Personal Trainer Tips for starting And Sticking To A New food Routine

changing your eating habits as part of your personal training plan in Abu Dhabi. Here are some great tips and ideas on creating and sticking with a healthy eating plan in combination with your exercise and training regime
Healthy eating and nutrition tips from uae personal trainers

Personal Trainer Tips for starting And Sticking To A New food Routine

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Taking Control Of Your Healthy Eating & Nutrition Plan…

So you are handling your new personal training program in Abu Dhabi well, 4 to 5 sessions a week and your feeling great and getting fitter.

Congratulations you have taken a massive step in the right direction, but your nutrition plan isn’t up to scratch and your weight loss or weight gain is suffering because of it.

I know you have a busy life as many of us do in Abu Dhabi and some times things get over looked.

It’s the beginning and I don’t expect you to weigh out everything you eat or count your macros.

Smaller more manageable changes are the way to go for attainable success at the start.

Here are a few tips from a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi to help you kick-start the change and stick to it.


Hold Yourself Accountable….

Track or monitor your food for a week by keeping a food diary or even taking photos on your phone.

There is no hiding from the chocolate bar you had at 3 pm that then slipped your mind.

Review it after the week and you will clearly see the habits that need to go.


Meet Yourself Halfway…

Habits are hard to break, good or bad because they become second nature and stopping a habit altogether can be a very difficult thing to do.

If you’re having four soft drinks a day and two bags of crisps cut it down to two and one for the first week or two then cut it down again.

Small adjustments to your healthy eating routine in Abu Dhabi over a period are far easier to maintain.


Plan Your Meals….

It’s no secret that planning your weekly or daily meals out is a huge factor in your potential success. I’m not saying that you have to have every meal ready cooked so you and your family of bodybuilders can eat at a moment’s notice.

But for busy people in Abu Dhabi, actively think about what you are going have for lunch or dinner and the temptation to order a take out cause you don’t have anything ready will be significantly less.


Cycle Your Recipes….

For those days when everything is a hundred miles per hour and you haven’t had a chance to stop and think what’s for dinner it handy to have five to ten recipes that you can make with your eyes closed.

We are creatures of habit; just make the healthier habit an easier one too.



It sounds like the easiest of the tips but is probably the one that trips people up the most. Consistency with your planning, consistency with your meal choices is the key to success; there are no quick fixes for the long term so stay the path until it becomes second nature.


Food Shop On A Full Stomach….

It sounds silly but going to the supermarket when you’re hungry is a recipe for disaster!


All the things you know you shouldn’t buy are jumping out at you from the shelf and before you know it your leaving with a family pack of snickers, three bags of toffee popcorn, and a full case of cola!

There goes your good week down the drain.


Find What Works For You….

There will be ups and downs; the path to success isn’t a straight road. What your best buddy is doing might not be right for you and it is cases of trial and error until you find the solution so don’t get too disheartened.

In Summary.....

The best way you can start a new diet regime in the UAE and stick with it:

Find A Personal Trainer, Sports or Fitness Coach In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah For Weight Loss & Diet Advice

Dieting and nutrition can be confusing. Luckily the PT’s and fitness coaches listed on the UAE Personal Trainers website can help. 

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