Self Defense Training In Dubai – SDT Seminar

The self-defense seminar in Dubai is aimed at teaching you the basics of self-defense through various workshops. Aimed at men, women, children and companies it will provide you with the basics to defend yourself and increase your self-confidence.
Self Defense Training In Dubai
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Self Defense Training In Dubai For Any Age Or Ability – SDT Seminar

Article Contributor: Samer

Table Of Contents

What is the SDT Seminar in Dubai?

SDT seminar is a seminar and workshop that stands as awareness against violence and a solution or educational course against any unlikely physical conflict or fight someone can get involved in, including robbery attempts, road anger, bullying, raping and harassment etc.


Self-Defense training in Dubai is mainly three parts;

  • How to avoid being in risky situations or places or beside people that can raise a conflict.
  • How to avoid violence and physical fight in case unlikely someone was put in a risky situation.
  • What to do and how to behave to avoid or reduce damage in case there is no way out of that unfortunate situation.


Who is the SDT Seminar in Dubai For?

Self-Defense training seminar in Dubai is for a huge section of people and you can say nearly every one that can react and understand or better say be educated about important relevant matters.

Starting from kids ages 4 or 5 that need to be educated against kidnapping, into kids from ages  6 to 16 or 17 that need awareness how to deal with bullying which is a very important matter and worry for parents.

Teenagers, especially girls and women, need to know how to prevent harassment or try to prevent raping. Our aim at the SDT Seminar is to reach every single adult that need to know how to stop or act in any robbery attempts or road angry drivers and drunk people.


What are the major benefits of attending the SDT Seminar?

The Self-Defense Training Seminar in Dubai can help attendants gain basic knowledge and basic techniques about dealing with all the mentioned matters. It is rich with some small details and hints that are easy to memorize and master but are very important and useful, and can really help reducing damage if not keeping them totally safe.

It will also help attendants gain some self confidence.


Is the SDT Seminar suitable for Children?

Of course it is and actually one of the main attendants of the Self-Defense Training Seminar in Dubai are kids.

One of the main topics covered for children is bullying because bullying remains one of the most worries for parents and an important issue for kids.

Being subject to bullying is a worrying time and will always have an impact on children’s personalities, weakening their self- confidence and maybe causing them some psychological problems which they might carry with them throughout their lives.


Do you provide self-defense training for company employees in Dubai?

Yes. SDT Dubai can be provided to your employees and their families. It can help with networking and strengthening personal bonds within the company structure. This leads to a more efficient and friendly working environment.

In Summary.....

In Summary, the main benefits of the Self-Defense Training Seminar:

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