Boxing Coaching For Children In Abu Dhabi

There are many sports in Abu Dhabi that can help with kids fitness. Boxing is great for many reasons including improved fitness levels, weight loss, stress relief and much more. Coach Hamada explains how boxing for kids can help.
Boxing For Kids Fitness In Abu Dhabi With boxing Coach Hamada

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Whatever your fitness goal is, Hamada can help you ahieve it. Moreover, he can help you to maintain those fantastic results.

Whether your goal is to learn kickboxing or boxing in Abu Dhabi, lose fat, gain muscle, attain strength, increase daily activity, take your fitness to a new level, overcome illness or injury or just to embark on a healthier lifestyle, he can work with you to realise these goals.

Boxing coaching for children and teens in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to sports training, boxing in Abu Dhabi is becoming increasingly popular. Kids of all ages can benefit from boxing for a wide variety of reasons including increased energy levels, less stress, body toning and even confidence. 

We asked a professional personal trainer with experience in training kids in Boxing for his views and tips.


Boxing for kids in the UAE


Question 1 – Boxing for kids is growing in popularity in the UAE. As a boxing for fitness coach do you think boxing is a good fitness method for children and why?

All children should practice some kind of sport while they are young to help build healthy and strong bodies during their growing childhood years.

Boxing for kids in Abu Dhabi is a type of sport and exercise and one of the strongest sports to strengthen many different muscles. It also provides endurance training for kids, helping improve their endurance levels and stamina too.

Of course boxing and other sports also help to increase children’s confidence, something that is very beneficial as they grow.

Boxing as a sports also helps with aggression because so much energy is exerted during a training session.


Question 2 – Does boxing for children have to include the contact sport element or can it just be used for fitness purposes?

Boxing training can be used as a contact sport or as a form of exercise for kids in Abu Dhabi.

For parents who are concerned about the contact element this can be reduced or eliminated from a training sessions and focus places on the fitness benefits of the sport.

In fact, training should include two basic parts: the first is:

boxing skills, and this in turn is a strong training method for the respiratory circulatory system.

The second part is muscle strength, so we must use some resistance exercises to strengthen muscles, but not in the same way as bodybuilding, but something called strength and conditioning for a specific sport



Question 3 – What are the top 5 health and fitness benefits of boxing for kids in Abu Dhabi?


1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Cardio health and fitness is important for all ages. This includes kids too. As a child’s cardio health increases it help with endurance, allows them to train for longer and train harder.

2. Improved Total-Body Strength

When you use boxing for fitness overall body strength is increased because of nature of this total body workout. Children will become stronger, they muscles will become stronger.

3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Kids can be clumsy, this is part of being a child. However, boxing teaches kids many aspects of co-ordination. Improved hand-eye co-ordination increases as children learn to box.

4. Decreased Stress increases self confidence

Children suffer from stress too whether that is because of school , peer pressure or something else. A good boxing workout effectively reduces stress and whats more the energy children exert during training helps release pent up anger – making children more calm and relaxed.

As children grow their confidence can take a knock from time to time. Being actively involved in a sport like boxing in abu dhabi does increase self-confidence and improved overall self-esteem.

A recent study found here demonstrates that boxing for kids can help reduce aggression, improve mood and increase self-control. 

5. Improved Body Composition

Boxing as a sport can work all the major muscle groups helping with body toning in children as they grow. However, it is also a useful fitness method to help with weight management too.

If your child is overweight a regular sports activity like boxing can help them lose weight and keep their weight in check.


Question 4 – For children in Abu Dhabi who are very inactive and over weight is boxing a good exercise to help with weight loss?

Yes. As mentioned above boxing can help with weight loss because it is an active sport that uses a lot of energy. It will help to burn calories and when use with a calorie controlled diet can help shed the pounds.

Children often find even the thought of dieting for weight loss unappealing but an active sport is more fun than a chore. Many kids see sports training as an activity and not really exercise.

Question 5 – Many parents are of course concerned about safety when it comes to boxing for kids. What advice would you give to parents to help put their mind at rest?

Parents don’t need to worry. Using a professional boxing coach in Abu Dhabi like myself means your child is learning to box under strict supervision and guidance. Children see this an an activity which is fun to do and not something they won’t enjoy.

I don’t do sparring between kids in Abu Dhabi unless the child and parents want their children to learn boxing as a contact sport.

Children’s safety when training is also very important to me. Head guards, mouth guards and more are always used during boxing sessions.


Question 6 – During your boxing personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi can you explain what happens in a boxing for fitness sessions – from the start of the session to the end.

Each boxing personal training program is different depending on the kids needs and their starting level. However, as an example:

  • Warm up exercises like cardio fitness, jump rope or jogging

  • Stretching exercises to loosen up the muscle and joints before training

  • Boxing basics like punching, jab, cross hook, upper cut and many other techniques. Defence drills and more

  • Boxing for strength and power training


In Summary.....

Boxing for kids in Abu Dhabi has so many health and fitness benefits. As your kids grow they will also understand the importance of sports and exercise being part of a healthier lifestyle.

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