Endurance Training UAE – Great For Weight Loss & More

Endurance training is not just for the super fit or athletes. With the advice and techniques explained here it can be part of your daily UAE fitness routine.
Keeping Fit & Healthy In Abu Dhabi UAE

With Some Persistence & Will Power Endurance Training In The UAE Is A Great Way To Stay In Shape

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Endurance Training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi doesn't have to be difficult - it's easy to make it part of your overall fitness regime.

Endurance training is often misunderstood. Many people think Endurance Training is reserved for the likes of athletes or the ultra-fit. However, incorporating an elements of Endurance training into your personal training programme in Dubai has numerous benefits, both mentally and physically.

In this question and answer session a personal training expert provides some useful tips on what Endurance Training is and the benefits it provides.


How does endurance training help with fitness?


Question: Endurance training if often associated with athlete’s and sports in general. For those of us not involved with sports how can incorporating an element of endurance training help in our Dubai personal training regime?

Endurance training is not only for athletes and sports. For instance adding some LISS training to your regime is great for your cardiovascular health, increases your metabolism to aid weight/fat loss, improves your blood circulation and is also scientifically shown to improve moods which is why many doctors recommend exercise to patients suffering with depression.


Time is the key to great endurance training


Question: Is endurance training something that builds up over time? In other words like muscle gain and strength training does it take a while to feel the benefits of an endurance training program?

Many of my personal training clients in Dubai tend to feel the effects of endurance training very quickly!

When discussing how they feel a few weeks into training they tend to feel more alert, energised and overall better about themselves.

Also if it is a form of training you do not normally do then you will surprise yourself how much longer you can last after just a few sessions.

That exhausting 5 minute run can easily build up to 15 then 30 minutes in no time once your body adapts.


Training methods to increase endurance


Question: As an endurance specialist what training methods would you say are the best for increasing endurance?

I’ve heard that CrossFit is a good place to start as well as running and swimming

My personal preferred endurance routes would be an assault bikes, rowing or circuit.

Something where I can get the full body working. Yes working just one area is good but it is only logical that if more muscles are being brought into play then your body must work harder to adapt and improve.


Gym based endurance training


Question: In the gym what would you say is the best training kit for endurance and do you have a favourite piece of endurance (stamina) training kit?

From the previous question I would need to place my vote for the rowing machine (or ergometer).

Having a background in Rowing with the GB START programme I know just how exhausting and effective that piece of equipment can be.

Try comparing how you feel yourself from running or cycling 5km to rowing 5km and you’ll get the point. So if you’re training in Dubai with myself and/or are going to hit out a good endurance session on it then prepare to work up a sweat!


Foods that help with endurance training


Question: When we think about endurance we often associate it with ‘time’ and stamina – after all it takes a while to run a full marathon. What would you say are the best foods to eat for endurance training purposes and should there be specific meal times?

For endurance training and especially an event like a marathon I would definitely increase the amount of carbs I eat (pastas and rices etc).

Carbs are slow burners so perfect for endurance as they gradually feed you with energy and fuel throughout the event.

Before my half marathon, during my John O’Groats to Lands End cycle and before rugby games I will normally have a high carb dinner the night before and a high carb breakfast (normally oats) to ensure there is adequate time to digest it all.


Endurance Training – Top 5 Tips


Question: What would be your ‘5’ ultimate tips for people in Dubai looking to increase their endurance for either general fitness or for a specific event – training for a marathon for example?

Persistence – don’t start for instance then skip weeks of training and try to jump back in.

A marathon takes preparation so you need to keep in at it.

Cycle your intensities and difficulty – Trying to constantly run faster or further every session will take its toll on your body.

Ensure to input light days or shorter training days as well as your long distance or high speed sessions.

Variety – Doing long distance on the same exercise can start to get a little bit boring and off putting so don’t be afraid to throw in something different.

Swap a run for a cycle or a swim for instance. During our rowing sessions we would occasionally throw in a run to get us off the rowing machine for a day or 2.

Nutrition! – Ensure you have a healthy and suitable diet to help out your sessions. Trust me in that it will be much easier to run with a grilled chicken breast and rice in you than a Big Mac meal!

Hydrate – Due to the length of time you will find yourself working on some pieces your body is naturally going to sweat to keep itself cool.

Dehydration is a big factor in cramp so unless you want to be pulling up mid race, ensure you take in plenty of water and electrolytes.

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