Effective Weight Loss Training For Women In Abu Dhabi

With so many weight loss programs available it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. In this article, a female PT in Abu Dhabi shares her weight loss training tips.
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Why do so many women in Abu Dhabi fail when it comes to reaching their weight loss goals? Does a good training program help?

Article Contributor: Tash Richards

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Is your training regime or the exercises you do causing problems with losing weight in Abu Dhabi?

Weight Loss Exercise Types


Question: Weight loss in Abu Dhabi is one of the primary reasons many women seek the help of a personal trainer. What are the top 10 exercise types that can help with safe, rapid weight loss (i.e HIIT, Running, Kickboxing etc)

In my opinion as a female PT in Abu Dhabi the top 10 most effective exercises to aid weight loss are:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Weight training
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Cycling
  • Interval training
  • Skipping
  • Rowing
  • Stair climbing


However, each client is different and needs to be assessed before we can understand what types of exercise will be most effective.


What About Diet & Nutrition?


Question: As well as exercise, does diet and nutrition play a major part when trying to lose weight and if so how and why?

I firmly believe that diet and nutrition play a major role in weight loss.  The energy balance equation is an essential component in weight management and can be described in the following way: 

ENERGY INTAKE (food and drink) vs ENERGY OUTPUT (the energy we use through resting, activity and exercise).

To lose weight the energy output needs to be greater than energy intake.  The foods we eat as part of our daily diet influence our energy levels during exercise and affect our overall health and wellbeing.

The key nutrients our bodies need are proteins, carbohydrates and fats (macronutrients). Vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) are also essential for a healthy body.

Key nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates provide the body with fuel
  • Protein for growth, maintenance and repair
  • Fats for insulation. 

It is also very important to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to prevent dehydration and also aid the weight loss process.

A balanced and healthy diet is the most important factor when someone is trying to lose weight.


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Are Weight Loss Goals Realistic?


Question: Unfortunately many women are misled when it comes to how much weight they can lose in a specific amount of time because of false advertising, quick fix diets and more. As a professional  weight loss coach how much weight can the average women lose in a month if she sticks with her training and diet plan.

It has to be remembered that every woman is different and everyone will lose weight at different rates.  But, as a rule healthy weight loss should be around 1-2 lbs per week.


What About Fluctuating Weight Loss Results


Question: Sometimes weight loss results fluctuate. In other words weight loss can be great for a couple of months and then the results are not as fast. What are the main reasons for this?

There are many reasons why your weight loss may slow down or stop.  This can be due to a number of factors such as:

  • Eating habits
  • Energy intake (is it greater than your energy output?)
  • Exercise (are you doing the same thing over and over again, you may need to change your program)
  • Sleep (are you getting enough?)
  • Metabolism (it may need a kick-start)


Although weight loss may slow down this does not mean that you are not losing weight and toning. 

It should be remembered that while exercising your body will be building muscle and this weights more than fat. 


What Happens If Weight Loss Stops?


Question: For your weight loss clients in Abu Dhabi what do you do if and when weight loss stops. Do you need to change the training plan or diet? 


If a client weight loss has stalled and they have not reached their fitness goal I would carry out the following:

  • Re-assess the clients situation
  • I can advise on healthy dietary options
  • Develop a new custom training program
  •  Provide motivation and support to my clients


All of the above would be carried out in consultation with the client to optimise their program and ensure that the client attains their goals.


UAE Personal Trainers - Diet Inspirational Quotes


What About Body Toning With Weight Loss


Question: For women who are very overweight are there any special training tips you provide when it comes to weight loss and toning. In other words how do you ensure your clients lose weight and fat without suffering from sagging skin.

Weight loss requires commitment and permanent lifestyle changes. My methods to ensure that a client loses weight and achieves their goals are as follows:

  • Be realistic with clients (explain that results will take time)
  • Explain that weight needs to be lost slowly and steadily to prevent sagging skin to allow the body to adapt to its new shape.
  • Encouragement and support to clients 


For very overweight women I recommend starting their regime with cardio, a healthy diet and the recommended fluid intake. 

When the client begins to lose weight and their fitness levels improve then I would introduce body weight and resistance training into their plan to start toning up their body and building muscle.


Do Quick Fix Diets Work?


Question:What is your opinion on quick fix diets, crash diets and dieting supplements. Do they really work in the long term?

Quick fix diets, crash diets and dieting supplements may see a person achieve weight loss results but it can be very dangerous to health by denying the body the nutrition, vitamins and minerals it needs.  These diets/supplements may slow down metabolism, which may in turn lead to weight gain. 

This is often described as being on a yo-yo diet, which means that your weight will go up and down and you will never achieve your fitness goal.  Such diets are more often short term fixes and do not work in the long term. 

I firmly believe that weight loss needs to be slow and steady and a permanent lifestyle change (healthy eating and exercising) being the key to achieving the goals a client has set.


Top Tips For Women’s Weight Loss In Abu Dhabi


Question: Finally, for women in Abu Dhabi who are considering personal training as a method for effective weight loss what are your tops tips.

My top tips for the women of Abu Dhabi who are considering personal training for effective weight loss are:

  • Set yourself a fitness goal – The fitness goal should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound
  • Be committed and motivated (I can help you with this!)
  • Expect lifestyle changes (eat healthy, exercise) 
  • Finally and easiest of all – get plenty of sleep!! 


In Summary.....

Womens long term weight loss in Abu Dhabi is very achievable if you use the right techniques and exercises when training and make sure your diet and nutrition is in great shape. 

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