Circuit Training For Weight Loss In Abu Dhabi

Circuit training is a great way to get fit and get your cardio health in top form. Can circuit training in Abu Dhabi also help you lose weight and if so how?
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Can Circuit Training In Abu Dhabi Help You Lose Weight?

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Circuit Training in Abu Dhabi - It's great for cardio health but can it also help you lose weight effectively?

When it comes to losing weight in Abu Dhabi there are so many ways to do so. As well as watching your diet you need to exercise too but can circuit training help? The good thing about circuit training is that you’ll never get bored with your exercise routine. It will also help with your general and cardio fitness too!

We asked a professional PT from Abu Dhabi about Circuit Training and weight loss goals.


What is Circuit Training?


Question: Many people in Abu Dhabi are looking for fast and effective ways to lose weight. Can you give us a run down on what circuit training is for those that are unsure.

Circuit training in Abu Dhabi is a series of exercises set out in stations. Each station allows a set off exercises, be it cardio or strength, that are carried out for a set amount of time. This gives a total body work out.

The exercises may use equipment or body weight but are set around functional training. For example:

Station 1 – Squat Jumps

Station 2 – Stepping lunges with dumb bells (forwards or backwards)

Station 3 – Jumping Jack



How does Circuit Training help with weight loss?


Question: How does circuit training in Abu Dhabi effectively help with weight loss?

Circuit training is total body training providing both cardio and strength effects. It can be adapted to add more cardio to increase weight loss.

Stations can be timed, e.g. for 30 seconds or 1 minute at a time or can be used with Tabata, 20 seconds workout 10 seconds rest x 8 times per station.

Maximum effort, minimum rest; providing High Intensity Interval Training.

To get the best out of your training sessions join a group in Abu Dhabi which is led by a professional circuit training personal trainer.


Is it suitable for all ages and abilities?


Question: Is circuit training for weight loss suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level or are there some restrictions?

The stations set by the personal trainer or coach can be adapted to meet the needs of all.

The exercises can be both high impact, low impact or a mixture of both.

The timings for each station can be set to accommodate both beginners and the more experienced client. Working with the client the workout can also be adapted for injuries/limitations.


How often should I do Circuit Training for weight loss?


Question: How often should you do circuit training in Abu Dhabi if you are looking to lose weight fast?

To maximize your weight loss with Circuit Training it is advised to attend 2 to 4 sessions per week.


Example Circuit Training workouts



Question 5: Can you provide 5 example circuit training workouts and explain how they work to help with weight loss?

Station 1 – Jumping Jacks

Station 2 – Backward stepping lunges with dumb bells

Station 3 – High Knees

Station 4 – Squat overhead press with a kettlebell

Station 5 – Burpees/or adaptation

Each station using Tabata timing. So station 1; 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 times. The same with each station.

The rest between each station 40 seconds and 1 minute.

Working to your maximum in the 20 seconds with a short 10 second recovery is High Intensity Interval Training.

Maximizing the workout and allowing continued fat burning for 24 hours post workout.

The same type of workout can be done differently, timing each station for 30 seconds to 1 minute, moving from station to station with a small break between each station.

The circuit can then be completed with 2 or 3 rounds of stations.

Each station can be set by the trainer according to your workout goals.

Using both equipment and body weight exercises the circuit can be adapted for all individuals or group trainings and for all settings; inside or outside, gym situations or an empty workout space.

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