Cardio Training In The UAE – Is Kickboxing A Good Choice?

You might be lacking when it comes to adding an elements of cardio to your personal fitness regime in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. How can you improve that? Easy, with kickboxing! Kickboxing not only improves your cardio health but can help with posture, strength, alertness and even your mood.
kickboxing for cardio fitness in the UAE
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Kickboxing in the UAE - Does it help with cardio health?

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A great way to get in shape and tone your body but does 'Kickboxing' also provide a cardio workout?

It’s important to think about your cardio health too and add an element of cardio to your training sessions – does kickboxing do this?

There’s no doubt that kickboxing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah is energetic. But, does it qualify as a cardio workout too? We asked a Kickboxing trainer who specialises in kickboxing in Abu Dhabi to provides us with more information and useful tips.


Does Kickboxing improve cardio health?


Question: Kickboxing in the UAE is a popular way to get in shape thanks to its active training methods. Cardio health is very important for all ages so how does Kickboxing help to improve a person’s cardio health and endurance?

Yes! Absolutely! Kickboxing help people to increase their stamina but in addition…. Adding some kickboxing training to your routine has a lot of benefits of health & fitness benefits:

– Improves your balance

– Helps posture

– Strengthens the deep muscles and core

– Boosts endurance

– May increase alertness

– Enhances mood

– Improves coordination


Is private kickboxing or a class better?



Question: For men and women in Abu Dhabi who want to join a Kickboxing class do you think this provides all the benefits that kickboxing on a personal training basis can or does one outshine the other?

I think it’s good to do both of them. Kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are good because in group training you always challenge and motivate yourself and each other.

But kickboxing in a class and in one to one personal training session is very different because when you are in one to one, the trainer can customize all the training for your needs and your body nobody has the same fitness level, various mobility skills and some are stronger than other. Combining them both is a perfect.


Are there better workouts for cardio fitness?


Question: How does kickboxing in the UAE compare when it comes to getting the best cardio workout out of a training session – in other words are there better workouts routines for cardio training?

For me there is no better option than the circuit training in Abu Dhabi and kickboxing training for a high intensity training session to increase condition, improve your stamina and burn fat. The hardest and complete training I ever seen was in FIGHTS SPORTS and US FOOTBALL



Is Cardio Kickboxing suitable for all fitness levels?


Question: If someone wanted to join a cardio kickboxing class or take private kickboxing personal training sessions are there any pre-requisites? For example, do they need to be relatively fit and in shape to start with?

Absolutely not, the benefits of private kickboxing personal training sessions remain. In fact, as personal trainers we can customize the session and exercises to everyone and for all ages and levels.


How often should I do cardio kickboxing for maximum results?



Question: To help with cardiovascular health how often do you think kickboxing should be done every week?

You need rest times so you can’t do it 6 or 7 days a week. if you do only kickboxing sessions in Abu Dhabi you can do it maybe 3 to 5 times a week, and if you do some other exercises or another sport next to your kickboxing training sessons you can do 1 to 2 session a week to complete your workout routine.

In Summary.....

Cardio kickboxing provides a excellent workout which will definitely improve your cardio fitness. There are other health and fitness benefits too.

Find A Kickboxing Personal Trainer, Sports or Fitness Coach In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

Whether you want to try cardio kickboxing as part of a class or with a kickboxing PT in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah the UAE Personal Trainers website can help you find the best professional in your local area. 

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