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Need to lose weight fast in Dubai? Although crash dieting is not a great idea there are other ways you can lose weight in a short time. Get some great advice and weight loss diet and training tips to ensure success.
Fast weight loss training techniques and diet in Dubai
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Article Submitted By: Viktoria

Viktoria is an expert when it comes to healthy ways to lose weight (and fat) and maintain a healthy weight in Dubai.

Her main goal is to build new healthy habits, motivate and make the client truly love sport and healthy food.

Being specialised in a body weight loss programs for the ladies and gentlemen of Dubai Viktoria can promise visible result after just 10-12 sessions.

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How To Lose Weight Fast In Dubai

Weight loss and fat loss are two of the primary reasons why many men and women in Dubai choose to hire a freelance personal trainer. Whether you have gained weight over a period of time or have been unhappy with your weight and physique for a while rapid weight loss is possible as long as you get sensible advice about exercise and diet.

There’s no need to starve yourself, in fact that can be a dangerous way to lose weight. You can still eat and enjoy the food you love but when you get professional advice about your nutrition it will go a long way to reducing the numbers you see on your weighing scales.

In it’s simplest form weight loss occurs when your body is in a calorie deficit. That means your body is using more calories that it consumes on a daily basis – sounds simple in practice but it can be difficult for many men and women.

Weight loss and weight management should always be seen as a long term, maintainable goal but if you need to lose weight fast this article provides some great tips and advice from Viktoria, a professional freelance personal trainer in Dubai who specialises in helping ladies of all ages lose weight and get in great shape

Fat Loss or Weight Loss

You should always remember anything related to a fast weight loss is not fat loss. It’s a muscle loss and water. You need to decide if just ‘weight loss’ is your primary goal or weight loss and body toning is your goal before you start because your exercise and nutrition can then be customised to suit your needs.

Starving yourself and crash diets are not advisable. Depending on your age and body type you could end up with health problems and suffer with sagging skin which can be difficult to correct.

Remember that when you first start any diet in Dubai you might see the number of scales go down rapidly at first. Your body is losing a lot of water weight during this period.

As a PT in Dubai I advise my clients that it is safe to lose between 500 and 700 grams per week but again this does depend on many things including:

  • How many calories your body is burning

  • Your starting body weight

  • Your body type

  • How many times per week you exercise

  • What you eat and drink on a daily basis

  • Your BMI and other body measurements before you start training

  • Any medical conditions you might have

Why are you seeing less weight loss over a period of time?

Weight loss can slow down or even stop over a period of time. We refer to this as a ‘weight loss plateau’

You get so excited during your first few weeks of your new weight loss and nutrition training program, you see the number on the scales going down and down and then ‘bam’ nothing happens.

Your training is the same, you are sticking to the diet you have been provided but for some reason losing weight seems more of a struggle.

This can be frustrating for many men and women and this is the time when many fail in their long term weight loss goals. However, this short term ‘plateau’ is perfectly natural and happens to almost everyone.

Your body is amazing, it’s just adjusting to your new routine – whether that is dramatic changes to your diet or because you are doing more training.

So why do weight loss plateau’s happen?

The truth is it’s a bit of a mystery even to professional nutritionists, doctors and personal trainers. It can be for a number of reasons including:


  • Your body is just adjusting to your new routine

  • When you lose weight quickly your metabolism slows down – it’s a natural phenomena related to starvation

  • You’re not sticking with your diet even if you think you are


With regards to the last point above. Many men and women in Dubai who diet for weight loss follow their diet plan but not as closely as they should ‘but’ every calorie counts.

So, even if you think you are being good and not eating what you shouldn’t even the occasional snack during the day counts.

I’m not saying the occasional sweet treat is going to pile the pounds back on but on a calorie counted diet you need to keep track of everything you are eating.

I find the best way for a client in Dubai to do this is to keep a food diary. When you use food diary (journal) you can list everything that you eat and drink.

You can then go through that information with your personal trainer or nutrition coach and see where you might be overeating or even cheating without realising it.

A great alternative to using a paper based food journal is to download a food tracking app. These can help you keep track of all your meals and snacks – even when on the go.

The most important thing to remember is that weight loss plateaus are normally perfectly ‘normal’ so don’t panic and don’t stop working out.

If you find that weight loss has stopped for an extended period and you are still sticking to your training program and your diet then it might be useful to change your diet and training program or even get advice from a doctor to rule out any other possibilities.

However, for the vast majority of my clients in Dubai this is never an issue so don’t worry when the scales stop going down for a while.

Which diet is the best one for you in Dubai?

With so many diets to choose from in Dubai, all promising amazing results where do you start?

To be honest I don’t like diets. It’s very rare for weight ‘management’ results to continue when you have stopped dieting. More times that not you’ll end up simply putting the weight back on.

Why is this?

Well, it’s simple really. Many men and women don’t see exercise, diet and nutrition as a lifestyle change. They see diet’s as a quick fix to a temporary problem.

I’m not saying you can’t lose weight ‘fast’, whether that’s for a special occasion (wedding weight loss for example) or for a medical reason but unless you change your mind-set about food, lifestyle and exercise you’ll end up back at square one.

In a study that can be found here the simple principle is that when your consume more calories (energy) than you need weight can will occur. 

As a personal trainer who specialises in weight loss, weight management and fat loss I like to educate my clients too about how to balance what they eat and the importance or proper nutrition too.

Using this balance you’ll be able to make positive, gradual changes to your life and keep your weight manageable for the longer term. This can improve your life, your confidence and of course your physical appearance too.

So, even though I use the word ‘diet’ when it comes to losing weight fast in Dubai what is really happening is that you are making positive, longer term changes to your lifestyle.

That being said. If a particular diet interests you we can of course take a look at how it could help.

Before and after images for weight and fat loss training in Dubai with Viktoria

What about intermittent fasting, is this just another diet fad craze?

Among the many diet’s that are gaining popularity at the moment is the intermittent fasting diet. It can be difficult to read through the hype sometimes because like any diet craze there are pro’s and con’s. You can read an in-depth report about the benefits of intermittent fasting here too. 

Intermittent fasting is a diet routine where you eat only during a set number of hours during the day. for example the 16-8 program, the 14-10 program or even the 12-12 program.

Using the above numbers, someone on the 16-8 intermittent fasting program would only eat during an 8 hour window. On the 14-10 program you would only eat during the 10 hour window.

In theory this form of dieting could work for many people because most of us only eat during a set period only. For example, on the 16-8 program you could have breakfast at around 10 in the morning, followed by lunch at 2pm and then dinner at 5pm. After 6pm you shouldn’t eat anything.

The problem with the intermittent fasting diet is that it doesn’t take into account your schedule, the hours you work and more.

Another problem with the intermittent fasting diet is some people tend to think that because they are fasting for a set number of hours they can eat what they want during the ‘eating’ hours. However, this can lead to unhealthy habits. In order to lose weight fast you still need to be in a calorie deficit.

It can also be difficult for men and women with families to stick with the intermittent fasting diet because your meal often revolves around your family meal time.

So, weight loss can occur ‘gradually’ if you follow a ‘healthy eating’ intermittent fasting diet but it’s not really the best way to rapidly lose weight (weight in general or fat) in Dubai.

In Summary - My Top Tips For Weight Loss In Dubai.....

Weight loss, whether fast (rapid) or more gradual is achievable. It can be difficult at times but when you get great advice and a weight loss personal training program in Dubai it will be easier.

I have helped many ladies in Dubai not only lose weight but also helped them change the way they think about food and exercise. This ultimately means weight management becomes a habit and part of their everyday lives.

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