Body Toning In The UAE – Example Personal Training Plan

Ever wondered what a ‘Body Toning’ personal training plan in Abu Dhabi or Dubai might include? Using information from body toning personal trainers we’ve created a quick guide which will help.
Personal trainers in the UAE for strength training and conditioning

What is included in a body toning personal training plan or package in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah?

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If you are looking for the best male or female body toning personal trainer the UAE Personal Trainers website can help.

Whether you want to train at home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah or feel a gym environment is better suited to you a professional fitness coach will help you achieve all your fitness goals in less time.

It’s also useful to find out what your body toning personal training plan in the UAE might include.


Body Toning – What To Expect


With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start sculpting your body so you get it chiseled and ready for the beach.

In fact many individuals have a goal of getting their dream/beach body even before the summer starts.

What most people are looking for is a body with a low fat percentage, outlined abdominals and sharper muscle bellies.

That’s all plausible and attainable if you use a personal trainer in your local area!

It’s easy to do a quick web search and find millions of articles showing how to achieve a ripped and muscular physique.

However, there are so many articles, that it can get quite overwhelming for beginners to even start.


Qualified, Experienced Personal Trainers


Luckily, there are people, trained and specialised for this, commonly known as personal trainers.

Personal trainers are one of the best “investments” you can make in order to successfully achieve their dream body.

Personal trainers in your local area of the UAE offer all sort of services including meal plans, training plans for beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.

Some trainers even offer competition prepping plans.

This article aims to explain more about the process of hiring a personal trainer for body toning as well as provide some insight of what sort of help you’ll be getting if you hired one.


First, How Is A Body Toning Personal Training Plan Assessed?


How does a body toning male or female fitness coach will access your needs and goals?

Once you decide to hire a personal trainer and you reach out to them a short questionnaire is provided that you need to answer.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to inform the trainer of your basic goal and your previous attempts to achieve that goal.

Also on the questionnaire you’ll need to mention any physical conditions that you might potentially have.

In other words, the questionnaire is there to provide your coach with a basic assessment of you.

Once you get to know the personal trainer a bit more (through an initial meeting) you can find out about their background etc., the trainer provides a thorough assessment and this will later dictate your training/nutrition plan in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah.

– More about the PT/Client assessment


Assessments do vary from trainer to trainer. Remember, this is just a guide as to what a trainer might include in a body toning personal trainer package in the UAE.

  1. The trainer takes your weight, height, waist circumference and body fat percentage measurements. Also your training coach might even measure your shoulder, chest, arm, hip, thigh, neck circumference, just to track the progress later on.

  2. Second, a very important measure is your cardiovascular ability/fitness.

    This test is especially important for older trainees or trainees who have some kind of cardio vascular anomaly.

    For example, your cardio fitness might include a “step test” or a “one mile walk” (differs from trainer to trainer)

    The information from this test will serve as a guide for building a cardio program.

    If you’re looking body toning, doing cardio work is a great way to shed down those pounds.

  3. The next assessment is the flexibility test.
    Using different movements and ranges of motion your PT can baseline your current flexibility.

    Don’t worry if you don’t do well in these tests, they are only for guidance and the trainer will correct you if needed.

  4. Strength is another variable that your trainer will be tracking throughout the journey, and it is important to get a baseline of it.

    A strength test can be done in various ways. Some coaches use a five-rep max or a 10-rep max, whilst others just make the client perform as many push-ups as they can.

    This is also goal dependent, so if you’re looking to get toned up for the summer you might need to do weight lifting exercises, in which case your initial strength will be measured by performing those exercises.


What Types Of Exercise Might You Be Doing As Part Of A Body Toning Personal Training Plan In The UAE?


Now to the training program itself. There’s a common misconception between training and different goals in terms of body composition.

Basically, people tend to believe that lifting heavy weights with low reps and lots of sets will guarantee muscle building, while on the other hand lifting light weights with very high reps and fewer sets will result in a more toned up type of physique.

As stated, this is a complete misconception.

The training program does not vary among mass building phases and fat loss/body toning phases.

In other words, the type of training and the exercises does not change.

However, this is very different from a comparison between muscle building/fat loss and strength building. In this case the training program will be completely different.


Don’t Forget About Diet!


One of the main things that will determine whether you build muscle or lose fat is your diet in the UAE.

However, if you already have muscles and want to preserve them aka just lose the fat (get a toned physique), training those muscles is a way to prevent them from shrinking (because of the caloric deficit).

In terms of what types of exercises you should do for body toning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Basically, do all the basic compound exercises such as the bench press (for chest), barbell row(for back), barbell squat(for legs).

Alongside those, consider adding some accessory work such as: DB curls, Triceps extensions, leg curls, lat pull-downs, some hamstring movements, etc.

At the end of the day, the goal of the exercises is to stimulate the muscle and in this case (body toning/fat loss) prevent it from atrophy.

Exercise selection does not play such a big role, as let’s say for example consistency.

Doing the basics regularly will lead to muscle growth, whereas doing only the best exercises designed for you, but just once a week will lead to muscle loss. So consistency over exercise selection.

using free weights or gym exercise equipment in the uae


How Many Personal Training For Body Toning Sessions ‘Might’ Be Required?


Another common question that people have in the UAE with regards to training is, how often.

Training frequency is also an important variable that you can manipulate to meet your goal.

The perfect case scenario would be to train 6 days a week in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with one rest day.

However, this is simply not practical for everyone, as most of us have a job, a family and chores to do.

When personal trainers in the UAE build a customised training program the frequency is solely determined by how many days  YOU are willing to devote to working out.

The rest of the program such as the number of sets, reps, exercise selection, and your training split depends on your training frequency.

If, let’s say for example, you only have 3 days to spent in the gym or with your PT, your training program would look something like this:

  • Monday: Back, biceps, rear delt

  • Wednesday: Chest, triceps, medial delt

  • Friday: Leg day

Also it is worth mentioning that, training frequency does not depend on your goal, more precisely if you want to build muscle or lose fat you can do both with the same training frequency.

So at the end, it all depends on how often you want or can train.

You can discuss this aspect in detail with your personal trainer in the UAE


Progress Monitoring & Changes To Your Body Toning Personal Training Plan In The UAE

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to fitness is not change their training program when they should.

Ultimately, a training program is created to fit your goal, but they are also created for a period of time, let’s say one month.

If you follow a training program properly, after one month you’ll probably be stronger/leaner meaning the program is working.

It would be foolish if you continued to follow the same volume and intensity scheme for your next month if you want to grow even further.

Your PT or fitness coach should provide progress monitoring and will adapt your training plan accordingly.

The example we mentioned is a training program designed for a month, however a training program might even change week after week.

Manipulate the number of sets, reps and the intensity/weight your doing with each exercise.


Why is changing your training program important?

Your body is a machine. Its main purpose is to adapt to every scenario/situation that its in.

When you’re lifting weights with a set number of sets you’re body recognizes that as a unit of work load and it gets stronger in order to perform better next time it’s introduced to such a workload.

If you allow your body do adapt aka lift the same weights and sets every week your body will NOT grow.

That’s why sets, reps and weight are the best variables to progress with your body re-composition goal.

Find A Muscle Building Personal Trainer, Sports or Fitness Coach In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

We hope this article has given you some guidance on how a body toning personal training plan in the UAE could work. If you are looking for the best male or female body toning coach then the UAE Personal Trainers website can help. You can view and contact multiple personal trainers in your local area until you find one that fits in with your needs and goals. Most of the personal trainers and fitness coaches on the website can also provide at home training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates.

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