Training & Eating Well But Not Seeing Results?

Eating well and training hard in Dubai but still not seeing results? This is a common problem but there are always reasons why. Find out more from professional PT Ivana.
Dubai Female PT Ivana - Weight Training

I’m training and eating well, but I don’t see results?

Article Contributor: Dubai PT Ivana

There are times when it seems that no matter how much we train and how good we are with our diet the training results we expect to see and feel slow down or even sometimes stop. 

At times this is perfectly normal because our bodies are simply adjusting. At other times it can indicate a problem with your training or even your nutrition. 

Professional Dubai personal trainer Ivana helps shed some light on how we can fix things. 

When to act - is this really a problem with training and diet?

For many years I’ve been working with clients of all shapes and sizes in Dubai and all with different training goals. Almost on a daily basis I hear clients mention that they are not seeing the results they expected. 

I will explain in my opinion, what the problems are most of the time.

Firstly, many men and women who believe that they are eating well are in fact not eating as well as they should be. 

The fault here is often because of media that makes us believe that everything that says “low/reduced calorie”, “low/reduced fat”, “high protein”, “fitness food”, “healthy snack”, etc. is good for us, when in fact, all this food is full of sugar, trans fat (the industrial fat) and other artificial ingredients that are main cause of metabolic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, stroke, excessive body fat etc.


Keep an eye on your portion size too

Having too big meal portions by continuing to eat even after feeling full. It takes about 20 mins for the brain to receive signals from the stomach that it’s full and by eating fast we don’t give too much time to our body to tell us when to stop. 

Watching TV or being distracted in some other way while eating is also not allowing the brain to acknowledge that the stomach is full. So we keep eating because we still feel hungry although we are not.

Snacking 'does' count towards your calorie intake

Snacking too much is often an overlooked problem for many men and women who want to lose weight. 

It’s very easy to lose track of how many snacks we have by not planning it in advance. 

Grabbing a few almonds here and a few crackers there can easily add up to +1000cals a day which is 7000cals on a weekly basis on top of main meals without even realizing.

When you are on a calorie controlled diet in Dubai it is crucial that you count ‘all’ your calories because they all count. 

Alcohol & other drinks have calories too

People forget that alcohol has calories. Also juices, sodas… So having too many “empty” calories, which means having foods or drinks just for pleasure, without any nutritional value but high in calories can add up to weight gain.

Cut back on sweet and sugary drinks. Drink more water too, it will help you stay hydrated and will also help you stay fuller for longer during the day.

Everyday counts

Some people believe weekends don’t count but this is definitely not true.

Eating well on weekdays but letting go during the weekend as a ‘reward’ for doing well throughout the week does you no favours at all. All you will actually be doing is spiking your insulin level on a weekly basis which will not allow you to drop a single gram of body fat no matter how “clean” you eat and how hard do you work out during the week. 

Not having fixed times for meals and not knowing what time is your breakfast, lunch or dinner is one of the first things to be worked on too. Regular eating gets your body accustomed to your meals which can also have an effect on your energy levels too.

Are you eating enough?

There are also many people who actually do eat healthy, track their food in some way and train but still can’t make any progress. 

It might not be as easy to figure out what’s the problem there but for sure there is one or another reason for it

Eating healthy food, but not enough. Many people relate less food with progress which is wrong. 

How much we need to eat depends on our height, muscle mass, age, gender, how active we are every day, what type of training we do, training intensity, volume etc. Anything less than what we need will not help us be fitter.

While we are talking about eating enough, try to avoid foods that make you bloated or uncomfortable because these types of food slow down the digestive tract and will make you feel less energetic.

Importing every single thing we eat to a food tracker and only relying on it and forgetting to pay attention to do we even feel hungry or full.

Healthy Isnt A Goal But A Way Of Living - UAE Personal Trainers
Take Care Of Your Body - UAE Personal Trainers

Getting your macros right

Having the wrong macro split (how much protein, fat and carb) for the type of training we do has an effect on your training results over a period of time. 

If you compare powerlifter to endurance athlete, they might be eating the same calories, the same food but their macro split will be completely different.

Make sure you match your macros with your personal fitness goals. In other words, if weight loss is your primary goal then you might need to reduce your fat intake whereas if you want to build lean muscle you might need to increase your protein intake.

Being active and reducing stress

Completing a one hour workout and then sitting for another 23 hours does you no favours. It really matters how active we are during the day and not just when you are training. 

Elevated stress hormone – cortisol, will cause increased fat stores in the body. It can be caused by continuously stressing our body by training too much without proper rest, lack of sleep, having a stressful lifestyle etc.

When you get the timing right when it comes to rest, reduced stress and increased activity you will see results (weight loss, body toning etc) improve over a period of time. 

In summary

Most of the time people will look for some complicated explanation, blame it on hormones, food intolerances, broken metabolism, busy lifestyle and refuse to believe it’s actually very simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy. To stay consistent is probably the most difficult part of the process.

Keep it simple, plan in advance, repeat and be patient. Our body doesn’t know if it is Tuesday or Friday it will simply respond to whatever you are doing most of the time.

Dubai Female Personal Trainer - Rehabilitation Coach - Ivana

Personal Trainer In Dubai - Ivana

Dubai female personal trainer Ivana has more than 16 years of professional experience working with clients one-on-one and small groups.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach she believes that simplicity is the key, she helps her clients stay accountable and to improve their habits little by little every day which over time leads to great results.


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