How To Get Great Abs – UAE Personal Trainer Tips

It wont happen overnight but with the right training and muscle building techniques you can get a great set of abs. It takes more than sit-ups and eating well.
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What's the secret to getting a great set of Abs in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

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What's the secret to getting a great six pack in the UAE.

Defined, sculpted abdominal muscles is something many people work hard at but for some people no matter what they do they still don’t see the results they want.

There’s no big secret to getting great abs even though there are dedicated diet, fitness plans and even exercise equipment dedicated to helping you achieve the abs of your dreams. It takes work, fat loss and dedication to your training regime to get a really great set of Abs.

A Personal trainer and fitness specialist from Dubai explains why in this question and answer session.


Ab building and diet


Question: A lot of people want to improve their core and get a more defined stomach (abs). Does a fat reduction diet help to get a more defined look?

Reducing your calorie intake below maintained will lead to fat loss, resulting in a flatter stomach. Having visible abs depends on how low your body fat is and your genetics.

Some ladies might have abs at 20% body fat, for some it may take until 9%, again everyone is different. 


Be patient


Question: People expect to get a good set of abs within a short amount of time but the reality is this can take time and hard work. In your experience as a personal trainer in Dubai what would you say is the ‘average’ amount of time to develop strong abs?

It comes down to the individuals starting point, fitness levels, previous training, diet and bodyfat levels.

For someone who has done sports most of their life and eats relatively well, it maybe only take a matter of months to build a strong core.

However for a mother of 3, who has never done any form of exercise before, it can take up to one year to see positive results.

Again, it varies from client to client, everyone is different and you should always dedicate at least 6 months to build a strong core.


Reduce belly fat first


Question: Is it more difficult for people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who are overweight in the tummy area to get a defined stomach – will they need to diet first in order to lose the excess weight?

To develop a toned and defined stomach a diet is essential and is the key to losing belly fat. If you are overweight, it will take time to lose the excess stomach fat to be able to develop a toned mid-section.

Ab exercises help build a strong core, however doing 1000 crunches each day won’t help target the belly fat as you cannot spot reduce from one particular area.

Find a qualified nutritionist or personal trainer in Dubai with weight loss experience who can help create a sustainable fat loss diet, pair this with a gym program and this will help burn fat and tone up the stomach.


What about electronic muscle stimulation?


Question: There are devices available which supposedly stimulate the abdominal muscles with electric pluses. Do you think these devices are a good option and are there any pro’s and con’s?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS works by delivering electrical pulses that activate nerves in the body, causing muscles to contract and then relax.

There has been evidence to suggest it can help muscle wastage and improve flexibility.

EMS is not intended as a replacement for physical activity, but can be used alongside in some cases.

To develop a strong core and toned stomach, there must be a mix of weight training and proper diet.

To see visible abs, you need to first lose the body fat around the stomach, and this can be done by following a fat loss diet and training program.


There is no such thing as a quick fix ab building program


Question: Much of the time people want a quick fix and expect abdominal toning results to come quickly – what advice can you give for people who are a little on the impatient side ?

Most quick fixes provide results that only last in the short term. Going on crash diets and excessive training regimes will only lead to burn out and weight gain if it is not maintained.

Remember having clear visible abs takes a lot of time and dedication.

However if this is your goal, sit with your trainer and make a clear plan for 3 months of training and diet programs.

Set yourself clear goals of what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it.

My best advice would be to find a qualified trainer and nutritionist who can help fast track your results allowing you to gain abs quicker!

Remember to be realistic about the results, having abs take time and without the right guidance, they can be difficult to maintain.


Top 5 ab building exercises


Question: As a professional female PT in Dubai what would your top 5 exercises for the abs/six pack be and can you explain why you think each of these works well.

My top 5 exercises are:


Leg raises


They work mostly the lower abs (V-shape), and can be modified in different ways for beginners and advanced.




The v-sit helps target mostly the middle section. They can be made more difficult by adding in a plate or dumbbell in the hands.


TRX Crunch


The TRX crunch is a great core exercise which also works on balance and stability. It challenges core strength along with upper body and stamina.


Bicycle crunches


This exercise targets the ab muscles while also working the arms and legs at the same time.

It’s a perfect exercise to incorporate into circuit training.


Russian twists


This exercise works the obliques (side abs) and can be modified for all fitness levels. You can have feet elevated or add in some weights to challenge yourself.

In Summary.....

Building a great set of abs in Dubai does take time. Remember to follow some simple training rules and you get there eventually

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