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Are dumbbells a good choice when it comes to training the arms for better muscle growth in the UAE? We asked a female personal trainer for her tips and advice for using Dumbbells at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah.
building bigger arms with a personal trainer in the UAE

Get some great tips and advice. Building the arms with dumbbell training at home or in the gym.

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There are so many ways to exercise the arms and build bigger muscles in the UAE. Is dumbbell training a good option?

1. Dumbbell training at home in Abu Dhabi is often seen as a good choice for building muscle . Dumbbells are smaller than other items of exercise equipment.
Being a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who with experience in muscle building. Do you think dumbbell training is good for building the arms?

It always depends on how you use them.

Using dumbbells can be a great way to gain muscle in the whole upper body, not just in the arms. However, it’s very important to do the exercises correctly to get the results you want.

You can do a large number of exercises with dumbbells. Additionally, your workout won’t be boring and you can hit different muscle groups in the arms. Starting from the biceps and triceps to all the shoulder muscles, back and chest muscles.

Personally, I would use various intensity enhancing techniques. Doing so will bring amazing results – like supersets, super-slow technique, etc.


2. How do dumbbell workouts compare to other training techniques? For example, can you get bigger arms with dumbbells alone? Or does a combination of dumbbell training and gym equipment work best?


If you have gym equipment to go with the dumbbells you can do more of course. In addition to alternating the exercises, the workout becomes more varied.
Having more equipment is always better. But you can build strength and muscle with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises alone.

Your workout will be much more functional using dumbbells than if you used machines. You will also enhance the brain-muscle connection doing dumbbell exercises. This doesn’t happen when using machines designed for one specific exercise.

A machine puts you in the right position and makes you execute the exercise. However, with dumbbells you need to learn the exercise first.


3. How many times per week do you recommend your clients in Abu Dhabi spend on working out with dumbbells?


As a personal fitness coach, I recommend working out 4 or 5 times a week (with dumbbells or other equipment). This works great for beginners and advanced clients too.

This way you are able to hit all the major muscles while mixing in some cardio exercises too. You will still get enough time for recovery, as you will train different muscle groups each day.

I’d recommend staying active outside the workout days too. This helps the muscles get some stimulation but they don’t get too sore.

If you do your workouts this way, you will get much quicker results. Whether your goal is building muscles or loosing weight.


top 5 exercises for the arms in dubai


4. As a personal trainer you create custom workout plans for your clients in Abu Dhabi. What are your top 5 dumbbell workouts for the arms and can you explain each routine.


I use super-sets in these workouts. They are a challenge and you can get great results. Especially if you incorporate them into your training routine.

I like to combine an exercise with dumbbells + a body-weight exercise into a super-set.


4 sets of:

  • Upright row & overhead press with dumbbells 10x
  • Spider man push-ups 10x

4 sets of:


  • High incline lateral raises with dumbbells 10x
  • Walking lunges 10x

4 sets of:


  • Incline prone dumbbell shoulder press 10x
  • Air squats 10x

4 sets of:


  • Holding dumbbells chest height & squat 10x
  • Plank for 50 sec

4 sets of:


  • Dumbbell seated triceps press 10x
  • Lying down leg lifts 10x

Do every exercise to your maximum, take 1-minute rest between the super-sets.



In Summary.....

In Summary. Dumbbells can add great variety to your arm muscle building workouts in Abu Dhabi.

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