How Many Times Per Week Should You Train For Weight Loss In The UAE?

How many times should you train per week to get the best results. This is a common question on the UAE Personal Trainers website.
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Are you struggling to lose weight in the UAE? Does the number or training sessions you do per week have an impact?

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Let’s be honest. Weight loss and weight management are difficult to maintain for many men and women in the UAE. It’s not always because you don’t have the commitment to a weight loss training goal – life tends to get in the way too with work and social commitments.

While weight loss should be viewed as a long term goal (it can be much easier to manage that way) training regularly and eating sensibly is definitely the best place to start.

So if you are considering using a weight loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you might be wondering how many times per week you should be training to lose weight.

In this article you’ll find out how many times per week you should be training and also read some valuable tips about why weight gain can occur.

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Firstly, why do we gain weight?


Weight gain can definitely creep up on you! One day you’re slim, have a fairly good physique and then before you know it weight starts piling on. It can general be as you become less active but even kids in the UAE who are active can still have weight related problems.

So what are some of the main reasons we gain weight over time?


  1. Over-Eating. You might think you eat well and tend not to eat too much but the true amount that you eat per day is often surprising to many people. Many of us tend to count our main meals as a total of what we consume per day. But, when you start to keep a food diary you’ll realise that all those snacks, sugary drinks and more all count towards what your calorie intake is.

  2. Being physically inactive for long periods. If you work you might think you are getting plenty of exercise per day but does your job really mean you are being active? Getting to work and back home again does provide some sort of physical activity for many people but if your job in the UAE means you are seated for much of the day you’re really not getting that much exercise at all.

  3. Taking no physical activity outside of work or school. Many adults get little to no extra physical activity during their day. When we say physical activity we mean no extra exercise in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. The same applies to children and teens at school. Once school has finished many will return home and sit in front of the TV, game system or their mobile phone.

  4. Calories in, calories out. All 3 points above can cause you to gain weight but weight gain will normally only happen when you are consuming more calories during the day than you use. If you are eating and drinking well above what your body needs and you are doing little or no exercise to burn off those calories then weight gain is inevitable.
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What is weight loss personal training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?


Losing weight, fat loss, diet and nutrition are one of the primary reasons both men and women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi choose to hire a personal trainer.

It can be hard to get in shape on your own, especially if you have tried many different diets in the past but have failed or seem to end up back at square one.

Freelance personal trainers and fitness companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who provide specialist coaching for weight loss and more importantly weight management can really help. Not just to help you lose weight but also educate you on why your weight is a problem and how you can ‘maintain’ a healthy weight as a lifestyle choice.

To put it in it’s simplest form, weight loss personal training combines effective exercises ‘and’ nutrition planning to help see and feel results.

Unfortunately it’s never quite that simple though in real life!

The real key is finding a fitness coach that can combine exercises and nutrition programs that are suited to you as an individual. This is because we are all different. Different body types, different starting weights, different eating habits and different likes and dislikes when it comes to both eating and exercise.

The ‘one size fits all’ kind of training programs you often see advertised in media do have their limits because they are not usually tailored to individuals.

When your exercises and nutrition program is designed around you and you alone you are far more likely to get results.

What does a typical weight loss training program include?


As we mentioned above, a good weight loss training program needs to be targeted to your individual needs and goals.

However, let’s look at what a typical weight loss PT program might include.


  1. Consultation. Before you start any training program in the UAE your personal trainer will provide a consultation. This is done for a variety of reasons but the mains ones are to allow the coach to find out more about you and your weight loss goals.

  2. Body measurements. At the start of your program your PT will take various body measurements. This can help the trainer decide what exercises and fitness methods would work best for you. Taking body measurements regularly will also help the trainer keep track of your progress and also help you see results.

  3. Selecting the right training and exercise methods. Some exercises will provide better results than others in your weight loss journey. However, the types of exercise you can comfortable and safely do depend on your current fitness level and of your your weight. This is where a professional PT will use their experience and knowledge to decide how far you can push yourself – comfortably.

  4. DIET & NUTRITION. According to one study by the NCBI that can be read here found that people who restricted calorie intake ‘and’ committed to an exercise program lost weight faster and managed to maintain weight loss for longer. This is one aspect of personal fitness that many people overlook. They wrongly think that eating less is going to magically cause weight loss and improve their physique. Yes, by eating less you might lose weight but unless you exercise too and get proper nutrition advice you will probably put weight back on and sometimes in excess. Weight loss really does need to include both exercise and a good diet in order to work in the long term.

So how many times per week should I train for weight loss in the UAE?


We seem to have strayed off topic a little in this article but we felt it was important for you to know what is involved in a weight loss training program and more importantly get the information you need in order to make sure your weight loss journey succeeds.

The more you train the faster you’ll see results. That’s true to a certain extend but it can be more complex than that simple statement.

Training frequency and training intensity can all contribute to how fast you will see and feel results but remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. If you train too much you’ll burn yourself out and if you train too little you will find that eventually your enthusiasm and motivation will eventually wane.

So what’s the perfect number? Unfortunately there isn’t one. But, many men and women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who are really committed to shedding the weight and becoming healthier choose to train around 4 times per week. This figure ensures you are training sufficiently to burn calories, tone your body and get fitter while not over-training which can lead to injury and burn out.

Don’t forget though. A weight loss training program is a 24/7 program. So, even though you’ll not necessarily be hitting the gym (or training at home) everyday you’ll still be monitoring your diet and nutrition to ensure you stay on track.

Ultimately, you and your trainer will be in a better position to provide full details about how many times you should be training for maximum benefit.

The UAE Personal Trainers website has a great articles section which includes many tips and advice to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 

In Summary.....

Don’t be too confused or concerned about how many times per week you should be physically training in the UAE. A good weight management program needs to be followed every day for the best results but the active part doesn’t need to be every day.

Finding a great weight loss personal trainer in the UAE is quick and easy with the UAE Personal Trainers website.

Use the search link below to find the perfect coach in your local area.

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