Kickboxing In Dubai – How Much Time Does It Take To Learn

Like any sport, kickboxing does take some time to learn. Above all you need to practice and practice regularly. So, on average how long does it take to learn kickboxing basics in Dubai? Read on to find out more.
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If you want to learn kickboxing as a sport in Dubai you'll want to know how long it takes

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Kickboxing in Dubai is great as a fitness technique but it’s also a well known sport. Can anyone really say how long it takes to learn? We asked a professional female kickboxing personal trainer for her tips.

If you are interested in Kickboxing as sport you’ll have many questions. The best way to find the answers to your questions is to ask a professional Kickboxing PT.


Q: Kickboxing, especially for fitness is more popular than ever in Dubai. For the average person how long can it take to learn kickboxing as a sport (not just for fitness)

Because individuals will greatly vary depending on their own ability to learn, move, how many hours a week their committing, their desire, motor control, focus and so on. It’s near impossible to give someone a guaranteed answer.


Q: Does age or current fitness level contribute to how long it can take to get good at kickboxing in Dubai?

The factors mentioned already will have a greater carry over, however, age whereby you understand why your doing something and having a base fitness level so you don’t get overly fatigue effecting technique and focus will be important.

But these do not act as barriers whatsoever, anyone can pick it up anytime!


Q: How many sessions per week do you think are required to get from a basic to intermediate level of skill in kickboxing?

Similar answer to the first question, but I find good progress and balance in Kickboxing can be made at x2/3 sessions a week. Keeps things fresh, consistent and generally avoid over training/ fatigue for the general individual.


Q: Similar to the question above. If someone can learn kickboxing at home in Dubai do they need any sort of equipment?

Kickboxing gloves and shin pads and your good to pretty much do everything! Obviously some space to move around in and your training will have various pads for you to strike and teach you.


Q: As a professional coach in Dubai with Kickboxing experience what are your top tips for anyone who is interested in learning kickboxing as a sport in Dubai.

Practice a movement slowly upon first learning, once you’ve got the motor control and movement pattern learnt then add speed and power. Not the other way around! Stay patient, determined and consistent – it’s very technical and there’s a lot to learn!

Shadow boxing is a great tool for all ability levels to practice the basics and improve your craft!

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