Fat Loss Training – Try Swimming In Abu Dhabi

Is fat loss achievable with swimming? There are many different exercise methods that can help with weight and fat loss in Abu Dhabi but if you want to try something different swimming could help you.

If fat loss is your training goal can swimming in Abu Dhabi help?

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There’s no doubt that swimming can provide a thorough workout which firms body muscles, has an element of cardio fitness and burns calories without putting too much stress on the joints (low impact exercise)


However, are swimming classes suitable for people who want to lose fat and become leaner. If so are there any swimming methods and routines  that you as a personal swimming instructor in Abu Dhabi would recommend?

Yes swimming is a great exercise to lose weight, but it’s like any other exercise, the more effort you put in the better your results will be.

What I mean by that is. You can swim for an hour and your heart rate might not get over 150b/m (beats per minute), which is a clear indication that you are not pushing yourself, or you could swim for thirty minutes and your heart rate might not drop below 180b/m.

With both cases you have more chance of losing more calories in the shorter period then the longer period.


Swimming for fat loss in Abu Dhabi - Does it work?


Swimming To Help With Fat Loss

Swimming is a very technical sport. So there are a few factors that will affect your goal to lose weight.

One being, if your technique is wrong (I’m going to try keep this simple as possible as it could get very complicated).


Let me give you an example:

You swim one length of a 25m pool by the time you get to the other end you would be breathing heavy depriving your muscle of oxygen pushing your heart rate up.

You want your heart rate up but not this way, as when you want to start again you will first wait to get your breathing down then you would go again.

The time will be to longer between your intervals.

Whereas if your, technique (breathing) is correct, you would be able to do 10×100 laps in a certain time where your arms would get tired before your breathing gives in.


Swimming falls in the discussion of what came first, “the chicken or the egg.”

Meaning, you need a good technique to get fit and you need to be fit to work on your technique.

Once your technique and fitness levels gets stronger together, you then can work on fat loss.

Fat loss with swimming in Abu Dhabi can be done by doing sets, like the one I previously mentioned (10×100 leaving on 1:30s).

You can then start, changing your variables (equipment, intensity, time and duration). You can start using paddles, fins and kick board to and variety, this can also help with increasing your intensity in your training by pushing harder or giving you more resistance in the water.

With the intensity picking up, you then can either make time in your sets shorter and even train harder for a shorter period or longer if time allows.

You could even swim more times during the week if you have the time.


Diet still plays a BIG part….

And like all weight loss or fat loss programs in Abu Dhabi diet also plays a role. So it won’t help if you swim for thirty minutes one the morning and then go out for brunch on a Friday and Saturday.

For weight loss and any exercise program, everyone knows that you need to burn more calories in training then what you put into your body.

Weight loss in swimming all depends on the amount of time you put in the pool the better you would see results.

In Summary.....

Losing weight and losing fat weight can easily be achieved with different training and exercise techniques. Swimming is a fun and active sport that can help you burn fat when combined with a calorie controlled diet. 

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