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Body Transformation – Weight Loss or Muscle Building is achievable by anyone if you follow a great training and nutrition program.
the truth about body transformation

Body Transformation Training In The UAE - What You Need To Know

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What many men and women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah don’t realise is that body transformation isn’t just about losing weight.

Yes, weight loss is usually part of a body transformation journey for many people but body transformation can mean many things, including:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle building
  • Athleticism
  • Flexibility
  • And more…..


You’ll find some great tips, advice and explanations in this article which will help you understand body transformation and the best methods to help you achieve your goals.

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What Exactly Is Body Transformation?

So what is meant by body transformation?

It means different things to different people. It can mean transforming the way you look if you want to lose weight in Abu Dhabi or it can mean increasing your muscles for increased definition (think six pack or biceps)

A male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah can create a customised workout and diet program for you based on your body transformation goals but you can also go it alone, providing you know the best workout and nutrition methods to use.

Let’s take a more details look at what we mean by body transformation.

Weight Loss Body Transformation

Let’s be honest, weight loss can be difficult. More often than not, its taken more than a couple of years to gain weight so it’s not always going to be an easy process to lose it.

However, don’t be put off. Being a healthy weight should be seen as a lifestyle goal and not a quick fix to a temporary problem.

Weight loss, dieting and exercising take will-power, commitment and a real ‘want’ to succeed. Sometimes this can be difficult but a professional weight loss coach in Abu Dhabi knows many of the tips and tricks needed to make the difference between failure and success.

Body transformation for weight loss is about more than just what you eat though. Depending on your weight, your age and your current activity level you will need to train too.

Before you even start a body transformation training program there are many things you need to consider.


1. Preparation

You need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for any training program. Where weight loss is concerned it can be difficult because it means breaking bad habits that have been part of your life for many years.

Be prepared to make sacrifices but remember these sacrifices are for the best. Eating out for example might not be the best choice for a while.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This is a very true saying when it comes to weight loss. Many people expect to see results immediately but depending on your body type and your level of obesity it can take weeks of intense training to really start to see and feel results. Don’t give up though – push through these barriers (which are often self-imposed)


2. Set your goals

If you’ve decided that you want to start a body transformation program for weight loss set goals about how much weight you want to lose. However, be realistic. You need to be realistic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you’re never going to lose 30kg of excess weight in a month, or even two. In fact, even trying to do so is unhealthy.

Instead, set your goals lower than you think you can achieve. Also, many men and women in the UAE prefer to split their main weight loss goals into sub goals or chunks. This makes it easier both physically and mentally to achieve.


3. Investigate training methods

Depending on your weight loss goals you need to find out what training methods are best suited to you and your lifestyle and also what training and exercise methods will provide the best results.

There are so many weight loss and diet programs available, each promising amazing results. But, what these programs fail to tell you is that everyone is different. What works for your friend might not work for you. They might like spending hours on a treadmill in the gym but you might find that kind of exercise completely boring.

So, with that in mind you need to find out what types of exercise in the UAE appeal to you more, find out how much weight you can lose doing a particular training method and calculate how much time you can spend each day or each week training for your body transformation goals.

If this sounds like a lot of work the investment in a weight loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi is really worth it. They will create a training program based on your needs as an individual.


4. Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition is the backbone of a successful weight loss body transformation program.

Be prepared to make substantial changes to what you eat, where you eat and when you eat. Without a proper diet that works hand in hand with your training program your weight loss results will be less than impressive which can be the difference between success and failure.

With so many fad diets available in the UAE it can be very difficult to see which diet is right for you. The best way to view it is not as a diet at all but instead a change to your eating habits for the better.

When you discuss your body transformation plans with a professional weight management coach in the UAE you’ll be glad to hear it’s not all about eating salad and starving yourself. In fact, you can probably still eat many of the foods you enjoy but just add more nutritional foods to your daily meals and of course look into portion sizes.

Weight loss body transformation programs can be hard, but, with time and dedication you can do it and start leading a fitter, healthier life.

There will be many ups and downs but with the support of friends, family and a great coach you’ll be amazed at how you can achieve your goals and ultimately be a new, improved version of yourself.

Physique Improvement Body Transformation

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to look different than you do many men and women in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah want to improve the way they look through the more physical aspect of body transformation.

What do we mean by physique body transformation?

It can mean different things to different people. Let’s take abdominals for example. A great looking (and feeling) six pack is one of the muscle features that many men and women strive for.

Like body transformation for weight loss, muscle toning and building won’t happen overnight. Don’t be fooled by fitness programs that promise you’ll be toned and sculpted in 6 weeks because again, everyone is different.

Consider the following tips if you are dedicating yourself to improving the way you look and feel by starting a body transformation training program.


1. It takes time

Building muscle, whether that’s for physique improvement or just so you have more strength and flexibility takes time.

No matter how hard you try, realistically you’re not going to look like a catwalk model or bodybuilding champion overnight. Muscle takes time to grow and tone. Different training programs and different exercise methods provide different results.


2. Decide on your goals

If improving your body tone is your goal create a training program designed around that goal. For example, if you want to work on your arms make sure the training equipment you use is designed to work on your arms.

This can be harder to achieve than you initially think. Unless you know what you’re doing. This is why a personal trainer with body toning experience can really help.


3. Check your nutrition and diet

As we mentioned above in the weight loss body transformation section. Nutrition should be an integral part of your program.

Where body toning and muscle building body transformation is concerned small changes to your diet at important. For example, for muscle building and toning you might need to reduce your fat intake and increase your protein intake.


4. Frequency of training

If your looking to improve your appearance and improve the way you feel you need to be dedicated and committed to your training. This means setting aside time each week (and often each day) to do your training.

Taking the odd day off here and there can sometimes not be avoided. But, when those single days turn into multiple days this can turn into a problem.

the truth about body transformation

How Long Does Body Transformation Take?

One question personal trainers in the UAE always get asked is ‘how long will it take me to lose weight’ or ‘how long does it take to build a six pack’

While it would be great for you to know exactly what results you can expect in a set period of time it really is impossible to say.

You are different from everyone else. Your starting weight is different and your goals might be different too.

While many weight loss or muscle building programs promise to show results in a short time (anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months) providing a timescale is often misleading.

A good personal trainer in Abu Dhabi will always tell you that it takes time. Yes, they can provide a rough estimate of how long it might take but you need to take this information as a very rough figure. This is especially important if you are planning on training before special event, wedding weight loss in the UAE for example.

The Best Exercises For Body Transformation

Looking into the best exercises for your own needs is important because if you choose the wrong exercise and training methods it can slow down or even stop you seeing results.


Some of the best exercises you can do for weight loss for example are:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training
  • CrossFit
  • Bootcamp
  • Zumba
  • Resistance Training
  • Studio Spin
  • Aerobics Classes


Have you noticed, all of the above training methods include some form of cardio exercise. The reason for this is because cardio based routines more often than not are faster paced which in turn burns more calories. More calories burned means more weight loss.


Great exercises for body toning and muscle development include:

  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Machines
  • Weight Training Machines
  • TRX
  • BodyPump


As you can see from the above, many of these training methods are designed to work your muscles more. The more you work your muscles and vary the intensity of the workouts the more muscles grow.

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More About Diet & Nutrition

Whether you want to transform the way you look because you are overweight or want to improve on your appearance by becoming more muscular and toned, the diet and nutrition part of your training program can’t be overlooked.

For weight loss you will need to follow a carefully designed nutrition program that puts you in a calorie deficit. What does this mean? It simply means you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming for weight loss to take place.

For muscle building and body toning you need to take a look at other areas of your diet including possibly reducing your fat and carbohydrate intake and increasing the protein content of what you eat on a daily basis.

Ultimately, your nutrition intake needs to reflect what your goals are. A professional PT with experience in nutrition planning can help create daily, weekly or monthly diet programs which are followed in conjunction with your personal training program.

In Summary.....

Body transformation is achievable. It takes time and also takes a great deal of commitment but once you start to see and feel results your new training program will easily fit into your schedule.

Don’t give up, take it step by step and give yourself a pat on the back for all your efforts.

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