EMS Training In Abu Dhabi – The Future Of Exercise?

EMS Training in Abu Dhabi. Can it help with weight loss and muscle training? We asked an EMS expert for tips and advice.
Electrical stimulation training

EMS Training For Ladies In Abu Dhabi - The Future Of Fitness?

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation training has been around for a while but recent advances in how it can be used are making it more popular than ever.

You might recall TV or internet ads advertising small EMS packs which you attached to the stomach to help you lose weight.

However, full EMS training has come a long way. It can now be provided as part of a professional personal training program where you, the client can enjoy all the weight loss, cardio, muscle building and other fitness benefits it provides.

EMS training is ‘not’ painful. Even if you think the sound of tiny bursts of electrical current sound painful they are not. They are designed to stimulate muscle and can make your training workouts in Abu Dhabi much more effective.

Because EMS adds another layer to your training you are likely to see and feel the benefits of your hard work quicker and with more impressive results.

We asked a professional EMS Personal Trainer from Abu Dhabi to give more information about how EMS is helping ladies all across Abu Dhabi lose weight, tone their bodies and enjoy their exercise programs.

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EMS Training is something that many ladies in Abu Dhabi will not know about. Can you explain what is meant by EMS Training?

EMS (electric muscle stimulation or electric myostimulation) is a highly effective form of training in Abu Dhabi. It utilizes low and mid frequency electric pulses to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. 

As a result, more muscle fibres are activated when compared to conventional training methods.

EMS-Training is a whole-body workout that promotes weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth, and relieves tensions and muscular imbalances.

What are the primary benefits of EMS training and how does it help?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the exercise method of the future. By combining the normal activity of exercise with the modern technology of electrodes attached to the body, a whole new world of productivity and body optimization becomes achievable. 

The positive impacts that EMS can have on a person have become so scientifically proven and well-received that even professional athletes turn to EMS training to keep in peak physical condition.

What’s more, EMS training in Abu Dhabi is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Is EMS training suitable for all ladies or are there some restrictions?

EMS training is safe for almost everyone. 

There are some people that shouldn’t use EMS as an exercise method. If you have a pacemaker fitted for example you should avoid EMS training in Abu Dhabi because of the electrical stimulus. 

If you are unsure whether EMS is suitable for you I can provide a consultation and/or you can speak with your medical professional.

Electrical stimulation training

Does EMS training work on a particular area of the body or can it be used as a complete body workout?

EMS training in Abu Dhabi can be used as a whole body workout or it can also be used to target different areas. 

For example, many ladies in Abu Dhabi want to achieve a flatter, more toned stomach. Using EMS equipment we can effectively target the abdominal muscles to provide a pin-point workout. 

The same applies to the back, arms or legs. Placing the electro pads in different areas will work the muscles within those areas. 

This makes EMS training ideal for women who would prefer to optimise their training.

Does EMS training help with weight loss or is it only used for body toning and physique improvement?

Depending on your fitness goals in Abu Dhabi, the EMS program can be tailored to your needs. 

For example, if weight loss training is your goal a program can be created to specifically help you lose weight. The same applies to muscle growth and body toning. Different programs have a different type of electric stimulation which changes the way the muscles contract.

According to a study provided by the National Institute For Health, EMS training can be effective for weight loss whilst providing a method for weight loss that doesn’t cause pain or injury to the joints and muscles like traditional training methods can. 

For the best results, how many times per week do you advise your clients to do EMS training?

For EMS training in Abu Dhabi I always recommended 3x per week to exercise. 

Additional you can do training without EMS suit as part of your normal exercise routine for increased results.

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Do your EMS clients in Abu Dhabi need their own EMS equipment or is it provided?

EMS equipment is not required. You will be provided with a personalised EMS training suit that is yours. Additional exercise and training options are also provided as part of your EMS program too.

Finally, what are your top 5 tips for ladies in Abu Dhabi who want to try EMS training?

  1. Don’t be scared, EMS is 100% safe for training

  2. Try it, fast you will see results and you will be addicted

  3. It is only 20 min, don’t be lazy

  4. Don’t expect results in 2-3 trainings

  5. Don’t worry about suits, you will be the only one who is using that. Suit stay with you

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