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Created by fitness professionals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. These articles will help you learn more about all aspects of muscle training techniques.

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Body Toning & Body Transformation Dubai PT - Aly
Muscle, Strength & Bodybuilding

TRX Resistance Training For Muscle Definition

This kind of physique requires a targeted workout, combined with a high-protein diet that fuels muscle development – Dubai PT Aly explains how TRX can help you get bigger and more defined.

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tips for building muscle and body toning in the uae
Muscle, Strength & Bodybuilding

How To Maintain Muscle Mass

Once you have built up a muscular physique what are the best ways to maintain muscle mass? We asked a professional PT in Dubai for his advice on training and diet for maintaining lean muscle.

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7 tips for strength training in the UAE
Muscle, Strength & Bodybuilding

Tips For Strength Training In The UAE

Safety is important when strength training for a variety of reasons. Tips and advice from strength training professional in the UAE to help you avoid injuries and mistakes.

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