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Sports fitness in the UAE covers many different subjects, from football to tennis and even swimming.
If you are into sports and need to concentrate on your sports fitness these articles will help.
Sports fitness in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is also a way to add a sporting element to your training.
Swimming for example provides a great, all-round workout with focus on cardio health. Football fitness is great for kids in the UAE and tennis can help you stay in shape.
Personal trainers in the UAE have helped to create the articles on this page. This means you are getting great advice from fitness professionals in your area.
The UAE Personal Trainers website can also help you find the best male or female sports fitness trainer local to you.

Playing Tennis For Body Toning In Abu Dhabi

Tennis is an active, enjoyable sport that can be played by all ages. If you’re bored with the usual body toning workouts and methods tennis might be right for you. You’d be surprised how many fitness benefits there are to playing tennis on a regular basis in Abu Dhabi.

Training In The UAE To Increase Sports Stamina

Increasing your sports fitness through stamina and endurance workouts can help you perform better in football, tennis, running, swimming and more. What are the best ways to increase your endurance?

Personal Trainer In The UAE – 10 Questions To Ask

Finding the right personal trainer local to you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can be made easier if you know the right questions to ask a PT in the UAE.

Are Personal Trainers Worth The Cost?

You might have tried setting your own fitness goals in Abu Dhabi or Dubai but have failed. Can a personal trainer really help you? Here are some of the top reasons hiring a personal training specialist in the UAE will help with your personal fitness goals.

Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Why are personal trainer prices in the UAE different? There are many reasons why personal trainer costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi vary – read more to find out why

Iroman Training – The Ultimate Personal Trainer Challenge

Ironman – one of the toughest physical fitness challenges in the world. Jason Wagner, a personal swimming trainer in Abu Dhabi takes us through his experience of this mammoth event

Training For A Triathlon – Part Three

The 3rd and final part of Abu Dhabi personal trainer Jack McAllister’s advise and tips on training for a triathlon – nutrition

Training For A Triathlon – Part Two

This is the second article from Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Jack McAllister about preparing and training for a Triathlon.

Myth – All Athletes Should Take A Multivitamin

Confused about which vitamins and minerals you should take? Are they really necessary? Abu Dhabi female personal trainer and fitness expert Robyn sheds some like on this confusing topic.

Training For A Triathlon

Abu Dhabi professional personal trainer Jack McAllister gives you some tips and advice for triathlon training in Abu Dhabi.

How To Master Rowing – Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Arran gives tips and advise on the effective use of rowing machines for your training sessions.

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