Benefits Of Bootcamp Training For Ladies In Abu Dhabi

Had enough of the usual fitness routine? Find out how bootcamp training for ladies in Abu Dhabi can help you lose weight and stay in Shape.
bootcamp for women in abu dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer - Rachel

Article Submitted By: PT Rachel

Rachel is a Personal and Group Fitness Trainer who specializes in strength & conditioning. She helps clients build muscle and burn fat while having fun.

10 years in the fitness industry has given her the experience and knowledge to individualize programs to suit clients needs.

She has 10 years experience in group fitness coaching. She has taught BodyPump, Spin, Buns’n’Abs, HIIT, Strength &Conditioning, and for last 4 years has coached CrossFit.

Bootcamp for ladies fitness in Abu Dhabi

With so many different fitness methods available throughout Abu Dhabi you might be wondering which one is best for you. Bootcamp is a great way to get in shape, lose some weight and help maintain a fitter lifestyle. 

We asked a professional female fitness coach in Abu Dhabi for her tips on how bootcamp training can help. 


Bootcamp Abu Dhabi



Question 1 – As a professional PT can you explain what Bootcamp is?

Bootcamp in Abu Dhabi is a style of workout that combines lighter weights with high intensity cardio. It provides a high level of fat burning and sweat during each 45-60 min bootcamp training session.

A bootcamp class/session typically includes high intensity interval (HIIT) style workouts.

This helps the body burn fat long after the session is over which does of course contribute to weight loss and body toning.


Question 2 – Why do you think Bootcamp for female fitness is so popular?

Bootcamp is more focused on burning fat over building muscle. Many women in Abu Dhabi typically prefer to focus on fat loss when trying to get in shape rather than building too much muscle.

A Bootcamp training class is also a place to be surrounded by other like-minded women. It is a place for friendship, support and encouragement.


Question 3 – In your PT profile one of your training skills is Bootcamp for fitness in Abu Dhabi. Why did you decide to focus on Bootcamp as a training method in your career?

I want to help women in Abu Dhabi find their confidence and strength. I want to help them be the best versions of themselves. With confidence comes happiness, self care and self appreciation. Bootcamp is an avenue to help women see their value and their strength.


body toning weight training with Abu Dhabi female trainer Rachel

Question 4 – There are so many different training types and exercise methods. What would you say are the key reasons why women in Abu Dhabi should choose Bootcamp for fitness?

Women will love the confidence they find in themselves. They will find strength, not just in their body but in their minds as well. Bootcamp will help them see they can do hard things and come out stronger and fitter.


Question 5 – Does Bootcamp for fitness require any special equipment? What kind of training kit do you use?

Bootcamp uses a variety of equipment along with bodyweight movements. No special equipment is needed.

Bootcamp exercises can also be provided in the comfort of your own home in Abu Dhabi. I will bring dumbbells or kettlebells and resistance bands if needed to each training session.


Question 6 – Do you think Bootcamp for womens fitness programs are suitable for all ages or do special precautions need to be considered for senior ladies?

Bootcamp is suitable for all ages. All the movements can be modified for women of any age or physical condition.

For one to one training each PT program is customised to the client’s individual needs and goals.

This means ladies don’t feel that they need to catch up with a group or be at a certain level of fitness to start with.


Question 7 – Weight loss and body slimming/toning are one of the main reasons ladies in Abu Dhabi decide to hire a local fitness coach. How does Bootcamp compare to other training methods for weight loss?

Everyone’s body is different and responds to training in different ways. Bootcamp style workouts have shown to elicit a high level of fat loss for the majority of women.

The workouts include weights which helps to maintain muscles. As fat loss occurs, “toning” of the muscles is also present.


Question 8 – How many times per week do you recommend your female clients take part in Bootcamp sessions to get the most benefit?

Everyone’s body is different and responds to training in different ways. Bootcamp style workouts have shown to elicit a high level of fat loss for the majority of women.

The workouts include weights which helps to maintain muscles. As fat loss occurs, “toning” of the muscles is also present.

In Summary.....

Top 5 tips for ladies who are thinking about using a Bootcamp personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or attending a Bootcamp class. 

Find a great Bootcamp male or female personal trainer in your local area of Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

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