Aerobics & Circuit for weight loss in the UAE

Need help losing some weight in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Circuit training is a great choice which will not only help you shed a few pounds but will also help you get in great shape for the long term.
aerobics for weight loss in abu dhabi and dubai

Circuit training and aerobics to help you lose weight in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

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When it comes to losing weight in Abu Dhabi or Dubai there are so many ways to do so. As well as watching your diet you need to exercise too but can circuit training and aerobics help? The good thing about circuit training and aerobics routines are that you’ll never get bored with your exercise routine. It will also help with your general and cardio fitness too!

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How does doing more aerobics or circuits help you lose weight?

On top of a good diet, Aerobics and Circuit training are considered two of the best programs to help you shed a few pounds.

Even if you are new to exercise a combination of Aerobics classes and Circuit training can be done by anyway, no matter what your weight is or what your current level of fitness is. 

The other great thing about these methods is that in classes or private training your coach will start you off a level you feel comfortable with and increase the intensity as you lose weight and become fitter. 

What is Circuit training?

Circuit training in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is a series of exercises set out in stations. Each station allows a set off exercises, be it cardio or strength, that are carried out for a set amount of time. This gives a total body work out.

The exercises may use equipment or body weight but are set around functional training. For example:

Station 1 – Squat Jumps

Station 2 – Stepping lunges with dumb bells (forwards or backwards)

Station 3 – Jumping Jack

How does Circuit Training help with weight loss?

Circuit training is total body training providing both cardio and strength effects. It can be adapted to add more cardio to increase weight loss.

Stations can be timed, e.g. for 30 seconds or 1 minute at a time or can be used with Tabata, 20 seconds workout 10 seconds rest x 8 times per station.

Maximum effort, minimum rest; providing High Intensity Interval Training.

To get the best out of your training sessions join a group in Abu Dhabi or Dubai which is led by a professional circuit training personal trainer.

An example Circuit Training workout

Station 1 – Jumping Jacks

Station 2 – Backward stepping lunges with dumb bells

Station 3 – High Knees

Station 4 – Squat overhead press with a kettlebell

Station 5 – Burpees/or adaptation

Each station using Tabata timing. So station 1; 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 times. The same with each station.

The rest between each station 40 seconds and 1 minute.

Working to your maximum in the 20 seconds with a short 10 second recovery is High Intensity Interval Training.

Maximizing the workout and allowing continued fat burning for 24 hours post workout.

The same type of workout can be done differently, timing each station for 30 seconds to 1 minute, moving from station to station with a small break between each station.

The circuit can then be completed with 2 or 3 rounds of stations.

Each station can be set by the trainer according to your workout goals.

Using both equipment and body weight exercises the circuit can be adapted for all individuals or group trainings and for all settings; inside or outside, gym situations or an empty workout space.

How does Aerobics help with weight loss?

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai many people hire a personal trainer with the specific goal of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight ‘after’ they reach their weight loss target. One method of weight loss is Aerobic exercise which when combined with a good diet can achieve great results.

Recent studies demonstrate that combining only aerobic exercise with a great diet can significantly reduce your weight and also ‘fat’ weight.

We asked a female aerobics personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who is a specialist fat and weight loss for her tips about aerobic exercise.

What are the best Aerobics exercise techniques for weight loss?

There are many aerobic techniques and methods that you can use for losing weights and burning body fats in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but here’s the list of the most effective and time effective methods.

1. PHA (peripheral heart action training)

This training is a combination of anaerobic and aerobics exercise. Two exercises back to back and no rest in between sets. You can do this in different ways.. Like train your anterior and posterior back to back or you can do the upper and lower body back to back. This training really effective for losing weight because the heart rate really goes up and burn calories in a process.


2. Cardio Acceleration Training

Is a mixture of weight training and cardio training (eg doing a barbell squats then do a high knees right away no rest between the sets and repeat the exercise for 5 sets) This is really effective for losing weight because it gets your blood pumping and your heart rate up.


3. Sprinting

Sprinting is a high intensity training that really works for your cardio vascular training (cardio) and helps losing weight fast. You can do this by using the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) This training is really effective for losing weight because the heart rate goes really high and helps to boost the metabolism as well.


4. Multi Joint Training

Training multiple joints is an exercise that uses different joint in one movement – a good example for this is a clean dumbbell press. This movement uses all big muscles in your body that need a lot of effort and energy to use which therefore really helps to burn fats. By doing these exercises regularly in different muscles groups you can lose some weight.


5. Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a training method can can really add a great deal of cardio workouts which can help you lose weight. This kind of training really helps to burn tons of fats in a short period of time.


6. Density Sets

This exercise is almost the same as circuit styles but does 3-4 exercises back to back with no rest. But the difference for this exercise is more targeted towards your endurance.

By doing 3-4 exercises and not working the same muscles groups will allow you to do more reps in a certain period of time. at the same time really helping you to burn fats.


7. Tabata Training In Abu Dhabi

Tabata training 8 exercises back to back with very short rest. Working a whole body exercise and burn lots of body fats in a very short period of time. Good for endurance as well.


8. HIIT (High intensity interval training)

HIIT training can be done with weight training equipment or body weight exercises. You can combine both weight training and cardio for Tabata. Your heart rate goes up which in turn means you will be burning more calories.


9. LISS (Low intensity Steady State)

LISS is also beneficial for losing weight and good for endurance and can be done using a treadmill, crosstrainer or even in a skillrow. LISS really helps to burn fats and build strength for the cardio vascular system.


10. Swimming

Swimming in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is probably the best known of all aerobic based exercises and as well as getting you fit it can really help to burn fats and is good for endurance.

Working the whole body that really gives lot of efforts and energy ultimately burning calories. All the above aerobic based exercise methods are really great when it comes to burning fats and losing weight in Abu Dhabi but remember, if don’t have proper diet and nutrition the job of using aerobics for weight loss will be that much harder.

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