CrossFit Training For Kids In Dubai

If you are a parent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and you find it difficult getting your kids to exercise regularly then CrossFit in the UAE might be right for you. CrossFit can be tailored to kids of all ages and because workouts are never the same your children will never get bored.
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CrossFit Training For Kids In Dubai - Helping Children Get More Active

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Kids need to be active. Is CrossFit training in the UAE Suitable for children?

CrossFit training in Abu Dhabi & Dubai provides a high energy workout but did you know that CrossFit in the UAE can also be tailored to children?

We asked a professional CrossFit coach for advice about using CrossFit for kids in the UAE.


Is CrossFit suitable for kids in the UAE?


Question: CrossFit in Dubai is considered a high intensity workout (HIIT) and can be a great way to get fit fast and lose weight. Because CrossFit is scalable to the level of participants do you think CrossFit can also be a suitable training method for Kids in the UAE?

Absolutely. Crossfit is a fun method of exercising the whole body. Crossfit is basically functional training which means you can in cooperate outdoor locations and make it more fun for kids in Dubai.


Can CrossFit for kids be a fun exercise method?


Question: Many parents in Dubai are concerned that their children aren’t getting enough extra-curricular exercise. However, kids sometimes see exercise as a bit of a chore so can CrossFit be tailored to be more fun for children?

Crossfit is many things and combines aspects from gymnastics like weightlifting, bodyweight training such as squats and pullups. Also endurance training like running, jumping and climbing ropes.

There will be variation in the workouts, so kids in the UAE won’t get bored.

It require patience to learn the workouts, the movements and the skills, but once you have them all, there is no limit for the fun you can have.

Crossfit will give kids the knowledge about training, so they can maintain and do it by themselves on holidays or at home.


Isn’t CrossFit too hard for kids?


Question: As a personal trainer in Dubai who has experience in CrossFit training and working with children what advice would you give to parent’s who might be worried that CrossFit is too intense?

Every exercise is scalable which means kids can participate as well. If it’s done properly, it can strengthen children’s muscles and joints, as well as decrease the chance of getting injured.

Crossfit in Dubai is a high intensity method which means, in an hour or less you will be done. Crossfit is a competitive sport, but all individuals has to find their fitness level and make the pace after that.


What’s involved in a CrossFit workout?


Question: Can you provide some examples of basic CrossFit exercises and how these could be adapted for CrossFit kids?

There is plenty of exercises kids can do. All the aspect from the gymnastic parts will kids be able to do like bodyweight exercises. Squats, push-ups, pull ups etc.

Every exercise in CrossFit is scalable.


Is CrossFit educational for kids?


Question: Do you think it’s important that children who do CrossFit also understand the reasons behind why fitness is so important from a young age and do you think this helps them become more involved?

It’s definitely important to tell kids, why they have to workout or move their body. The most important thing is, to take them away from bad habits and make them exercise for at least 30 minutes.


Is Crossfit good for kids who need to lose weight?


Question: Weight issues among children have been on the rise for some time, not just in the UAE. Does regular exercise like CrossFit for kids help to lose and maintain a healthier weight as children grow?

All exercises will help kids lose weight. Crossfit is just one of many options to make it fun to exercise. Crossfit is recommendable because it’s basically high intensity and huge variation that’s make it more fun, that spending one hour on the treadmill.

Find A PT for Kids Fitness In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

If you are looking for a fun way to get exercise into your kids lives in the UAE take a look at Crossfit. You can find and contact CrossFit personal trainers by using the link below to view their PT profiles. 

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