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Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle is not only effecting adults in the UAE, it effects children too. Personal trainer Bernie provides some useful tips on how to deal with this problem
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Childhood Obesity & A Lack Of Fitness In Children In The UAE…

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Children in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE in general should be running round outside, playing football, hide and seek or even a game of tag. The youth of today is on a fast downward spiral into further obesity and growing even more health problems. Unfortunately today’s children are more interested in playing on their PlayStation or Xbox than playing with their friends outside in the fresh air. Even worse than this most parents are allowing this to happen. Every child needs their down time to play their computer games but there must be an even balance of that with exercise and physical, extra-curricular activity.

Participating in school Physical Education in the UAE once a week is not substantial enough to combat the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits of a large majority of children in the UAE.

As role models to our children it is up to us adults to set a great example to benefit our youth in the years to come.


How Much Exercise Should My Child Get?


Kids in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in the UAE should exercise for at least 1 hour every day, it doesn’t have to be in one go. So ride their bike to school, walk the dog or go play with friends. However they do it doesn’t matter just as long as they get moving! Sitting around for more than 2 hours isn’t healthy for our body either so don’t get stuck in front of the TV; get up and move.

Trust me, your body will thank you now and in the long run.


So Why Is Exercise So Important?


Running, jumping, rolling, catching, swimming it’s all exercise and not one part of our body doesn’t benefit from it.

Let’s begin with our vital organs……..


Heart, Lungs and Brain

Firstly the more we exercise the stronger our heart and lungs become. The stronger we are the STRONGER they are.  Secondly, as soon as we begin exercising and get that blood pumping that fresh oxygenated blood supply goes straight to our brain and that does us all sorts of wonders. From increasing focus and mental capacity, to having a strong healthy brain that communicates with our body when we need to sleep at night.

Imagine how those test scores will improve if your child is more active.

Exercise is not just physical but mental - uae personal trainers

Muscles and Bones

The more you move the stronger and stretchier those muscles become. And the strength of your bones will increase to help you grow taller and stronger than ever.

Hand eye co-ordination

By simply playing a game of catch or pass with your child helps Improve their hand eye co-ordination dramatically. Children’s brains are like sponges the more they perform the more they absorb.

Staying healthy

The old school phrase you ARE what YOU eat is still the best guideline to go by in my view. If you’re filling your body with junk food then you’re also filling your arteries with all the bad ingredients that come with it. By all means have a pizza night here and there. But for the majority of the time it’s all about balance. The more colourful the plate the better (eat the rainbow) Stock those veggie piles high and grill some fresh lean meats. Don’t buy packaged chicken nuggets, get yourself some chicken breasts and make homemade ones with your child. If you’re ever in doubt go on  for all the necessary information.

Of course if you are really stuck with what exercise you and your kids can do then a personal trainer in the UAE who specialises in creating tailor-made workouts and exercise plans for adults and kids can help.

Find A Children's Fitness PT, Sports or Fitness Coach In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

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