Cardio Boxing In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Cardio boxing – all the best exercise elements from boxing without the physical contact. Learn how cardio boxing exercise can get you fit & slim in the UAE
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Cardio Boxing - A High Intensity, Total Body Workout In The UAE

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A great way to get and stay in shape. Cardio Boxing is the ideal workout for your entire body

Cardio Boxing gets your blood pumping and your heartrate up providing a great, all-round aerobic method of training.

Don’t be put off by the word ‘Boxing’ When it comes to getting a great workout ‘Cardio Boxing’ uses many of the exercise techniques used by professional boxers without the full physical contact element.



What is Cardio or Aerobic Boxing?


Cardio Boxing is an intense cross training and total body workout. Whilst learning a new skill set of self-defence and discipline there is plenty of fun to be had along the way.

The format is generally a fun group warm up, 3 minute rounds of circuits and then finishing up with pad work and occasionally some very light sparing.


Do I need boxing experience?


Do I need some basic boxing experience or knowledge to do Cardio Boxing or can I learn as I go?

No experience is required at all when it comes to cardio boxing.

Each individual is there for many different reasons as the benefits of this class are so varied. Whether you wish to attend just to socialise and meet new people or slowly build your confidence and improve your boxing along the way then this class has something for everybody at all levels, Men, Women, Kids and all ages.

It is simply down to the individual how much they choose to push themselves or just to enjoy the class.


Is Cardio Boxing a contact sport that involves sparring etc?


When people hear the word boxing they firstly presume it is going to be full psychical contact. Have no fear, as the hardest thing you will hit is a boxing pad which you will be taught how to use sufficiently.

You will learn basic boxing combinations along the way as well as defence techniques.

Occasionally this gets put into a very light sparing scenario, however it is down to the individual if they wish to participate.


Will I lose weight?


I really want to lose some weight at the same time as feeling and becoming more healthier in general. As an experienced personal trainer do you think Cardio (Aerobic) Boxing can help me achieve this?

100 percent. The main objectives of the class are to have fun and learn a few new things along the way, however there will be times during the circuits that you may find yourself a little challenged and out of your comfort zone.

With the intensity of the class if you attend consistently then there is no doubt that you will not only feel improved results in performance but also in the psychical.

The most common feedback from the class is that not only does the hour go by so quickly, it is often said that it doesn’t feel as much as a workout by adding the element of boxing, therefore making it much more enjoyable to train.


Can any age group do cardio boxing?


Is Cardio Boxing suitable for all ages and is it best performed in a cardio boxing class in the UAE or can I use it in personal training sessions too?

Cardio boxing is suitable for all ages. It is simply down to the individual how much they wish to push themselves during that class. When it comes to personal training, pad work is a great way to not only improve somebody’s performance but also there recovery rate which is very important when doing sport’s specific training.

Working to a high intensity for up to three minutes with a one minute rest just like a Professional Boxer would do is a great way to improve your performance and all round fitness.

This will then transcend onto many other benefits such as feeling healthier, becoming faster and stronger.


What about restrictions?


Are there any restrictions on who can do Cardio Boxing, for example pre natal ladies in the UAE or those with pre-existing medical conditions?

There are no restrictions as to who can attend Cardio Boxing although this should only be judged on an individual’s case by case basis and especially with pre-natal.

This should be monitored on a day by day basis and I would highly recommend permission to attend should be signed off by their Doctor.

In Summary.....

Cardio boxing is a great way to get in shape for all ages and abilities in the UAE

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