a great all-round fitness tool which can help you lose the pounds faster and get you into shape. Ideal for the whole family too.

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zumba fitness classes in Dubai, uae
Body Toning & Body Sculpting

Zumba Training In The UAE For Tummy Toning

Zumba in the UAE is a fast paced, energetic workout. Did you know that Zumba can also help you tone and trim your tummy area? If you want to get that toned ab look then Zumba could be right for you.

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reduce belly fat exercises in the UAE
Exercise Techniques

Training To Reduce Belly Fat In The UAE

Slimming down the waist area and reducing the belly fat can be difficult. It seems that this area of the body shows body fat more than any other. What are the top exercises to reduce belly fat in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

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