Kickboxing For Cardio Fitness In Dubai

Cardio training is an important part of any fitness regime but sometimes the same old fitness programs get a bit boring. Kickboxing on the other hand is fast paced with many other benefits too including weight loss and body toning.
kickboxing for cardio fitness in the UAE

Bored with the usual cardio workout routines? Kickboxing could be the answer you are looking for.

Article Contributor: Halil Gul

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Everyone knows that cardio fitness should be part of your training regime. But, with so many different types of cardio exercise is kickboxing right for you?

Cardio boxing and kickboxing in Dubai provides a great all over body workout either on it’s own or as part of your training plan. 

Cardio fitness is important for all ages and abilities. One of the best reasons to try cardio boxing or kickboxing is because it’s high paced and different moves you will be using not only provide a great cardio workout but can help in other ways too – weight loss is just one example. 

We asked a professional kickboxing personal trainer in Dubai for his advice and tips. 


What is cardio boxing – kickboxing?


Q1: There are many different forms of cardio exercise in Dubai. As a kickboxing PT can you explain in detail what cardio boxing is?


Some people in Dubai simply hate doing cardiovascular movement or high intensity workouts due to its exhausting affect especially for those who are out of shape.

However, cardio kickboxing gives them a reason to focus more on the movement and the technique instead of workouts’ intensity which make them enjoy while trying to learn this new movements on the go.

Cardio boxing is simply a high intensity workout to move all muscles and joints to get an intensive and effective workout for both beginner and the elite athlete without any equipment or partner.

This can help to lose fat too and get in shape or simply to stay in shape and enjoy some high intensity routine and this can be done alone or in a group class.


Does cardio exercise help with weight loss?


Q2: Is cardio kickboxing good for weight loss and can it be used on it’s own or is it better to combine it with other elements of cardio training?


Due to its high intensity effect, cardio kickboxing is very good for fat loss and can also be combined with jumping rope, rowing, treadmill sprints and many more elements of cardio training.

Most types of cardio exercise in Dubai will help with weight loss in one way or another. But, because kickboxing is a very active workouts for all areas of the body you are likely to lose more weight with a well designed cardio kickboxing program.

A good kickboxing coach in Dubai will know what moves, intensity and time you should be doing on a daily of weekly basis.

As you burn more calories and therefore burn fat you will notice that your body becomes more toned too.

Is cardio kickboxing or cardio boxing suitable for beginners?


Q3: Do you think people need to have a good level of fitness in the beginning in order to start cardio kickboxing or can it be tailored to a clients individual needs and starting fitness level?


It’s often a misconception that you have to be super fit to try out new training and exercise techniques. This is often not the case if you are sensible and start from a basic level and also hire a good fitness coach in Dubai. 

People don’t need to be in their best shape to do cardio kickboxing, anyone who can move the hands and legs can benefit from this high intensity workout thanks to its simplicity.

Start slowly and build yourself up. This will also ensure you don’t suffer from any over-training injuries or problems. 

Cardio kickboxing and cardio boxing can of course be tailored to individuals needs such as combining it with weight lifting or body weight workouts can be an option for optimum results.


What are the other fitness benefits of cardio kickboxing?


Q4: As well as cardio health, what other health and fitness benefits does cardio kickboxing in Dubai provide? 

There are many benefits to doing some form of cardio training as part of your fitness regime. Cardio kickboxing and cardio boxing benefits include:


  • Hand, eye and leg co-ordination
  • Balance and core muscle allignment
  • All over strength building
  • Body awareness
  • Speed and agility
  • Flexibility and stability
According to a recent study found here kickboxing can help with many more elements of fitness. Not just cardio fitness and weight loss. 

How often should you do cardio boxing?


Q5: To get the best benefit from cardio kickboxing how many times per week do you suggest doing it and how long should each session be?

The frequency of cardio kickboxing can be tailored as per ones need.

However for a beginner who has high percentage of body fat, 5 times per week can be a good option (each session takes about 30 to 60 min). 

Training this many times per week in Dubai will guarantee your cardio fitness will increase and you will also lose weight at a steady pace.


What does a cardio kickboxing routine consist of?


Q6: For your PT clients in Dubai, what does a typical cardio kickboxing routine consist of? (for example, what moves are used etc)

For my clients in Dubai I like to add flexibility to the cardio kickboxing routines. These are usually short bursts of 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes:

  1. Jab and cross
  2. Jab, cross, roundhouse kick
  3. Double knee kick and push kicks


Many more routines can easily be created based on a clients fitness level and their ability. I also include other high intensity moves like:


  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • Boxing on the spot
  • Resistance moves

See the video below for examples


In Summary - Top Tips.....

Dubai PT Halil’s top 10 tips for cardio kickboxing and cardio boxing.

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