SENIOR FITNESS IN THE UAE Articles & Training Tips

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UAE Personal Trainers Senior & Elderly Health & Fitness Articles

In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the UAE in general staying fit and mobile plays a large role in senior health and fitness.

It’s not always easy to maintain fitness levels as we age. Naturally, our bodies change but there are many exercise types and techniques that are suitable for seniors who have not exercise experience.

Regular exercise during our seniors years helps us to stay mobile, flexible and also provides a great social element in the UAE too.

As much as possible, you should continue doing your daily living tasks and taking regular exercise no matter how old you are.

The articles on this page of the UAE Personal Trainers website will provide you with useful information on exercise and health for seniors in the UAE. You can also find fully qualified senior fitness personal trainers in your area of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and sharjah here.

Personal tennis coaching foir 1-2-1 and groups in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE
Senior Fitness In The UAE

Is Tennis In The UAE Suitable For Senior Fitness?

Tennis is a great sport when it comes to providing an all over body workout. It doesn’t have to be like a Wimbledon match! You can play tennis at all ages and for seniors it helps with mobility and flexibility.

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Stretching an flexibility exercises in the UAE
Exercise Techniques

Why Is Stretching & Flexibility Important?

Stretching before exercise is crucial. But, there are many other benefits that a good stretching and flexibility program can provide including preventing injury and keep seniors mobile.

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Yoga and pilates classes in abu dhabi
Senior Fitness In The UAE

Pilates For Senior Fitness In The UAE

Staying flexible and maintaining mobility as we age can prevent many senior related health issues in Abu Dhabi. Pilates is a low-impact, gentle form of exercise ideally suited to seniors.

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senior personal training programs image1
Senior Fitness In The UAE

Personal Training For Seniors – Example Program In The UAE

Even if you haven’t exercised for a while, a professional personal trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah who is experience in senior fitness programs can help you get and stay fit. So what’s involved in a senior fitness personal training program? Read on to find out more.

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uae personal trainers for rehabilitation and injury recovery
Senior Fitness In The UAE

Exercise For Seniors In Dubai

Many seniors in the UAE feel that they would like to add some exercise to their lives but are lost where to start. We asked a top trainer in Dubai for his tips on senior and elderly fitness.

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Senior Fitness In The UAE

Zumba In Abu Dhabi For Senior Fitness

You might think Zumba has to be fast paced but Zumba classes in the UAE can also be adapted for senior fitness too. Enjoy the health benefits of Zumba for seniors in a fitness class near you in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

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Healthy eating a exercise in the UAE for seniors and elderly
Diet, Nutrition & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Advice – Seniors In The UAE

As we age we sometimes become less mobile. This can lead to weight gain in some seniors. There are ways that seniors in Dubai can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight too.

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