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Female Fitness In Dubai – Bodyweight Training At Home
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No Gym? No Problem – Bodyweight Training At Home In Dubai Is What You Need.
female personal trainer and fat loss coach in Dubai - Christie
Whether you have access to a gym in Dubai or not you also have a powerful exercise tool that is available to you 24-7. Your own body.

Article Category: Exercise Techniques

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Christie

Many women who are looking for a personal trainer or fitness coach in Dubai want to train at home.

Training at home does have benefits but some people will have no access to training equipment or a gym in their building.

As such bodyweight training workouts are ideal for them when they are not training with their PT/Coach.

As a female personal trainer in Dubai who has knowledge and experience of bodyweight workouts what tips can you provide to explain how and why bodyweight exercising at home in Dubai is a good choice.


No Gym in Dubai? No Problem!


Way too often people have a belief that if they don’t have a gym available, or they don`t have time (which is the quite common answer we hear for not training), they can’t have fit body and stay healthy.

That`s where body weight training becomes extremely important to master and take advantage of.

When the client doesn’t have access to the gym, or simply doesn’t have time to go there, home training can be a great solution.

We can definitely find 15-20 minutes to move our body. Change is never a matter of ability, it`s always a matter of motivation.

And the trainer can always provide the strategy and the plan for execution.


Body Weight Exercises At Home In Dubai – Variety Is The Key


As most of my clients currently are female, whom I train mainly at home, I always adopt body weight exercises into training.

I have decided to put the most common exercises I use, into sub-groups. It’s always good to have variety in training, and client can know what are they working on.

I would use these lower body exercises, such as: air squat, lunges, bulgarian split squat, single leg deadlift and glute bridge.

The exercises for upper body would be: tricep dips, push-ups.

One of the most important, in my opinion, body parts will be the core, as our spine needs a solid support of its vulnerable structure.

My favorite core exercises for the core would be: plank, side plank, hollow hold and shoulder taps.


Cardio Workouts & Weight Loss From Body Weight Training At Home


And the last, but not least, I would add the exercises that increase a heart rate and support the weight loss.

Weight loss in one form or another still remains the most common goal for the client, and at some point of life, most of us will need it as well.

Such movements as bear crawl and burpees provide required challenge to cardiovascular system and engage the whole body. This means you will end up with spending more energy for required fat loss (definitely not undermining the huge impact of nutrition habits in reducing the weight).

I consider that these are non-negotiable, that every person must learn to do.

Such exercises as bulgarian split squat and single leg deadlift are more for intermediate level. They require more core and knee stability, and I wouldn’t recommend them for beginners.

All the rest of exercises can be scaled down according to the fitness level. For example plank can be performed on the knees, burpee can be done with elevation and not on the floor.  Some overweight clients struggle to carry their weight and their wrists are more often than not simply not ready to handle the load of their own body.


Kind Of Bodyweight Exercises and Duration


All the above exercises can provide minimum required stimulus for the whole body.

I would recommend to use them as intervals 30 seconds – work, 30 seconds – rest, 40/20, or 45/15 for 15-30 minutes.

For example, the training for the beginner can look this way:

1 – squat
2 – knee push-up
3 – plank hold
4 – elevated burpee
5 – complete rest

30 seconds work, 30 seconds – recovery and the last minute to use as complete rest, can be done in 3-5 rounds, which will take only 15 to 25 minutes overall.


Consistency Is Also Key


I do believe that the most important thing in training journey is consistency.

Remember, there are no miracles. People constantly look for a quick fix but there are no 30-days transformations that work long-term.

It is always much better to do 20 minutes for 5 days a week, rather 2 hours training every second week.

It is always much easier to build up on the existing habit and then expand it, to keep momentum going.

We are all just a bunch of our habits and training is definitely a must to adopt for the rest of our life.

In Summary – Bodyweight Training At Home For Women In Dubai:


No need to attend the gym

Great for cardio, toning and weight loss

Variety is needed in your sessions

Consistency in training is important

Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches In Dubai With Body Toning Experience
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Female Boxing In Dubai – 5 Tips To Increase Strength
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Boxing In Dubai – Top 5 Workouts For Increasing Strength
Dubai female pt and boxing fitness coach - iryna
Boxing requires strength. If you are new to female boxing in Dubai these top 5 tips for increasing strength will help you become stronger.

Article Category: Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Iryna

One aspect of boxing fitness is strength. If you want to box as a sport in Dubai you need to build strength in all parts of your body and not just the arms – strength equals punch power.

As a personal boxing coach in Dubai what do you think are the top 5 strength building workouts and can you explain how these work and why you think they are the best. (eg leg workouts, core, arms etc)


Top 5 Workout Tips


In boxing you need overall strength. Most people underestimate leg and core strength during boxing, and only focus on their arms and shoulders, which is a huge mistake.


1. Legs/lower body


As a boxer you need to be light on your feet, you need to move fast to surprise your opponent and to defend yourself.

If your legs are strong you’ll have the energy and power to move faster, and even create more power in your punches through twisting your hips.

It will be easier for you to bend/duck during defense, and to get back up quick and make your next move.

Train your legs doing squats, lunges, hip thrusts and so on.

Try to work in different tempos. It’s important for a boxer to be explosive and strong.


2. Core Workouts


You need a strong core in whatever you do, not only boxing. With a strong core your over all strength will be so much better.

In boxing you need it as a defense again, strong abs and back to resist those low punches when your opponent punch through your guards.

But once again we use the core to attack as well. Imagine rolling under a hook, and then from down low fire up a solid upper cut by rotating your upper body and use that core power. BAM!

We use our abs and core in a lot of exercises without thinking about it, but a good place to start could be static exercises like plank, balance one leg, static lifts front and back.

Of course we need to do our sit ups too.

But remember variation; front, sides, upper, lower, and different tempos again.


3. Work On The Arms


As a boxer we want strong arms. Work both your triceps and biceps to create strength.

Again we need to work in different tempos, since we want strength and muscle gain, but also explosiveness, and flexibility.

Don’t lift too heavy as a boxer, we still want to keep it light, to feel lighter over all, to be as fast as possible.


4. Shoulders


First of all, flexibility and strength in your shoulders are so important as a boxer. Our shoulders is constantly working; holding the guards up, defencing, and punching.

They are active ALL THE TIME.

Work the strength in your shoulders by lifting weights and doing static exercises, we need strength for power in our punches and to constantly holding our guards up, and trying to hold our guards strong so the opponents punches won’t get through.

Flexibility is also important – do stretching and full range movements, we want to reach as far as we can.

Speed from the shoulders can be achieved by doing explosive exercises, and again in different tempos.


5. Training Your Back


A good boxer needs a strong back. Yes, core includes back, but it’s important to split these up and work different muscle groups.

If you have a strong upper back it will help you getting more power into your punches, and a strong lower back will make you move better and add power into your rotations when punching and defending.

Really good exercises for your back, which also targets arms and shoulders (win win) is pull ups and chin ups.

You got more muscle groups working here, which is only good.

If it’s too hard in the beginning you can start using a rubber band, or even jump up from the floor, and go down slow, over and over again.


In Summary – 5 Strength Training Tips For Female Boxing In Dubai:


Legs: Do squats, lunges and hip thrusts

Core: Plank, sit ups, static lifts and balance exercises

Arms: Work your biceps and triceps too

Shoulders: Stretching and full range exercises

Back: Do pull-ups, chin-ups etc

Male & Female Personal Trainers In Dubai With Boxing Coaching Experience
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Kickboxing To Help With Weight Loss In Dubai
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Kickboxing In Dubai – Can It Help With Weight Loss?
Dubai female pt and boxing fitness coach - iryna
There are many ways to lose weight in Dubai. As well as providing a great cardio workout can kickboxing also help with weight loss?

Article Category: Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Iryna

There is a multitude of ways to lose weight in Dubai. For those who are bored with the usual routines kickboxing can provide a high energy, changeable workout routine in which you will never get bored.

As a professional kickboxing coach in Dubai can you recommend how to structure your kickboxing workouts that will effectively help with weight loss.

Can you also describe these routines/moves and explain why you think they work.


Kickboxing & Weight Loss


Kickboxing is an outstanding method for losing weight in Dubai. It is a very practical application of the popular high intensity interval training (I.e. HIIT).

Kickboxing is a very exhausting exercise where you’re giving yourself 100%, which means it’s great for fat loss and general health improvements, but it also means you can’t do it non-stop for the entire duration – even the pros take rests between rounds!

I would suggest to structure the rounds just like the pros in that they are 3 minutes long.

Once starting you will probably need to rest for short periods during the round, but that’s no problem at all – just give it your 100% during the round.

Then, the duration of the rest is not that important for fat loss, the pros do 1 minute but I would suggest taking 2-3 minutes between rounds to fully recover.

If you have any weak points (abs, legs, etc.) this is a great time to work on them while you’re recovering from your kickboxing round.

Aim to add 1 round each workout, until you can manage approximately 10-15 rounds.

Always remember to warm-up (skipping is good as it warms up the shoulders, wrists and ankles) and stretch any tight points to improve your kicking ability.

In Summary – Kickboxing For Weight Loss In Dubai:


A great, cardio exercise

Take a break between rounds

Also works your your abs and core

Add rounds step by step

Always warm up and cool down

Male & Female Personal Trainers In Dubai With Kick Boxing Coaching Experience
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First Trimester Exercises In Dubai
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Exercise & Training Advice For First Trimester In The UAE
female personal trainer and pre natal exercise coach in Dubai - Robyn
Should you exercise when you are pregnant in Dubai? Most women can exercise with caution.

Article Category: Pre & Post Natal Exercise In The UAE

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Robyn

For the vast majority of pregnant women in Dubai there should be no issues with training and exercising within moderation during their first trimester.

In fact exercise is seen by professionals as being beneficial to both mother and baby.

There are of course restrictions on the type of exercise and workout routines that women should do and all should be done with caution.

Exercising and keeping fit from the first trimester is a great way to ensure mothers-to-be stay fit, healthy and in shape during their entire pregnancy.

We asked a professional female pre natal personal trainer in Dubai for advice on safe and beneficial exercises to do during the first trimester.


Pre Pregnancy Fitness Levels Count


What exercises a pregnant woman can do in her first trimester solely depends on how she feels and her fitness level pre-pregancy.

If she feels great and is used to exercising, she won’t need to make any adjustments to her training.

Apart from maybe lowering the training intensity on days when she feels more tired.

I usually recommend pregnant women in Dubai to stay away from high-intense interval training.

A general rule is to only work out at about 70% of your maximal capacity during pregnancy.

I highly recommend that pregnant women start doing core exercises and pelvic floor exercises as early as possible in their pregnancy.


Types of exercise & workouts for prenatal women in the UAE


In the first trimester there are few types of exercises, workouts or specific exercise positions to avoid in general.

If you feel any discomfort in an exercise, I recommend that you stop immediately and avoid that exercise if it continues to cause discomfort.

I recommend avoiding deep stretches. Exercises in hot conditions (including hot yoga), heavy standing exercises where the legs don’t move. Back bends and ab exercises such as crunches and sit ups should also be avoided.

Back bends and sit ups are not unsafe in the first trimester, but I generally take them out from the beginning to practice pregnancy-safe core exercises and avoid unnecessary stretching of the linea alba.

If a client in Dubai didn’t exercise before her pregnancy, I generally avoid high intense training, jumping and running.

This is mainly because the levels of the hormone relaxin in the body considerably rises during pregnancy.

Relaxin helps with vaginal delivery, but in the mean time, the ligaments in the body will all become more elastic and less stable, increasing the risk of injury.

In Summary – First Trimester Exercise & Training In Dubai:


Also get medical advice

Possibly lower your training intensity

Stay away from high intensity training

Do pelvic floor exercises early

If you feel discomfort stop

Avoid crunches and back bends

Listen to your body

Male & Female Personal Trainers In Dubai With Pre-Natal Training Experience
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At Home Bodyweight Training In Dubai – Top 10 Techniques
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At Home Body Weight Training In Dubai – Top 10 Techniques For Body Toning At Home
Dubai female fitness coach and pt - szabina
If you don’t have time to go to a gym in Dubai bodyweight training exercises at home are perfect for you.

Article Category: Body Toning & Body Sculpting

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Szabina

Training at home in Dubai, either with a male or female personal trainer is ideal if you don’t want to go to or don’t have the time to visit the gym.

For at home training in Dubai having access to fitness equipment doesn’t need to be a problem – body weight training exercises can help.

Bodyweight training can also be used for the times you are not with your PT or Fitness coach in Dubai.

The top 10 bodyweight training methods below are all achievable with little or no fitness equipment.


1. Squats


The squat is a natural movement, one that we use in everyday life so it’s not difficult to do

Doing squats daily will work the entire body but emphasis is placed on the quads, glutes and hamstrings. The core gets a workout too as the torso is upright.


2. Push ups


Everyone knows how to do a push-up (or press-up). Push-ups are a great upper body exercise with different variations to make it easier or harder depending on your personal ability.

Push-ups are also great for building a strong core. If you are new to exercise and training you can do an easy version which is a standing wall push-up or even on your knees.


3. Plank


Doing planks has become one of the best known ways to define and work on your core muscles. It has some effect on your whole body and is a great way to stretch after a full body workout.


4. Lunges


Lunges are easily done at home and provide a great way to work out your lower body. There are many versions of lunges too depending on your training abilities.


5. Jumping Jacks


Jumping Jacks are a plyometric exercise and doing them regularly is also a good way to get a great cardio workout at home in Dubai. Doing jumping jacks regularly can help you with speed and agility too. If you have conditions that limit your movement there are easier variations too.


6. Burpees


Not everyone’s the favorite exercise as it is hard but the great thing about burpees is that they combine cardio and strength into one exercise. A burpee is a complex, total-body exercise that will work your upper and lower body at the same time with a strong focus on the core.


7. Dips


Dips focus your bodyweight training at home on the triceps and arms. Toning the arms can be difficult for some women so doing dips regularly as part of your at home training in Dubai will help.


8. Sit-Ups


When we think of 6 pack abs we often think of Sit-Ups. Of course sit-ups are not the only exercise to work the abs and core but when done correctly sit-ups can really increase your abdominal strength.

There are many variations including crunches.

To get to grips with sit-ups and ensure you are doing them correctly ask your personal trainer or gym coach.


9. Mountain Climber


This exercise combines the difficulty of a plank, deep core stabilization and alternating knee drives towards your chest. The knee drives also increases your heart rate, which is the perfect way to flatten your abs and burn calories.


10. Lying hip Raise


The lying hip raise (also called a bridge) will strengthen your glutes and hamstrings, while also working your abdominals, back and inner thighs.

In Summary – Top 10 Exercises For At Home Bodyweight Training In Dubai:



Push Ups



Jumping Jacks




Mountain Climber

Lying Hip Raise

Male & Female Personal Trainers In Dubai With Bodyweight Training Experience
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Diastasis Recti Post Pregnancy In The UAE
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Diastasis Recti Post Pregnancy – What it is and how to fix it ?

New mothers in Abu Dhabi might be told they are suffering from ‘Diastasis Recti’. For those confused by the term can you explain what post-natal Diastasis Recti is?

Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal wall. About two thirds of pregnant women in Abu Dhabi are affected by diastasis recti.

It is typically confirmed when there is a 3-finger-width gap between the rectus abdominus, accompanied by a doming, or tenting of the abdomen when in a crunch position.

Pregnant women are not the only people affected by this condition, although pregnancy is the most common cause (baby growing causes abdominal wall to separate).

Heavy weightlifting as part of training can also be a cause.

Although Diastasis Recti is not just associated with pregnancy can pre-natal exercise and training help to avoid it?

DR is also associated with heavy weightlifting.

I don’t know if there are exercises that can be done to avoid getting DR, but having a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets etc), or having more than one child increases the risk of getting DR.

A physiotherapist or doctor in Abu Dhabi will be able to advise you more clearly and specifically for you.

For women in the UAE who do have Diastasis Recti how long does it normally take to correct it by using exercise and training?

exercise tips for prenatal women in dubai, abu dhabi & sharjah


This differs from case to case, depending on severity of separation as well as how often the person is doing rehab exercises.

If rehabilitation exercises are ignored, the person can live with diastasis recti untreated for years.

A physiotherapist or doctor will be able to advise you more clearly and specifically for you.

Post Natal women in Abu Dhabi need to be cautious about the kind of exercise and training they do. With this in mind what do you think are the top 5 exercises to rectify Diastasis Recti over time?

Strengthening the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles will help to close the gap.

Doing some Pilates exercises in the UAE can be very helpful with this. Speak to your Pilates instructor in Abu Dhabi before starting classes so that they can modify exercises for you, if necessary.

Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels), supine heel slides, supine toe taps,dead bugs and “fight-fight” – same starting position as dead bugs, but instead of moving arms and legs, push hands against legs and vice versa.

This last is an isometric exercise and very challenging.

With these last 4 exercises, it is important to keep the lower back on the floor (posterior pelvic tilt) and the navel drawing down towards the spine (active transverse abdominus).

Leila Knight - Personal Yoga Training In Abu Dhabi

Article Submitted By: Leila Knight – Yoga Instructor & Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

Article Category: General

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Kickboxing For Women In Abu Dhabi
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Kick boxing For Women In Abu Dhabi – A Great All Over Body Workout Which Can Help With Weight Loss Too
Kickboxing is not just a ‘contact sport’ but it is the perfect workout to find the psychophysical balance.

Article Category: Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Fabiola

Kickboxing in Abu Dhabi is more popular than ever as a all-round fitness method for women.

While many people might be confused and think that kick boxing is just a contact sport the truth is that exercise routines are normally non-contact.

As a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who has experience in training clients in kickboxing what are your top 10 reasons why you think more women should do kickboxing as part of their health and fitness regime.



Total Muscle Training


The main reason to practice Kickboxing is that all muscles are trained, there is no muscle area that is not engaged.


Burn Calories


Another important reason is that many toxins are eliminated during the kickboxing session in Abu Dhabi and a huge number of calories are burned during the class.


Reduce Cellulite


For ladies in Abu Dhabi kickboxing as a training method is very useful as a sport that improves circulation and fights cellulite.


kickboxing cardio workout in Abu Dhabi




Ladies have fun and they learn some basic defense technique.


Body Toning


Because you are using all your muscles during a workout in Abu Dhabi the body tones and strengthens.


Reduce Anxiety & Stress


Kickboxing can really help to reduce stress. Kickboxing also helps to reduce anxiety and nervous reaction.

A workout effectively releases daily tension and gives you positive energy to face everyday life in a better way.


Improve Your Core


You need a strong core in order to perform any exercise well. Working the core muscles also means you reduce the risk of injuring yourself during any other training workout.


Warming Up


Before doing a kickboxing workout you warm all the muscles – this can effectively help reduce injury in other training sessions.


Improved Self-Esteem


Kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi will significantly increaseself-esteem and self-confidence since tenancy and determination are constantly tested.

These are very important from a psychological point of view.


Improved Agility


Kickboxing will improve agility, speed in reaction in times and joint mobility. This can help you stay more mobile as you age.



In Summary, kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi has many health and fitness benefits.


  • Total Muscle Training

  • Burn Calories

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Self-Defense

  • Body Toning & Sculpting

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Improve Your Core Muscles

  • Warm Up Muscles For Training

  • Improved Self-Esteem

  • Improved Mobility & Agility

Abu Dhabi At Home Personal Training – Fabiola

Fabiola is an expert when it comes to female fitness in Abu Dhabi. With her knowledge of personal training and general fitness she can create a tailor made fitness plan just for you. Fabiola can work with Adults, Kids and Seniors.

You can view Fabiola’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

Male & Female Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi With Kick Boxing Experience
  • PT Experience Includes: General Fitness, Body Toning, Zumba, Pilates, Strength…..
    Trainer Gender: Female
    Training Since: 2009
  • PT Experience Includes: Weightlifting, Body Sculpting, MMA, Sports Training…..
    Trainer Gender: Male
    Training Since: 2008
  • PT Experience Includes: Zumba, MMA, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Cardio, General Fitness…..
    Trainer Gender: Female
    Training Since: 2015
  • PT Experience Includes: Boxing, Fat Loss, Kick Boxing, Children’s Fitness, Strength Building…..
    Trainer Gender: Male
    Training Since: 2017
  • PT Experience Includes: Kickboxing, Boxing For Fitness, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Kids Fitness…..
    Trainer Gender: Male
    Training Since: 2014
  • PT Experience Includes: Pilates, Boxing, Golf PT, Nutrition, General Fitness, Martial Arts…
    Trainer Gender: Male
    Training Since: 2006
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Dumbbell Training For The Arms – UAE Personal Trainers
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There are so many ways to exercise the arms and build bigger muscles in the UAE. Is dumbbell training a good option?

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Veronika - Abu Dhabi Female PT & Fitness Coach
Get some great tips and advice. Building the arms with dumbbell training at home or in the gym.

Article Category: Muscle Building

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Veronika

1. Dumbbell training at home in Abu Dhabi is often seen as a good choice for building muscle . Dumbbells are smaller than other items of exercise equipment.

Being a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who with experience in muscle building. Do you think dumbbell training is good for building the arms?


It always depends on how you use them.

Using dumbbells can be a great way to gain muscle in the whole upper body, not just in the arms. However, it’s very important to do the exercises correctly to get the results you want.

You can do a large number of exercises with dumbbells. Additionally, your workout won’t be boring and you can hit different muscle groups in the arms. Starting from the biceps and triceps to all the shoulder muscles, back and chest muscles.

Personally, I would use various intensity enhancing techniques. Doing so will bring amazing results – like supersets, super-slow technique, etc.


2. How do dumbbell workouts compare to other training techniques? For example, can you get bigger arms with dumbbells alone? Or does a combination of dumbbell training and gym equipment work best?


If you have gym equipment to go with the dumbbells you can do more of course. In addition to alternating the exercises, the workout becomes more varied.
Having more equipment is always better. But you can build strength and muscle with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises alone.

Your workout will be much more functional using dumbbells than if you used machines. You will also enhance the brain-muscle connection doing dumbbell exercises. This doesn’t happen when using machines designed for one specific exercise.

A machine puts you in the right position and makes you execute the exercise. However, with dumbbells you need to learn the exercise first.


3. How many times per week do you recommend your clients in Abu Dhabi spend on working out with dumbbells?


As a personal fitness coach, I recommend working out 4 or 5 times a week (with dumbbells or other equipment). This works great for beginners and advanced clients too.

This way you are able to hit all the major muscles while mixing in some cardio exercises too. You will still get enough time for recovery, as you will train different muscle groups each day.

I’d recommend staying active outside the workout days too. This helps the muscles get some stimulation but they don’t get too sore.

If you do your workouts this way, you will get much quicker results. Whether your goal is building muscles or loosing weight.


top 5 exercises for the arms in dubai



4. As a personal trainer you create custom workout plans for your clients in Abu Dhabi. What are your top 5 dumbbell workouts for the arms and can you explain each routine.


I use super-sets in these workouts. They are a challenge and you can get great results. Especially if you incorporate them into your training routine.

I like to combine an exercise with dumbbells + a body-weight exercise into a super-set.


4 sets of:

  • Upright row & overhead press with dumbbells 10x
  • Spider man push-ups 10x


4 sets of:


  • High incline lateral raises with dumbbells 10x
  • Walking lunges 10x


4 sets of:


  • Incline prone dumbbell shoulder press 10x
  • Air squats 10x


4 sets of:


  • Holding dumbbells chest height & squat 10x
  • Plank for 50 sec


4 sets of:


  • Dumbbell seated triceps press 10x
  • Lying down leg lifts 10x


Do every exercise to your maximum, take 1-minute rest between the super-sets.


In Summary. Dumbbells can add great variety to your arm muscle building workouts in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi At Home Personal Training – Veronika

Veronika is a female personal trainer and group fitness expert based in Abu Dhabi.

She can create customised workout plans that are designed to ensure you reach all your fitness goals.

You can view Veronika’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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Body Toning In The UAE – Example Personal Training Plan
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Looking For The Best Body Toning Personal Trainers In The UAE?
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finding the right personal trainer in the UAE
What is included in a body toning personal training plan in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah?

Article Category: Body Toning In The UAE

If you are looking for the best male or female body toning personal trainer the UAE Personal Trainers website can help.

Whether you want to train at home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah or feel a gym environment is better suited to you a professional fitness coach will help you achieve all your fitness goals in less time.

It’s also useful to find out what your body toning personal training plan in the UAE might include.

Body Toning – What To Expect


With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start sculpting your body so you get it chiseled and ready for the beach.

In fact many individuals have a goal of getting their dream/beach body even before the summer starts.

What most people are looking for is a body with a low fat percentage, outlined abdominals and sharper muscle bellies.

That’s all plausible and attainable if you use a personal trainer in your local area!

It’s easy to do a quick web search and find millions of articles showing how to achieve a ripped and muscular physique.

However, there are so many articles, that it can get quite overwhelming for beginners to even start.


Qualified, Experienced Personal Trainers


Luckily, there are people, trained and specialised for this, commonly known as personal trainers.

Personal trainers are one of the best “investments” you can make in order to successfully achieve their dream body.

Personal trainers in your local area of the UAE offer all sort of services including meal plans, training plans for beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.

Some trainers even offer competition prepping plans.

This article aims to explain more about the process of hiring a personal trainer for body toning as well as provide some insight of what sort of help you’ll be getting if you hired one.

First, How Is A Body Toning Personal Training Plan Assessed?


How does a body toning male or female fitness coach will access your needs and goals?

Once you decide to hire a personal trainer and you reach out to them a short questionnaire is provided that you need to answer.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to inform the trainer of your basic goal and your previous attempts to achieve that goal.

Also on the questionnaire you’ll need to mention any physical conditions that you might potentially have.

In other words, the questionnaire is there to provide your coach with a basic assessment of you.

Once you get to know the personal trainer a bit more (through an initial meeting) you can find out about their background etc., the trainer provides a thorough assessment and this will later dictate your training/nutrition plan in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah.


– More about the PT/Client assessment


Assessments do vary from trainer to trainer. Remember, this is just a guide as to what a trainer might include in a body toning personal trainer package in the UAE.


  • Basic Body Measurements

    The trainer takes your weight, height, waist circumference and body fat percentage measurements. Also your training coach might even measure your shoulder, chest, arm, hip, thigh, neck circumference, just to track the progress later on.

  • Cardio Fitness Test

    Second, a very important measure is your cardiovascular ability/fitness.

    This test is especially important for older trainees or trainees who have some kind of cardio vascular anomaly.

    For example, your cardio fitness might include a “step test” or a “one mile walk” (differs from trainer to trainer)

    The information from this test will serve as a guide for building a cardio program.

    If you’re looking body toning, doing cardio work is a great way to shed down those pounds.

  • Flexibility Test

    The next assessment is the flexibility test.
    Using different movements and ranges of motion your PT can baseline your current flexibility.
    Don’t worry if you don’t do well in these tests, they are only for guidance and the trainer will correct you if needed.
  • Strength Assessment

    Strength is another variable that your trainer will be tracking throughout the journey, and it is important to get a baseline of it.

    A strength test can be done in various ways. Some coaches use a five-rep max or a 10-rep max, whilst others just make the client perform as many push-ups as they can.

    This is also goal dependent, so if you’re looking to get toned up for the summer you might need to do weight lifting exercises, in which case your initial strength will be measured by performing those exercises.

What Types Of Exercise Might You Be Doing As Part Of A Body Toning Personal Training Plan In The UAE?


Now to the training program itself. There’s a common misconception between training and different goals in terms of body composition.

Basically, people tend to believe that lifting heavy weights with low reps and lots of sets will guarantee muscle building, while on the other hand lifting light weights with very high reps and fewer sets will result in a more toned up type of physique.

As stated, this is a complete misconception.

The training program does not vary among mass building phases and fat loss/body toning phases.

In other words, the type of training and the exercises does not change.

However, this is very different from a comparison between muscle building/fat loss and strength building. In this case the training program will be completely different.


Don’t Forget About Diet!


One of the main things that will determine whether you build muscle or lose fat is your diet in the UAE.

However, if you already have muscles and want to preserve them aka just lose the fat (get a toned physique), training those muscles is a way to prevent them from shrinking (because of the caloric deficit).

In terms of what types of exercises you should do for body toning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Basically, do all the basic compound exercises such as the bench press (for chest), barbell row(for back), barbell squat(for legs).

Alongside those, consider adding some accessory work such as: DB curls, Triceps extensions, leg curls, lat pull-downs, some hamstring movements, etc.

At the end of the day, the goal of the exercises is to stimulate the muscle and in this case (body toning/fat loss) prevent it from atrophy.

Exercise selection does not play such a big role, as let’s say for example consistency.

Doing the basics regularly will lead to muscle growth, whereas doing only the best exercises designed for you, but just once a week will lead to muscle loss. So consistency over exercise selection.



using free weights or gym exercise equipment in the uae



How Many Personal Training For Body Toning Sessions ‘Might’ Be Required?


Another common question that people have in the UAE with regards to training is, how often.

Training frequency is also an important variable that you can manipulate to meet your goal.

The perfect case scenario would be to train 6 days a week in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with one rest day.

However, this is simply not practical for everyone, as most of us have a job, a family and chores to do.

When personal trainers in the UAE build a customised training program the frequency is solely determined by how many days  YOU are willing to devote to working out.

The rest of the program such as the number of sets, reps, exercise selection, and your training split depends on your training frequency.

If, let’s say for example, you only have 3 days to spent in the gym or with your PT, your training program would look something like this:


  • Monday: Back, biceps, rear delt

  • Wednesday: Chest, triceps, medial delt

  • Friday: Leg day


Also it is worth mentioning that, training frequency does not depend on your goal, more precisely if you want to build muscle or lose fat you can do both with the same training frequency.

So at the end, it all depends on how often you want or can train.

You can discuss this aspect in detail with your personal trainer in the UAE


Progress Monitoring & Changes To Your Body Toning Personal Training Plan In The UAE


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to fitness is not change their training program when they should.

Ultimately, a training program is created to fit your goal, but they are also created for a period of time, let’s say one month.

If you follow a training program properly, after one month you’ll probably be stronger/leaner meaning the program is working.

It would be foolish if you continued to follow the same volume and intensity scheme for your next month if you want to grow even further.

Your PT or fitness coach should provide progress monitoring and will adapt your training plan accordingly.

The example we mentioned is a training program designed for a month, however a training program might even change week after week.

Manipulate the number of sets, reps and the intensity/weight your doing with each exercise.


Why is changing your training program important?


Your body is a machine. Its main purpose is to adapt to every scenario/situation that its in.

When you’re lifting weights with a set number of sets you’re body recognizes that as a unit of work load and it gets stronger in order to perform better next time it’s introduced to such a workload.

If you allow your body do adapt aka lift the same weights and sets every week your body will NOT grow.

That’s why sets, reps and weight are the best variables to progress with your body re-composition goal.

Finding The Best Personal Trainer In Your Area Of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Other Emirate

We hope this article has given you some guidance on how a body toning personal training plan in the UAE could work.

If you are looking for the best male or female body toning coach then the UAE Personal Trainers website can help. You can view and contact multiple personal trainers in your local area until you find one that fits in with your needs and goals.

Most of the personal trainers and fitness coaches on the website can also provide at home training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates.

Body Toning Male & Female Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches
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Personal Trainer In The UAE – 10 Questions To Ask
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Thinking about hiring a male or female personal trainer in the UAE? Here are some questions you need to ask your PT

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Hiring a PT in your local area can be an easy process one you know what to ask the trainer.

Article Category: General

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Vanessa

Hiring a male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or any other Emirate is a step in the right direction when it comes to achieving your health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

With so many trainers to choose from getting to know a trainer and finding out if their training experience fits the client needs is a must.

In this article we asked a professional female coach in Abu Dhabi for her advice on what are the top 10 questions to ask a PT before you consider hiring one.

  • As a professional fitness coach in Abu Dhabi what would you say are the top 10 questions someone should ask a trainer to make sure the trainer/client are a good fit.


    What’s your personal trainer style?


    Every single personal trainer in the UAE incorporates a unique style of teaching, whether that’s in your face, quiet or in between.

    Not only are their style varied, how they teach exercises can change to.  Trainers may teach with their hands with demonstrating, while others may teach visually.

    So, what style works for you? Do you need someone one to shout at you like you have just stepped up and joined the military aka bootcamp style? or would you work better in a relaxed atmosphere while still pushing you?

    By selecting the correct trainer and style this create a comfortable setting for you and the trainer resulting in increased motivation and results, Win Win!


    Male or female personal trainer does It really matter?


    PT Gender shouldn’t be a factor here you should be more concerned as to the knowledge they possess and what exercise they specialize in to help YOU reach your fitness goals.

    So, the most important factor here to take away is not the gender but the goals. Make sure to find a personal trainer of fitness coach you get along with, aligns with your goals and can help you get there is all that counts.


    The best male and female personal trainer in the UAE 

    How qualified is the personal trainer?


    The bottom line is if someone can impact your health, do your research.

    As an individual you want to know your personal trainer is qualified and has a strong foundational knowledge of health and fitness.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for their certifications and evidence of their training skills.

    The best personal trainer will be on the Register of exercise professionals in the country they are practising in.

    This system shows the instructor holds recognised and approved qualifications, ask for their REPS number if unsure to check out yourself.


    Do you give a nutritional advice?


    Trainers will argue the importance of healthy nutritional habits, effort you apply in the gym are hugely determined to what is placed in the body.

    Remember a PT can have experience with creating meal plans and can offer advice, they can only ADVISE you or give guidelines when it comes to eating right to fuel your body for workouts but you still want someone with a strong understanding.

    Personal trainers with great nutrition training in the UAE will be able to create a tailor-made diet/nutrition plan based on your goals.

    If you require more than advice, a registered dietitian is the way to go.


    What motivated you to become a personal trainer?


    This question can help you determine if the PT is there to help others, most PT’s get into fitness first via training themselves, then continuing to become a fitness instructor or for just a love of sport.

    Either way you can tell if their passionate about what they do.

    They may also have a transformation story and after overcoming the hurdle, it has pushed them to help others in the same situation in the UAE.


    Personal Trainer Price In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah


    Be brave and ask how much personal trainer in the UAE charge! Many PT’s have different packages, offers and deals available and may benefit you.

    Most personal trainers work on an hourly basis therefore no client, no payment.

    Personal trainers tend to have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so be clear that you understand this policy from day one.

    Including how cancellations and late arrivals will be dealt with from either side, you don’t want a nasty surprise after forgetting about a session.


    How do they look?


    Personal trainers’ in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah practice what they preach, and how they look will be determined to their goals at that time.

    Not every personal trainer will have a gleaming 6 pack but remember their image is there selling point, they are still there to set an example.

    Don’t just look for Abdominals, the one thing you should be concerned about is good knowledge and experience and how they can relate and guide you through the process.


    finding the right personal trainer in the UAE

    Personality matters – do you ‘connect’ with the trainer?


    You will be spending a lot of time with the personal trainer you choose so, make sure you get on with the instructor.

    Ask questions to see if you could spend time with this individual and if you have any common ground.

    You wouldn’t buy a pair of running shoes two size too small and run a marathon in them, same goes for the PT we want you to be comfortable and build a rapport so we can help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.


    How often you should train to reach your goals?


    This will be tailored to your individual health and fitness goals in the UAE and your availability.

    Realistically a minimum of three times a week is a good start, as this will help the body adapt as less than this will feel like you are starting exercise all over again every time.

    A personal trainer can help you plan your sessions to meet your required goals and schedule to work for the both of you, make sure you have in mind the amount of time you can commit to training.


    When will I see results and how?


    Be clear, what do you want to achieve or gain from the time spent with the personal trainer?

    Once you have discussed your goal with your trainer, they will give you a realistic time frame of when the goal can be achieved safely and effectively.

    Trainers and fitness Instructors in the UAE have various methods of tracking progress.

    Occasionally, results aren’t just scale based so they will look for improvements such as difference in pictures from one week to another, measurements, improvements in strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and mobility are all results to indicate a change of your overall well-being has been achieved.



    In summary, ask the following questions BEFORE hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach in your local area:


    1. What’s Your Personal Training Style?

    2. How Qualified Are You?

    3. Do You Provide Nutritional Advice?

    4. What Motivated You To Become A Trainer?

    5. Pricing – What Do Your Charge For Personal Training In The UAE?

    6. How Often Should I Trainer To Reach My Fitness Goals?

    7. When Will I Start To See Results?

Abu Dhabi At Home Personal Training – Vanessa

Vanessa is a personal trainer and group fitness expert based in Abu Dhabi. She can create customised workout plans that are designed to ensure you reach all your fitness goals.

You can view Vanessa’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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