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How To Maintain A Healthy Weight In Dubai

Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Weight loss in the UAE can be difficult. Many people in the UAE worry that once they have reached their weight loss goals they might pile on the pounds again. With good support and proper guidance there is no reason your weight loss goals can’t be maintained in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Getting great advice from professional diet and nutrition personal trainers in the UAE is a step in the right direction when it comes to maintaining a fit and healthy weight.

We asked a professional fitness coach in Dubai for their advice and tips on maintaining a healthy weight with different types of exercise and diet.


Q: At some point in their lives many men and women in Dubai will have tried dieting as a way to lose weight. For those that have succeeded with a combination of diet and exercise the next step is to ‘maintain’ a healthy weight. This can often be achieved with lifestyle changes to their diet and of course regular exercise.

As a professional PT in Dubai what are your top 10 tips for clients who have reach their weight loss goals but want to maintain their healthier weight?


Get your mindset right.

Maintenance is not as strict as weight loss, but healthy food and exercise should remain a part of your lifestyle always. It’s tough to know that you will never be able to return to your old lifestyle if you want to maintain your new physique, but you’re tougher! And noting tastes as good as healthy feels, right? 😉


Stick with your new eating patterns

When you’re maintaining your healthy weight you can have a bit more freedom and variation in your diet, but the basics of your eating habits, meal frequency and meal timings, should probably remain the same as during weight loss in Dubai.

If you’ve found that it works great for you to have certain eating habits ie. intermittent fasting, always eat breakfast, not snack between meals, have 6 meals per day or whatever works for you – stick with it!


Stick with your exercise routine!

“Fitness is not bought, it’s rented. And rent is due every day!” Training for 3 months and getting in great shape is amazing, but if you go from 3 x week to zero after reaching your weight loss goal, you’ll find yourself back where you started sooner than you think!

You can cut it down to twice per week or you can decrease the amount of cardio you do, but you should still keep working on your fitness. Ideally, use a personal trainer in Dubai to help you create a ‘long term’ weight management plan.


Pay attention to hidden calories in “healthy foods”

When maintaining you don’t have to completely avoid calorie-dense “healthy foods” such as nuts, dried fruits, avocados, protein bars, juices and smoothie. But, pay attention to the calories they contain and be mindful of your portion sizes.


Eat lots of protein

You’ve heard this during your weight loss training in Dubai and it’s still beneficial when you’re trying to maintain!

A high protein diet makes your body a calorie burning furnace and increases satiety.


Set new training and exercise goals!

Goals motivate us to keep up with our healthy diet and exercise habits.

If you’ve reached your weight loss goal, it can be very demotivating not to have a reason to eat healthy or go to the gym anymore.

So set new ones! Do you want to get stronger in your squats? Run a 5K? Work on your flexibility? There’s always new things to focus on!

Try a new training form!

You’ve become fit, you’ve become confident and you’ve mastered something that so many struggle and fail with!

You’ve achieved your weight loss goal! Mashallah!

Not it’s time to challenge yourself with trying something new. How about trying to learn the basics of boxing, paddle boarding, Olympic weightlifting, yoga, pilates, horse riding, belly dancing or fencing…

Just pick something you’ve always wanted to try and give it a go! It’ll keep you active and improve your fitness even more!


If you feel like you’re going too far off track, pull yourself right back!

If you see the pounds creeping back on your body, quickly jump back to your old diet and exercise routine as stay there for a week or 2, until your weight is back to normal.

As a fitness trainer in Dubai, I usually recommended to my client that staying within 2 kg. +/- of your ideal weight and jumping back to a weight loss phase for 1-2 weeks (or until your back to your maintenance weight) if you exceed this. (unless you’re trying to build a lot of learn muscle, temporary weight gain due to period related water fluctuations etc.)


Weight yourself only once every 2-4 weeks

In maintenance we don’t want to be stressing, so stick to weighing yourself only once in a while, just to keep track.

Or skip the scale altogether at do progress pictures or measurements instead! 🙂


Be prepared for set backs

It happens. Maintenance is for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and life happens and sometimes we need to focus on other things. It’s not the end of the world, just get back on track as soon as you can.

When you’re ready to tackle the setback, refer to points 1-9 of this list and use it as a checklist for where you might be going wrong, and try to adjust!



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Does Clean Eating In Dubai Help With Weight Loss?

What is ‘clean eating’ and can it help you lose weight?

With so many diet plans promising amazing weight loss results how can you be sure what will help and what’s pure ‘science fiction.

Medical professionals and personal trainers alike always advise that following a sensible diet combined with exercise is the best way to lose weight safely.

But, a new type of healthy eating is gaining polarity – Clean Eating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, can clean eating help you lose weight? We asked a professional personal trainer from Dubai for their advice.

Clean Eating – Can You Explain What It Is?


Like many other ‘diet’s or eating programs, Clean Eating is a broad term which sometimes get overused by people and companies who claim it has magical benefits when it comes to weight loss. Almost all diets in the UAE get touted as being the next big thing when it comes to losing a few pounds. But, you need to really be careful about what you read and what is correct. Misinformation can often lead to detrimental health and you end up becoming frustrated and disappointed with the results.

So let’s take a look at what ‘Clean Eating’ in Dubai is and what (if any) the health benefits are.

Clean eating is such a broad term that it’s difficult to sum it up in a few words but basically it generally means the exclusion of processed foods within you diet. This in itself makes it sound more beneficially when leading a fit and healthier lifestyle but like any food and nutrition program you do need to make sure you know the facts.

While clean eating in general is healthy, sometimes advertising programs and promoters of diets define the basics of clean eating incorrectly and advise that certain food groups should be avoided too. This may lead to overall nutrition deficiencies.

An example of food groups that some promoters advocate removing are:

  • Gluten
  • Processed Packaged Foods
  • Dairy
  • Etc


Let’s take a look in more detail at some of the restrictions placed on this kind of food choice diet


  1. Gluten. There really is no reason to omit a particular ‘food group’ from a clean eating diet unless you have a medical condition that causes you problems when you eat that particular food. Gluten is not the enemy for the vast majority of people. Like any food group, you just need to balance your diet.
  2. Processed Package Foods. Not all processed foods are necessarily bad and grouping them into a ‘bad’ category where clean eating is concerned isn’t a good idea. For example, processed package meals which contain high levels of added salt, sugar, preservatives and other chemical aren’t necessarily that good for you. But, on the flip side, frozen vegetables, canned (low salt) legumes and such are time-savers and a big part of many busy people’s diets and as such can we really call these bad because they are considered packaged, processed foods?


As a personal trainer in Dubai with nutrition experience do you think clean eating can help with weight loss?


Clean eating in itself does not mean you will be consuming less calories which you need to do in order to lose weight. In fact, if you eat too many nuts or high fat foods in Dubai you will end up gaining more weight.

However, when you implement clean eating into your lifestyle in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you can see and feel the benefits if you follow good guidance and not limit your food groups too much.

Clean eating is synonymous to eating healthy when done properly.


What should you be eating on a clean eating diet?


  1. Base your clean eating diet on a variety of ‘quality’ wholefoods that provide plenty of nutrients and energy.
  2. Make sure you include all food groups unless your diet prohibits some foods (for example gluten for celiac disease etc). Food groups including vegetables, fruits meats and legumes content all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients our body needs to function optimally.
  3. Omit foods that contain added sugar and food that has been highly processes including processed snack foods. Foods that include additives, trans-fats and too much added salt fall into this category so always read the label.
  4. If you can, try to adopt a more plant based diet. Similar to the Mediterranean diet which is now considered to be the most healthy because of the high percentage of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish it contains. Many studies like those listed here have proven that eating more fruit and vegetables not only leads to a fitter body but also a happier, healthier mind too.
  5. For weight loss when Clean Eating try to control your portion size too. You might think that bowl of fresh, organic nuts is great because it is considered a clean eating food but it also contains a high percentage of fat. The same applies to avocado too. Yes, they are healthy but they are a high calorific food.


Does clean eating ‘promote’ weight loss in Abu Dhabi & Dubai


If you follow a clean eating diet properly and seek advice from a nutrition expert there are definitely ways you can lose weight and maintain a healthier weight with a clean eating lifestyle.

Switching to a diet that provides an abundance of goodness from vegetables, lean meats, fruits and pulses definitely has it’s benefits if at the moment you tend to binge on junk food or food that is overly processed.

Nutrients from clean eating sources are absorbed by the body instead of being destroyed by over processing and it’s much easier to check you fat intake because you know what your meal consists of.

In addition, adopting a healthy lifestyle rich in quality foods will reverse any hormonal resistance that causes excessive cravings and uncontrolled hunger. Eating wholesome foods regains the hormonal homeostasis that balances hunger and satiety and restores the microbiota which is known to improve health physically and mentally.


Clean Eating – an example menu



40 grams oats with unsweetened almond milk plus ½ cup of frozen
berries and ½ cup of zero fat Greek yogurt



Salad with greens, cucumber, tomato, beets, 1 medium sweet potato and boiled broccoli, 250 grams of grilled chicken. Dressingbalsamic vingar, mustard and lemon juice. Any herbs are




Grilled Salmon tiryaki 200 grams: tiryaki sauce made of low sodium soy, 1 teaspon honey, ginger with ¾ cup of basmati rice and mixed vegetables ( frozen or from raw)



Organic vegan protein 1 scoop with frozen banana (1) mixed with almond milk and some cinnamon.


Finally, here are my top tips for anyone considering switching to a Clean Eating diet


Clean eating in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is simply avoiding packages sweets, fast foods etc…. It is relying on foods from natural frozen, packaged or fresh.


  1. Embrace the rainbow of veggies and fruits. Make your plate 2/3 vegetables/grains/ legumes and 1/3 lean meats. Eat all kind of vegetables and fruits. Lettuce and cucumbers are not enough!
  2. Avoid added oils and dressings. Ask for dressing on the side when you get your salad. Dressings could rack up to 250 calories extra to your meal.
  3. Choose lean meats and legumes as your protein sources. Eggs, chicken breasts, and low fat meat.
  4. Don’t omit food groups. Eat everything that is natural including dairy and grains if you like them. Chose the low fat options such as white cheeses and lo fat milk.
  5. Don’t drink your fruits. The nutrition lies in the wholesomeness and its lost when it is broken down. Eat it, with peel if possible.
  6. Choose high fiber carbohydrates like quinoa and bugrul and avoid white flour-based ones.
  7. Control your calories. Know how much you need, eat consistently, be organized. Have healthy snacks with you and don’t over do it on the healthy fats! They are very calorie dense.
  8. Read your labels. Avoid high caloric snacks ( over 200-250 calories) and meals over 500-550, be wary of saturated fat, choose high protein and low fat, limit added sugars and foods with more than 2 additives in the ingredients.
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Price Of A Personal Trainer In Dubai

Considering hiring a personal trainer in Dubai? Why is there a difference in price?

If you’re reading this article about the price of a personal trainer in Dubai – great! This is the first step in achieving your health and fitness goals.

In the past, personal training in Dubai seemed like a luxury. Something reserved for those who could afford to pay a PT to help get them in shape.

Times have changed and thanks to a more positive view of everyday health and fitness in Dubai the price of personal training for everyone has come down.

The fitness industry in Dubai is big business. Over the past few years people from all walks of life, all ages and all abilities are now realising that living a sedentary lifestyle isn’t necessarily good for their health and well-being.


Dubai Personal Trainer Price – it has reduced over the last few years


The increase in the number of gyms and freelance personal trainers in Dubai have helped to drive the price of these services down.

But, you might be wondering why there is still such a variation is what you can expect to pay for private personal training services in Dubai.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that really have an impact on what you can expect to pay for a personal trainer in Dubai.

Dubai Personal Trainer Experience


When you start looking for a personal trainer in Dubai you will notice the price can vary widely!

Just like any other industry, Dubai PT’s and fitness coaches progress up the career ladder.

With this progress comes experience. Experience gained by training clients over the years who have very different needs and goals.

When a personal trainer starts out in their career they might not have as much experience under their belt. This doesn’t mean they are not qualified, in fact many have university degree’s to their name.

It simply means they haven’t built up experience over time.

So, can you expect to pay a higher price for a personal trainer with more experience? YES.

However, don’t always be put off hiring a personal trainer with ‘less’ experience in terms of how long they have been training.

Personal trainers and fitness coaches who are new on scene are often eager to build up a dedicated client base in Dubai and will often give you a better price.



Training Specialties


Some people simply want to hire a personal trainer in Dubai with the aim of getting fit, losing weight or building some muscle.

However, many people in Dubai will have special requirements and this is often reflected in the price of a personal trainer.

For example. If you are pregnant in Dubai and want to use a female PT to help you stay fit and in shape during your prenatal months you might want to hire a coach.

This is an example of a specialist area of fitness because pre and post natal trainers have to be qualified and experienced to work in this sector.

The same would apply if you wanted to learn kickboxing in Dubai.

There are some trainers who can provide basic kickboxing workouts but if you want to train in Kickboxing as a sport you really need to hire a coach who is a professional kickboxing coach.

There are many other specialist areas including Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, senior fitness and children’s personal training.

The price you can expect to pay for a PT who is trained and qualified in a particular training method will rise.


Location Where You Train In Dubai


You might only live a short walk from a gym in Dubai but where you live is also often reflected in the personal trainer price.

Not all gyms allow external trainers but the problem is your gym might not provide the services you need.

Both male and female freelance personal trainer in Dubai will often visit you at home for your personal fitness sessions.

However, if you live some distance from the PT they might charge you for coming to your location.

If your personal training goals are more general this shouldn’t be a problem because you are bound to find a PT local to you.

But, if your requirement is more specialised then be prepared to pay more for travel etc.


Longer Term or Short Term Training Goals


What’s your training goal in Dubai? If you are looking for a quick weight loss plan you might be paying more than someone who needs a PT for a longer term goal.

The reason for this is simple. Most trainers will offer great discounts when you block book a set number of sessions.

For example, the price of a single sessions (it’s rare to offer this) will be much higher than if you book 50 sessions in advance.

Almost all personal trainers in Dubai want to take on clients who have longer term goals and you can’t blame them – it’s regular income.

So, before you hire a male or female coach think about your fitness goals.

Also, what you think might be achievable in a short time isn’t always what ‘IS’ achievable.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with trainers in Dubai on the UAE Personal Trainers website.

They all offer a free, no-obligation consultation. You will then have a better idea of how long it might take.

Investment In Their Training Methods


All trainers should (and many do) invest in themselves. What do we mean by this?

Simply put, any good trainer will spend time and money learning new training and fitness techniques.

Like any industry, the fitness industry goes through changes. New and more advanced techniques for dieting and training are always on the horizon.

A great trainer will keep themselves updated about these new developments and use these new techniques to their full potential during their client personal training plans.

So, this does mean that trainers have to spend more time and money which can sometimes be reflected in their price.


Membership Of Professional Organisations


The personal training industry in Dubai is regulated by UAE REPS and Personal trainers who are registered with a regulatory body have to pay an annual fee. As well as being registered they will need to take evaluations to prove they can provide PT to clients.

This does mean more expense for the trainer and as such professionals who are registered with such organisations will generally charge more for their services.

However, this does provide peace of mind to their client in Dubai because they can rest assured that their chosen PT is a fully qualified professional.


Tips to reduce the price of personal training in Dubai.


As we discussed above. The price of personal trainers in Dubai have come down in recent years thanks to people now being aware that being fit and healthy really helps them to lead a better life.

There are ways you can reduce the price even more:


  1. Consider group training. You can reduce the price of your personal training session by training with friends, family and even co-workers. Many coaches will provide a discount depending on the number of participants so ask your trainer what their discounts are.
  2. Book a block number of personal training sessions. Most PT’s prefer it if you book multiple session. There are several reasons for this including your long term fitness, diet and lifestyles goals.
  3. Train out of normal hours. Many PT’s and sports fitness coaches are busier at certain times of the day. The last thing they want is hours where they have no clients. To combat this many will offer a reduced rate ‘out of hours’



In Summary, there are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking at the price of personal training in Dubai.

However, if you shop around and take notes on the advice given above you will get a good deal.

Find The Best Personal Trainer In Dubai

Hiring the best personal trainer in your local area of Dubai can normally be a time-consuming process.

The UAE Personal Trainers website is here to change that.

You can easily and quickly find the perfect personal trainer local to you no matter what your health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Useful Articles, Tips & How To’s – UAE Personal Trainers – For All Your Personal & Group Fitness Needs

The UAE Personal Trainers website aims to provide you with the latest and best information on all aspects of health and fitness through a wide range of articles, Question & Answer Sessions and useful tips.

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Does Exercise In The UAE Help Control Blood Pressure?
How does taking regular exercise keep your blood pressure levels in balance in the UAE?
Dubai personal trainer and sport fitness coach - Shane
Protein is a key ingredient when it comes to building stronger, bigger muscles. What are some of the best sources of protein that you can add to your diet?

Article Category: General Fitness

Blood pressure in the UAE can effect anyone. It’s important to note that blood pressure is not just a condition that effects people who are over-weight.

Because there is confusion about whether regular exercise can help we asked a professional personal trainer for his advice.


Although anyone with blood pressure issues should seek medical advice before exercising in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but do you think (as a professional Personal Trainer) that doing exercise regularly can help maintain healthy blood pressure?


Regular exercises is proved by multiple studies including one from the NCBI to reduce the blood pressure to some degree.

The main reason for this is that exercising will provide regular blood flow which can reduce blood pressure.

Although it’s not a condition that is exclusively a problem with being overweight, exercising will help you reduce your weight too.

Also one great benefit of exercise will be reduction of cravings.

Many people in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with the condition tend to snack on high fat, high sugar foods that.

This leads to cholesterol buildup and is one of the main reason for the blood pressure rise to unhealthy levels.

You can find great articles and tips on proper nutrition here


How much exercise do you think someone with high blood pressure (hypertension) should be doing on a weekly basis?


It always depends on a person and his or her fitness level and previous experience.

But the very common reason of high blood pressure is increased weight, which very often comes from inactivity and poor choices in nutrition.

That causes the buildup of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

The reason the condition increases is that the blood will have less space to pass through the vessels that are narrowed with cholesterol, therefore, the heart must work way harder to provide the blood flow, which causes the pressure to rise.

Taking this into consideration, I would advise a client in Dubai that they can start from three to five times per week and do light intensity exercises. Swimming and yoga are perfect for this as well as moderate free weight training.

The main thing to remember is that this training needs to be consistent. Try to make it a habit because blood pressure levels can increase again unless regular exercise is taken.

If I have a client who’s deemed to be in the risk zone (above 150-160), then the heart rate should not get too high through exercise.

Usually a doctor will inform a patient in Dubai or Abu Dhabi what levels their heart rate should go up to during exercise.


What are the best types of exercise to help control blood pressure? 


The best exercises for lowering blood pressure will be any sort of aerobic activities – running, cycling, brisk walking, rowing, swimming etc.

The intensity of the training must stay relatively low, and the better option will be long-duration training.

This will provide better flow of the blood as well as weight-loss without any risk for health.

The intensity of training can of course be increased as you get used to your new exercise regime.

Aerobic exercises are excellent but should be done with caution.

A good guide is that you should still be able to talk and not be completely out of breath. If you speak well due to breathlessness reduce the intensity of your cardio exercise until you get used to it.

Everything will depend on the previous experience of the client and the physical readiness. Training in this case must be taken with care and slow progression.


Are there any exercise types that need to be avoided?


The biggest danger for people living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be the heat and humidity.

Too much moisture in the the air won’t allow the body to cool down.

High temperature and high humidity will require the heart to work twice as hard and puts a person under increased risk.

Heavy lifting is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure, as it instantly increases it in the moment of lifting, puts a lot of unnecessary strain on person’s heart.

Resistance training is considered ok, however, it doesn’t demonstrate that it will have any an impact on the lowering of blood pressure – accept as the beneficial in training for fat loss.

It must be stressed that if you are inexperienced in exercise and fitness you should consult and use a personal trainer in Dubai or a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi if you have any kind of medical condition.

Find the best personal trainer in the UAE for your health and fitness goals.
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The Benefits Of Using A Personal Trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Personal Trainers are fitness experts. When it comes to your health and fitness a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is a worthy investment

Every time you walk into the gym in the UAE you’ll be greeted with a variety of posters advertising all of the services the local personal trainers can offer. Everything from extreme fat loss to dramatic muscle gain in just a matter of weeks.

Today, we’re going to look at everything to do with hiring a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE including why it could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Why should you invest in a personal trainer in the UAE?

Simply put, personal training is where you hire a trained health or fitness specialist to help you to reach a specific goal.

Whether that is to lose fat, gain muscle, or simply become fitter whilst increasing your awareness of your health.

Personal trainers will then design you a workout plan, diet plan or both as well as taking you through workouts.

Some services will simply design you a plan whilst others will include workouts with the trainer themselves.


So why do People Use a Personal Trainer?


There are a variety of reasons why people tend to hire a personal trainer in the UAE in the first place.

There are many reasons why someone might want to hire a good personal trainer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

One common reason is that they want to improve their appearance. This can be because they are overweight or simply because they want to improve their physique through muscle toning.


Other reasons include:


    • Specific goals like learning yoga, pre and postnatal training, posture improvement with pilates, learn a martial art like kickboxing and more.


    • They have been advised to use a personal trainer on medical ground. Rehab after injury or illness for example.


    • Sports fitness and endurance improvement.


    • Kids fitness in Abu Dhabi or Dubai


    • Senior fitness to help with mobility


As you can see, there are many reasons why people in the UAE decide to hire a good personal trainer but ultimately most will do so to help their reach their health and fitness goals.


How do Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches in the UAE Create personalised fitness training plans?


Using their health and fitness qualifications and experience, a personal trainer will begin by working out what you want to achieve by using their services.

So, it’s important to have a clear goal that you’re trying to attain.

Although, personal trainers and fitness coaches can also help to clarify what you want as it can sometimes be hard to work out exactly what you want to achieve.

From here, they’ll assess your base level of fitness by most likely finding out your weight, BMI, and previous experience in relation to your diet and exercise.

Other things they might test are your strength levels in certain movements, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and VO2 max.

When it comes to your initial PT consultation, the more information you provide, the better your results will be.

There’s no point in lying about your experience and eating habits as that will only hinder the effectiveness of the trainer and the time it takes for you to get results.


What are The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah



Buy In


You’re more likely to commit yourself if you’ve had to spend some money to get help.

Buy In can come in more forms than just money, though.

Buy In can also mean that you have a deadline (such as a wedding or holiday) to get ready for.

In terms of personal training, simply spending money can mean that you’re going to want to get the most out of their services as otherwise you’re just wasting finances.




We all get down days. Days where even the thought of exercise is the last thing on our mind. More often than not life just gets in the way, especially for busy people and families.

One of the best things you can do to help you stick to your journey is to exercise with someone else.

You can think of a personal trainer in the UAE as an extremely knowledgeable workout partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.

As well as this, the progress you make with a PT is motivating enough in itself.

Motivation is especially important when looking at weight management. Sneeky eating can always cause havoc with your diet and nutrition goals. You can read a great report on motivation and weight management here.


Confidence in the Journey


Starting with a professional fitness plan is the start of your fitness journey.

Hiring a personal trainer takes some degree of your journey out of your hands.

Knowing that all you need to do is stick to the plan that someone else has designed in order to get results will give you both focus and confidence.

Once you’ve got a PT, you no longer know that you’re spinning your wheels and you can fully trust in the process.




This is a big one. Letting yourself down might make you feel bad, but at least you know that nobody else really cares or even has to hear about your failure.

The best personal trainers will hold ‘you’ accountable if you let your training or diet slip. This can sound harsh but that’s part of a good trainers job.

They will tell you where you are going wrong and let you know the best ways to get back on track and more importantly stay on track.

When you have a fitness goal it can be hard to stay focused if you workout alone because you are only really accountable to yourself.


Fast and Effective Results


Lastly, possibly the biggest and most obvious benefit to taking on a personal trainer in the UAE is that you’ll actually make the progress you’ve wanted to make for years.

If you’ve tried and failed in the past to lose weight, build muscle or even learn to swim a good coach will help you work through those self-impossed limitations.

Not only this, but you’ll make progress far quicker than you would have otherwise going at it alone.

Even if you only use a personal trainer or sports fitness coach in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for a short period you will still have learnt so much which you can carry through to training on your own.

Personal trainers don’t just teach you the things you wanted help with, they teach you far more valuable things you didn’t even know you wanted to know to help with your fitness in the future.


Final Thoughts


At the end of the day, your health and fitness should be the most important thing in your life.

Beyond looking good for summer or trying to impress someone, your mental and physical health can really benefit from a personal trainer in the UAE.

Even if you think you’re doing alright by yourself, hiring someone whose sole job it is to make sure you move forward can make a dramatic difference to your mood, confidence, appearance, and physical performance.

The UAE Personal Trainers website can help you start your fitness journey with ease.

You can easily and quickly find the right male or female personal trainer in your area of the UAE and get on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Trainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Hiring the best personal trainer in your local area of Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah can normally be a time-consuming process. The UAE Personal Trainers website is here to change that. You can easily and quickly find the perfect personal trainer local to you no matter what your health, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Useful Articles, Tips & How To’s – UAE Personal Trainers – For All Your Personal & Group Fitness Needs

The UAE Personal Trainers website aims to provide you with the latest and best information on all aspects of health and fitness through a wide range of articles, Question & Answer Sessions and useful tips.

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Fat Loss Training – Try Swimming In Abu Dhabi
If fat loss is your training goal can swimming in Abu Dhabi help?

Share Me – Choose Your Platform

personal adult swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi with Everlyn
Losing weight and losing fat weight can easily be achieved with different training and exercise techniques. How does swimming compare and it is good for fat loss?

Article Category: Diet, Nutrition & Weight Loss

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Everlyn

There’s no doubt that swimming can provide a thorough workout which firms body muscles, has an element of cardio fitness and burns calories without putting too much stress on the joints (low impact exercise)


However, are swimming classes suitable for people who want to lose fat and become leaner. If so are there any swimming methods and routines  that you as a personal swimming instructor in Abu Dhabi would recommend?


Yes swimming is a great exercise to lose weight, but it’s like any other exercise, the more effort you put in the better your results will be.

What I mean by that is. You can swim for an hour and your heart rate might not get over 150b/m (beats per minute), which is a clear indication that you are not pushing yourself, or you could swim for thirty minutes and your heart rate might not drop below 180b/m.

With both cases you have more chance of losing more calories in the shorter period then the longer period.


Swimming To Help With Fat Loss


Swimming is a very technical sport. So there are a few factors that will affect your goal to lose weight.

One being, if your technique is wrong (I’m going to try keep this simple as possible as it could get very complicated).

Let me give you an example:

You swim one length of a 25m pool by the time you get to the other end you would be breathing heavy depriving your muscle of oxygen pushing your heart rate up.

You want your heart rate up but not this way, as when you want to start again you will first wait to get your breathing down then you would go again.

The time will be to longer between your intervals.

Whereas if your, technique (breathing) is correct, you would be able to do 10×100 laps in a certain time where your arms would get tired before your breathing gives in.


Swimming falls in the discussion of what came first, “the chicken or the egg.”


Meaning, you need a good technique to get fit and you need to be fit to work on your technique.

Once your technique and fitness levels gets stronger together, you then can work on fat loss.

Fat loss with swimming in Abu Dhabi can be done by doing sets, like the one I previously mentioned (10×100 leaving on 1:30s).

You can then start, changing your variables (equipment, intensity, time and duration). You can start using paddles, fins and kick board to and variety, this can also help with increasing your intensity in your training by pushing harder or giving you more resistance in the water.

With the intensity picking up, you then can either make time in your sets shorter and even train harder for a shorter period or longer if time allows.

You could even swim more times during the week if you have the time.


Diet still plays a BIG part….


And like all weight loss or fat loss programs in Abu Dhabi diet also plays a role. So it won’t help if you swim for thirty minutes one the morning and then go out for brunch on a Friday and Saturday.

For weight loss and any exercise program, everyone knows that you need to burn more calories in training then what you put into your body.

Weight loss in swimming all depends on the amount of time you put in the pool the better you would see results.


Swimming lessons and swimming coaching in Abu Dhabi with Everlyn

Whether you need to learn to swim, improve your technique or want to use swimming for fitness Everlyn can help.

You can view Everlyn’s full Abu Dhabi personal swimming coach profile by clicking the link below.

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Muscle Building In The UAE – Best Sources Of Protein
Muscle building in Dubai requires good nutrition. Protein is crucial but what are the best sources of protein?
Dubai personal trainer and sport fitness coach - Shane
Protein is a key ingredient when it comes to building stronger, bigger muscles. What are some of the best sources of protein that you can add to your diet?

Article Category: Exercise Techniques

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Shane

What are the best sources of protein for muscle building?


Before considering the sources of protein, you need to make sure you are adding enough protein to your diet.

This can be calculated around 1.2g – 1.8g per kg of bodyweight depending on the individual and their training.

Once your hitting your numbers, then I would worry about the sources.

The sources should generally be of high quality- which means they are complete proteins containing all amino acids and they have a high biological value more digestible.

Quality sources come from meats such a chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, dairy protducts (whey, cottage cheese, yogurt ect) eggs, soy etc.


Diet and nutrition play a major role in muscle building and body building in Dubai. As a muscle building personal trainer can you explain why and how protein helps to build and maintain muscle.


Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and breakdown (MPB) increase when fed and fasting.

This is a daily and normal event. When you ingest a protein containing meal (an adequate dose could be around 35g for most individuals) muscle protein synthesis increases.

Then, as hours go by muscle protein breakdown occurs. To maximize muscle or maintenance, its advantageous to ingest a protein load every 4-5hours which will spike MPS.


For someone looking to train to increase their muscle (but not fat weight) what are the best sources of protein and can you explain why you think they are the best?


It doesn’t matter. This isn’t a question of health or protein quality. It’s a question of energy balance which states energy in versus energy out will give rise to weight increase, decrease or maintenance.

To build muscle, you must be in a calorie surplus, so don’t try to do this whilst sitting very lean or your hard work will go to waste.


Does protein have to come from meat or are there good alternatives to meat for vegetarians interested in gaining more muscle?


It doesn’t (see list above), however it just becomes a little trickier to get complete high quality proteins when not eating it. Usually, a protein powder could help you reach adequate daily amounts for vegans/vegetarians.


Many people find that additional protein supplements can help. Do you think supplements in the form of bars and shakes are also a good source of additional proteins?


Yes, fantastic for high amounts of protein and generally ease/convenience. Not always the “healthiest” (brand dependent) but that’s another topic.

I’d highly advises the use in combination with other sources. The more sources you can rotate through the better!


What are your top 5 tips for getting more protein into a diet for people looking to increase muscle or for bodybuilding?


1- Consume a protein load every 4-5hours. Otherwise you may struggle to hit your daily quota.

2- Use a protein powder. Eating enough protein can sometimes be tricky without including fat and carbs.

3- Be consistent and organized in meal timings.

4- Plan protein loads around training, make it a habit.

5- Eat protein sources you enjoy! Adherence and sustainability is everything

Find The Right Personal Trainer For Your Muscle Gain Goals In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
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Is Swimming Safe For Pregnant Women In Abu Dhabi?
If you’re pregnant in Abu Dhabi you can still exercise. Is swimming a good and safe choice for prenatal exercise?

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female swimming coach and trainer in Abu Dhabi - Sherry
Swimming in Abu Dhabi is a low impact exercise type that is ideal for all trimesters of your pregnancy.

Article Category: Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Sherry

Swimming is undoubtedly a great exercise when it comes to getting and staying fit and healthy in the UAE. In general, is swimming as an exercise considered safe for pre-natal women in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Many forms of exercise, sport along with typical gym routines can be considered too aggressive and therefore not recommended during pregnancy in Abu Dhabi.

Swimming on the other hand presents a very different way for prenatal women to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy.

It’s a very low impact sport, and offers expecting mothers a safe means of exercising.

Water naturally supports weight, decreasing the burden on spine and limbs, hence also why swimming is also used as rehabilitation for injuries.

Due to its low impact and support, women can exercise for longer and reduce the stress on the unborn child with a smooth way to exercise.

Swimming while pregnant also does not limit the woman to isolating body parts and she can get a “full body” work out by using both her arms and legs at the same time. 

When you are pregnant you should always seek the guidance of a professional prenatal personal trainer.

Exercise has to be taken with care when pregnant. Although swimming is considered to be a low impact exercise method are there any swim strokes that should be reduced or avoided during pregnancy?


Without a doubt, Breaststroke is the best stroke for pregnant women in Abu Dhabi.

The main reason for this is that it doesn’t require torso rotation and you can swim it quite comfortably with your head out of the water.

This also makes it the most sociable of the 4 strokes, as women can swim down the pool while talking to each other too, without having to time their breathing with their arms. During pregnancy, the spinal column and the pelvis tend to lean forward.

However, Breaststroke helps to strengthen and relax all of the muscles in the back. 

Butterfly and Backstroke are not strokes that I would recommend for pregnant ladies.

Many pregnant women may find it too difficult or strenuous to swim Butterfly and it places a lot of strain in the lower back so is best avoided until the baby is born.

Backstroke is also not a good idea during pregnancy because of the pressure that the baby may put on major blood vessels.

Earlier on in the pregnancy, during the first and second trimesters, swimming Backcrawl should be fine though. 


As a personal swimming coach in Abu Dhabi how often do you think it is safe for pre-natal women to use the pool?


If you were a regular swimmer before you became pregnant, you should be able to continue with your usual routine.

Even if you’ve never exercised before, swimming in Abu Dhabi is a safe sport to take up during pregnancy.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool is not harmful to you or your baby. It’s usually safe for you to swim throughout your pregnancy, right up until your baby’s birth. 

Whether or not you are a seasoned swimmer, you should start slowly and gradually work up to sessions of up to 30 minutes long.

Make sure you warm up and cool down gradually, and don’t over-exert yourself. You should always come out of the pool feeling that you could do more. 

As well as swimming alone, do you think swimming exercises classes like Advantage Sports ‘Swim Fit’ can be of benefit to pre-natal women and if so how? 


Support of your body weight from the water is one of the big advantages of ‘Swim Fit’ Classes.

The lift provided by the water can give the back a break, and lessen backaches and swelling of the joints.

Water based exercises will also help to keep stomach muscles strong.

Working out in water (swimming pool) also helps to keep you cool. This in turn lessens the risk of getting overheated and possibly harming the unborn baby, especially in the heat of summer in the UAE.

The Advantage Sports UAE coaches will guide you through the sessions giving you reassurance, guidance and ideas for safe ways to exercise alone or in a group of friends. 

Pre-natal women should always seek medical advice in the UAE prior to taking physical exercise or changing their physical exercise routines. In your experience as a professional swimming instructor what would you say are the top 5 benefits of swimming for pregnant ladies in Abu Dhabi? 


  • With the high temperatues in Abu Dhabi, what better way to enjoy the outdoors while pregnant than a jump in a cool pool!
  • If you have high blood pressure, being in shoulder-deep water can help to decrease your overall blood pressure. This is due to increased circulation from relief and swelling.
  • Jump in and relieve your worries. Swimming is an awesome stress reliever. 
  • When in the pool, the water creates a weightless feeling that pregnant ladies, especially late in pregnancy can appreciate. Let your body relax, spend some time floating and enjoy the relief!
  • Swimming is a great way to keep fit while pregnant. Swimming while pregnant can help the shoulder and abdominal muscles that can be strained when having a baby. 

Abu Dhabi Swimming Lessons and Coaching For All Ages & Abilities With Sherry

Swimming is a great sport or fitness method for all ages and abilities in Abu Dhabi. Sherry can provide well-structured lessons and coaching from complete beginners to those who want to improve.

You can view Sherry’s full Abu Dhabi personal swim coach profile by clicking the link below.

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Is Tennis In The UAE Suitable For Senior Fitness?
There are plenty of choices when it comes to senior health and fitness activities in the UAE for seniors. How does tennis compare?

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Tennis Lessons In Abu Dhabi For All Ages with Marco
Being a senior in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah is not restrictive when it comes to being active. Tennis is an active sport, is it suitable for seniors and the elderly?

Article Category: Senior Fitness

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Marco

Many seniors in the UAE want to get involved with some form of regular exercise to improve their health and fitness levels. Being an active game do you think tennis is too much for seniors?


I honestly don’t think that a sport such as tennis could interfere with any stage or any age of a person life. Actually, it’s a great sport to play especially during the senior years. For few different reasons:

No physical contact

Low risk of major injuries

Good mix of cardio and coordination with upper body and lower body

No stress due to heavy weights

Burning calories through cardio activity

Keeping the brain activity on “alert” at all times due to reading the situation, reaction, preparing and finally hitting and placing the ball in a specific area of the court.


As a professional tennis coach in Abu Dhabi do you think tennis is suitable for seniors with little or no previous experience of playing tennis?


During my 13+ years of coaching I have come across many seniors with good or no experience at all.

Of course, the approach for both players must be taken differently.  The beginner player requires more attention to the form & technique in order to avoid injuries.

Also, to allow the maximum result (power-direction) with limited excessive amount of physical effort.

For players more advance, instead, it becomes more a matter of refreshing the technique and the upper and lower body coordination.



Taking tennis lessons and other group activities are a good way for the elderly to get out and be more mobile. If tennis is suitable for seniors can lessons be tailored to their needs, for example very basic lessons?


Tennis is a great social sport especially for people in their retirement. My job as a professional tennis coach is to understand the client and player needs and requests, so I can tailor a lesson plan for them to reach and succeed in their challenge. One example: work on dynamic movement, change of directions (brain power) and mix of all around shots


How can tennis help with senior fitness? Does it provide a wide range of health benefits, for example increasing flexibility, maintaining co-ordination as we age etc?


My father just turned 74 years old last month. He plays mostly doubles (two VS two) 2 hours per day since he retired all year around. In the Italian summer and winter.

His body shape and health is great for a man of his age, he always has high endurance and stamina.

Quick recovery (heart rate and leg muscles). The cardio, with fast short runs and change of directions activity, helps burning calories and fat.

So yes, tennis is the perfect sport to play once retired. It also helps the social life.


Are there any circumstances or existing medical conditions where you think tennis would not be suitable for seniors?  


Health is definitely the most important part that any person of any age should look after.

During the years I have come across seniors with weak joints due to injuries in the past (Ex footballers, rugby players or managers which lifestyle was more sitting behind a desk than actually exercising).

It is important to get to know the players lifestyle to have a better understanding of the quality of the lesson and how far you can challenge him/ her without creating too high expectations but aiming for the right target level.


As a personal tennis trainer, what advice would you give to seniors and groups of seniors in Abu Dhabi who are considering taking tennis lessons?


My advice to young and older players is always to find a professional tennis coach in the UAE with experience in coaching, not really in playing professional or with a past in the circuit.

The reason why is the coach is someone who must understand the needs of the person in front of him/ her and will try to perform for the client and not for himself/ herself.

Explaining in details the bio-mechanic (technique and form) of the shots, making the other person comfortable to try the very best and of course making the session always enjoyable delivering knowledge.

Abu Dhabi Tennis Coaching For All Ages & Abilities With Marco

If you want to either learn to play tennis in Abu Dhabi or perhaps improve on your current skills, Marco provides well structured lessons for all levels and ages.

You can view Marco’s full Abu Dhabi personal tennis coach profile by clicking the link below.

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Playing Tennis For Body Toning In Abu Dhabi
Does playing tennis regularly help with body toning and physique improvement?
Matt Inglis - Personal Tennis Trainer Based in Abu Dhabi
It’s surprising how fit you need to be to play tennis really well. Does this mean that playing tennis regularly in Abu Dhabi can help with body toning too?

Article Category: Sports Fitness

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Matt

Tennis is a hugely popular sports activity in Abu Dhabi. Play for fun or play for fitness. Playing regularly really does help you keep fit, active and flexible in more ways than you probably realise.

Can tennis help with body toning and physique improvement too? We asked a professional tennis coach in Abu Dhabi for his advice.

Without doubt, playing tennis requires a certain level of overall fitness but as a professional tennis coach in Dubai do you think tennis can be used as an exercise method for body toning?


Yes! Because it helps to burn those unwanted calories and shed unwanted body fat. It improves your stamina while doing warm up exercises and activities during the lesson. Playing tennis also promotes proper blood circulation to our body because it is a cardio based exercise.


For someone who wants to use a sporting activity as a method of fitness do you think starting to play tennis is a good choice for any age group in Abu Dhabi?


Yes, tennis is a good sport to play because you can learn at any age, any physical ability and it’s a wonderfully social game.

For the children, they can very easily have fun with the exercises and activities at every lesson.

For the adults, it will help them to stay active, fit and improve overall health.

A personal tennis coach in Abu Dhabi is a great choice to show you the ropes and also help you improve your tennis playing skills.


For body toning in general what are the major upper and lower body muscle groups used when playing tennis


Tennis really can provide you with an all over body workout, with a wide range of warm up exercises, drills, technique practice and match play a player will have a total body work out.

You can burn up to 600 calories per hour playing tennis it will provide a great workout under a professional coach.


Can tennis also be used to focus on particular areas of body toning, for example the arms?


The arms are always in use for shots in tennis, like forehand, backhand, volley, smash and the serve.

It will help your arms to be strong and build muscle and definition. It will also increase mobility and flexibility from your core.


As a personal tennis coach in Dubai what would be your top tips for using tennis as a method of body toning and can you explain why you think these tips work?


For anyone paying Tennis, it can be a complete package all in one sport, just like you’re in the gym.

You can burn fats, calories, improve stamina, mobility, flexibility, and building lower and upper body muscles while doing warm ups and playing tennis.

Tennis is more cardio exercise because you really have to run to hit back and recover to enjoy the game.

Find The Right Personal Trainer For body toning or tennis fitness in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
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