Losing Weight In Dubai – Muay Thai

There are so many ways to lose weight. Muay Thai in Dubai is a great all round fitness tool that can also help you burn calories when used with other training methods and a proper diet. How can Muay Thai help with weight loss?
Muay Thai in Dubai for weight loss
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Muay Thai In Dubai - Can It Help With Weight Loss?

Article Contributor: Iryna

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There are many ways to lose weight in Dubai. As well as providing a great cardio workout can Muay Thai also help with weight loss?

There is a multitude of ways to lose weight in Dubai. For those who are bored with the usual routines kickboxing (Muay Thai)  can provide a high energy, changeable workout routine in which you will never get bored.

As a professional Muay Thai coach in Dubai can you recommend how to structure your kickboxing workouts that will effectively help with weight loss.

Can you also describe these routines/moves and explain why you think they work.



Muay Thai & Weight Loss



Muay Thai is an outstanding method for losing weight in Dubai. It is a very practical application of the popular high intensity interval training (I.e. HIIT).

It is a very exhausting exercise where you’re giving yourself 100%, which means it’s great for fat loss and general health improvements, but it also means you can’t do it non-stop for the entire duration – even the pros take rests between rounds!

I would suggest to structure the rounds just like the pros in that they are 3 minutes long.

Once starting you will probably need to rest for short periods during the round, but that’s no problem at all – just give it your 100% during the round.

Then, the duration of the rest is not that important for fat loss, the pros do 1 minute but I would suggest taking 2-3 minutes between rounds to fully recover.

If you have any weak points (abs, legs, etc.) this is a great time to work on them while you’re recovering from your kickboxing round.

Aim to add 1 round each workout, until you can manage approximately 10-15 rounds.

Always remember to warm-up (skipping is good as it warms up the shoulders, wrists and ankles) and stretch any tight points to improve your kicking ability.

In Summary.....

Muay Thai is a great fitness tool which can help with weight loss goals too. Follow the steps below for great results.

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