Glutes – Training In Dubai To Build Better Glutes

Training the glutes isn’t just about butt size. A good training program designed to fully work out the glute muscles can help with balance, strength and much more.
glutes training in Dubai with PT Dragana

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Article Submitted By: PT Dragana

Dragana is a professional female personal trainer based in Dubai. 

She can help with all aspects of male and female fitness including weight loss, fat loss, body toning and boxing for fitness.

Training the glutes in Dubai - it's about more than just increasing your butt size

Whether you want to increase the size of your butt or need to train the glutes for other reasons there are many benefits to adding glute exercises to your workout regime in Dubai. 

We asked a professional female personal trainer from Dubai for her tips and feedback on why glute training is so important. 


All about training your glutes


Question 1. Being a female personal trainer in Dubai you will know how important it is to train different muscle groups. Why are glute workouts and training important?


Considering the lifestyle is Dubai is fairly sedentary it is important to try and be as active as you can. Many people work in offices which mean they are seated for a big part of the day. This can make your glute muscles weaker because they are inactive for much of the time.

Of course it’s not just office workers that suffer with these issues. Unless you add some form of glute exercises to your training regime in Dubai your glute muscles are weaker.

Like any muscle, the glutes do lose their size and their firmness unless you train theme. Training your glutes doesn’t mean you will get a big butt (unless that’s what you’re aiming form). There are plenty of ways to train the glutes for toning too.


Glutes Training In Dubai - Benefits Infographic


Question 2. What are the main benefits of training the glutes (for example, strength, posture, lower back alignment etc)


Many people in Dubai (especially women) think about the glutes in an aesthetic way but there are many other reasons why training your glutes for strength is a good idea.

Weak glutes can cause help in supporting your lower back during lifting and they are also really important in pelvic alignment. Weak glutes can also cause knee pain, back pain and tight hip flexors.

Training your glutes properly with correct form can help aleviate and even correct pain and discomfort associated with weak glute muscles. The best way to ensure your form when training is good is to seek guidance from a professional personal trainer in Dubai.


Main benefits of glute training in detail:


  1. Poor posture is suffered by so many people and not just those who are sitting at work for a long time. Poor posture is something that many of us just put up with but there are ways to correct it. Glute training with squats, lunges and deadlifts can, over time, help you correct your posture and feel less discomfort

  2. Stronger muscles lead to less injury, both when you are training and working out and when you are not. Think of all the movements your body goes through every day. Without strong glutes you are leaving yourself open to injury which can put your training back by weeks. Increasing the strength of your glute muscles with a regular, professional training plan will definitely help you reduce your risk of injury.

  3. Decrease and alleviate back problems and pain. As mentioned above, so many people in Dubai suffer with back pain but there are ways to avoid and cure it with proper exercise and training. Training your glutes regularly until they are strong and well-formed will definitely help you reduce back related issues and give your back better flexibility.



Question 3. In your experience what are the top 5 glute exercises, how do they work and why are they beneficial?


There are quite a few beneficial glute exercises that you can do with and without your personal trainer. This can also be done at home if you don’t have access to a gym in Dubai.


  • Romanian deadlifts

  • Single leg deadlifts

  • Hip thrusts

  • Bulgarian split squat

  • Glute kickbacks


If you need advice about how to do any of the above exercises correctly speak with a fitness coach – they can show you proper form to ensure you are getting the best results from each of these glute exercises.


Question 4. Is it important to focus on all areas of the lower body when training, not just the glutes – for balance and strength?


Yes, although training the glute muscles are very important for the reasons mentioned above you should equally be training other parts of the lower body.

A good idea is to set up a training plan that gives your muscles time to recover, so for example on some days go for lower body training and other days upper body workouts. Of course you should also be taking a complete rest day – your muscles need time to recover.

Training other muscles in the lower body (including the core) as well as the glutes also ensures you alignment and balance is correct.

For example, if you only work on your glutes and not your legs your glutes might be nice and strong but your legs become weaker over time.




Question 5. How many times per week do you suggest glute training?


For me, I like to train the glutes twice per week with other lower body exercises. Alternatively you can train the glutes once per week and the lower body once per week.

If really depends on what you want to achieve from your glutes training program. If size is important then train more, if you simply want to keep your glutes toned up then less training for these muscles is sufficient.


Question 6. Finally, whether for strength or just to increase size what are your top tips when it comes to glutes training?


  1. Make sure you do glute activation exercises before you start with your actual workout

  2. Start with compound excess(squats, deadlifts)

  3. Make sure you have mind to muscle connection (focus your mind on the movement)

  4. Do isolation exercises after compounds

  5. Progressive overload (increase the weight when becomes easy)

  6. Add finisher at the end of workout (eg. jump squats)

  7. Make sure you stretch after workout

  8. Give glutes a break(you don’t need to train them every day)

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