Can Dieting Alone Cause Weight Loss In Dubai?

Dieting alone in Dubai might help you lose weight but keeping the weight off can be difficult. A combination of diet and exercise will provide better results in the short and long term.
Can Dieting Alone Cause Weight Loss

Can Dieting Alone Help You Lose Weight In Dubai?

Article Contributor: Viktor

In Dubai, diets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are here as a fad craze for a few months and then are replaced for another. Some diets actually work and some are even prescribed by medical professionals. 

But, is dieting alone without exercising the best option for you? Dubai professional personal trainer and nutrition coach Viktor provides some great tips for getting the best results. 

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How Can You Make Dieting More Successful?

While dieting on its own might lead to weight loss, regular exercise usually makes it more successful.

It’s important to note that weight loss won’t happen overnight. Yes, for many people in Dubai initial weight loss will be greater but for sustained weight loss you need to think of both nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle change. 

Compared to people who merely diet, studies have shown that people who combine a healthy diet and regular exercise are more likely to lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

Exercise 'and' diet will ensure you get the best results - over time

A group of overweight and obese adults who followed a calorie-restricted diet and regularly exercised lost almost 2 times as much weight and body fat as a group who only followed a calorie-restricted diet or only exercised, according to a 2011 study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Another study, from 2019, found that individuals who followed a calorie-restricted diet and exercised regularly not only lost more weight and body fat than a group who only exercised or only followed the calorie-restricted diet, but also significantly improved their CVD markers.#

Weight loss programs enhanced anthropometric, biochemical, physiological, physical, and psychological characteristics in women aged 40–60, according to 2020 research.

What does all this mean? Putting science aside, simply put, these studies show that optimal results are more often than not acheived when some form of exercise is also introduced at the same time as dieting for weight loss in Dubai. 

Just like people, diets are different

It’s crucial to remember that just like everyone is not the same, not every diet is the same. Extremely low-calorie diets or crash diets can be dangerous and are not advised for weight loss.

The ideal strategy for weight loss is a balanced, long-term diet that incorporates a variety of nutrient-rich meals.

Additionally, losing weight isn’t always the best sign of general health. It is possible to lose weight solely through dieting, but this may not be a healthy or long-lasting strategy if the weight loss is not accompanied by an improvement in general health indicators like blood
pressure, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels.

build a lifestyle not just a body


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3. A comparison of diet versus diet+exercise programs for health improvement in middle-aged
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Dubai Personal Fitness Trainer & Wellness Coach - Viktor

Dubai PT & Nutrition Coach Viktor

Viktor is a professional personal trainer and sports fitness coach in Dubai who has experience in providing effective and successful training programs to clients internationally.

He has the experience you need to analyse your lifestyle and then create a customised program which is designed to provide lasting results.

Whether you want to just be a fitter, more toned you or you have a specific fitness goal like weight loss, increasing your strength or working on your sports fitness he can help. His personal training programs for muscle building and strength will provide you with the knowledge and motivation you need to transform yourself.

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