How To Exercise For Fat Loss – UAE Personal Trainers

What are the best ways to reduce ‘fat’ and get that body scultped look in the UAE? Personal trainer and fitness expert Chris explains some of the best methods to lose fat
weight loss personal training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah
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How To Exercise For Fat Loss – UAE Personal Trainers

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Table Of Contents

Fat Loss – The aim of the game, The Holy Grail

Fat loss and Weight Loss in the UAE – there is a difference.


This is probably the major reason that people exercise nowadays, but to understand it I need to get my ‘Geek On’.

If the goal is to achieve Fat Loss through training then you simply need to remove fat from a cell and use it as energy.

When we talk about losing body fat we’re actually talking about the triglycerides that are stored in your fat cells and blood.

In order to stimulate the fat loss process we must break down these triglycerides.


There is an element of ‘science’ behind it..


If you are in a healthy state, it means your hormones will be working efficiently enough to make this happen without you doing a lot.

But, through both training (with or without a personal trainer in the UAE) and nutrition we can stimulate the hormone most influential in fat gain, Insulin.

If insulin levels are elevated we cannot move fat from a cell to be burned as energy – and more fat will continue to be stored.


Personal Trainers In the UAE - The Importance Of Strength Training


Try out an exercise or workout program like the following


Repeat all exercises for 12 reps back to back – 60 second rest X 8

  • Squats
  • Pull Up’s (assisted on machine if needed)
  • Deadlifts
  • Dips (assisted if needed)

Repeat that 3 times per week, increasing the weight lifted each week. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated that that.

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