Tips For Losing Belly Fat In The UAE

It’s never impossible to get rid of that stubborn belly fat for a slimmer, more toned look. Get some great tips and advice to melt away the fat
how to get rid of belly fat

Tips For Getting Rid Of Belly Fat for Men And Women In The UAE

Article Contributor: Andrew

If your goal in the UAE is to reduce your belly fat you’re not alone. It’s one of the main reasons why many men and women in Abu Dhabi and Dubai choose to hire a weight loss personal trainer. So is there any secret to losing (or reducing) belly fat? The quick answer is no. Yes, you might see ads promising you’ll lose inches off your waist in a month or the latest technology can shrink away the fat as you sleep but these often outrageous claims really don’t work in the long run. Increased belly fat is more often associated with your lifestyle. Lack of exercise, eating the wrong types of food and generally being sedentary all play a part when it comes to piling on the pounds. And, this doesn’t just happen with age. Belly fat is a problem area for men and women of all ages. Is there a way to effectively lose belly fat and keep belly fat at bay? The quick answer is a definite YES. In this article we’ll provide you with some great tips to help you reduce belly fat through healthy and lasting methods.

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Belly Fat - Why Can It Be So Hard To Reduce It

The dreaded belly fat. Sometimes over time it just creeps up on you. One day you can fit into your favourite pair of skinny jeans and before you know it the next time you wear them you have to breathe in more just to fasten them.

Belly fat is one of those areas on the body that seems harder to get rid of. You’ve tried dieting, working out and even starving yourself (not advisable by the way) but belly fat seems persistent, almost glued to you.

If you have problems with belly fat there are ways you can reduce it and with time even get rid of it.

However, it does take time and of course lifestyle changes. Although it’s definitely not impossible to do on your own, a male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah can really help. They can create a personal training program just for your individual needs, looking at your body type, your BMI measurements and much more.

Did you know, women are more likely to have health related risks and problems if they have more belly fat than men? According to a recent study found here your waist size does have an impact on your future health.

Be Gone - Belly Fat!

Why Do We Get Belly Fat?

Every is different. What’s important to remember is that the reasons you have belly fat is different to why other people do. Some of the main reasons for belly fat are:


Poor diet

One of the main reasons belly fat increases with age is because of poor diet and nutrition.

However, this reason for belly fat in the UAE is definitely not just associated with getting older. There are plenty of children and teens who suffer with this problem too.

Eating the wrong types of food are a major cause of weight gain in the UAE. But, it’s not just about the wrong types of food, it’s about portion size too

If you increasingly eat more and more fast food your weight, and therefore your belly fat is bound to increase.

You might think your diet is healthy, you eat plenty of the right kind of foods and don’t overdo it on portion size but many people seem to forget (or don’t fully realise) that how you cook and serve those healthy foods matters too.

For example, let’s take the humble potato. In itself, the potato is a very healthy choice. It have plenty of vitamins, minerals and even some dietary fibre. However, if you fry it in unhealthy oils this negates the health benefits. Another example is potato salad. It has the healthy vegetable potato but then it is smothered in mayo which can include unhealthy saturated fats.

If your diet and nutrition is poor you can easily educate yourself about the foods you eat or hire a PT who has experience in creating balanced meal plans for men and women who want to reduce their waist size.


Lack of physical activity (exercise)

Don’t be a coach potato! Although not everyone enjoys going to the gym or exercising in general, some form of daily exercise is necessary if you want to lose belly fat and keep it off for good.

A lack of exercise isn’t just bad for increased waist size, it’s bad for your health overall. Unless you have mobility problems, there really is no excuse when it comes to doing some physical activity every day. Also, there is so much choice so you’re bound to find an exercise type, training method or even sport than you can become involved in and like.

When you don’t exercise at all your body is not burning any excess fat – it’s as simple as that. This means fat is stored in the body and therefore around your waist.

Combine a lack of exercise with a poor diet and at some point in your life you are bound to pile on the extra pounds. And, this extra weight is NOT healthy muscle – it’s unhealthy excess fat.

How To Reduce Belly Fat

You probably visited this article page to find some useful ways to get rid of belly fat. Whether you are a man or a women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah you’ll be relieved to know that there are ways to trim down your waist size.

how to get rid of belly fat

Reducing Sugar

Eating or drinking too much processed sugar has been proven to be unhealthy in many ways.

Adding additional commercial sugars to your diet will definitely have detrimental effects to your weight and your health in general.

As a type of refined carb, sugar promotes fat storage in the body by causing a spike in insulin levels which signals the body to store fat.

One of the best ways to prevent fat build up around the waist is to take a closer look at your sugar intake. And, we’re not just taking about table sugar. The granulated stuff you add to your tea and coffee.

Sugar is hidden in so many products from pastries, soft drinks, pasta sauces and even curries. These kind of hidden sugars are the ones you might not even realise you’re eating, especially considering these kind of sugar additives often have confusing names.

This is why it’s a great ideal to cut out sugar in your drinks initially but also educate yourself on reading food labels. You might find it surprising that so called low fat options often include increased sugar to counter balance taste when some of the fats are removed.

Reducing the amount of sugar you eat or treat as part of a healthy weight loss (and fat loss) program is easy. At the end of the day you are in control of your food and drink choices.

Below is just a small list of foods that you should cut down on or consider removing completely if belly fat loss is your goal in the UAE:


Avoid or reduce


  • Table sugar – the kind you add to tea and coffee
    Soda – opt for sugar free versions instead but don’t overdo it
  • Fruit juices – although fruit juices are a healthier option when compared to fizzy soda all fruit juices still contain a large amount of fructose
  • Reduced fat foods – many packaged foods that claim to be lower in fat and therefore lower in calories often contain increased amounts of sugar
  • Canned foods – whether as a flavour enhancer or as a preservative some canned foods (tomatoes, beans etc) include a large amount of sugar


Ultimately, your goal if you want to lose belly fat is to get a better understanding of how much sugar you actually consume every day.

You might mistakenly think that you’re only eating table sugar with beverages but as indicated above, sugar is hidden in many products.

Go To Bed Early

You might be thinking ‘what has sleep got to do with belly fat’

Well, let’s dig a little deeper into this theory. A study by the University of Chicago found that people who get more sleep (better sleep) lost more belly fat (weight) than those who survived on around 5 hours of sleep a night.


There are reasons for this:



1. Sleep impacts the release of ghrelin and leptin

These are hunger hormones and your body releases less of these when you don’t get enough sleep. Therefore you feel hungrier and it can be difficult to control your appetite when less leptin is released. We’re not saying you’ll immediately put on weight or find it difficult to control your weight if you have the odd bad nights sleep but when the odd night because ‘normal’ it can have an effect on your fat levels.


2. Going to bed early

When you go to bed earlier you are much less likely to snack during the later evening hours.

If you have your main evening meal at around 6 or 7 in the evening and you are still up watching movies or even working past 10 pm then hunger starts to creep in. At this time of night your much less likely to prepare yourself a health snack.

Whereas if you retire to bed earlier you not only get a great nights sleep but tendency to snack at night is reduced – therefore, helping you manage your weight better


An article from Healthline (5) has shown that studies prove that getting to bed earlier can help with fat loss and belly fat loss.

Increase Your Workout Intensity

For much of this article we’ve focused on the diet and nutrition aspects of belly fat. But, without training and working out regularly belly fat loss would be much more difficult.

Depending on your age in the UAE, if you don’t workout and train effectively you also run the risk of being left with sagging skin after the fat has gone.

What is workout intensity anyway?

Without getting too technical and confusing about the subject, workout or exercise intensity is basically how hard your body is working out during physical activity. In other words, how much effort your body puts in to a particular workout.

If you have stubborn belly fat it usually indicates that you are overweight. Without generalising too much being overweight often means you are eating too much and not exercising which in turn means working out for you needs to start from an easy level.

However, as you progress in your workouts and you start to see reductions in your belly fat you should increase the intensity of your workouts.

For example, let say you are actively training with a CrossFit personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. That trainer will know from experience and from your initial assessment what level of workouts you can do when you start. As you progress your personal trainer will make the CrossFit training a littler harder and a little longer – this is increasing the intensity of your workouts which in turn helps decrease your belly fat.

The same simple approach applies to other training methods in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah too. Boxing for fitness for example or Zumba coaching.

It’s important to remember though that you should only increase the intensity of your workouts when ‘you’ feel you are ready to do so. Yes, you should push yourself but if you feel any pain or discomfort (other then general aches from training) ease off a little.

nothing will work unless you do - uae personal trainers
Making excuses burns zero calories - uae personal trainers

Make Sure You Are In A Calorie Deficit

A calorie controlled diet, when combined with physical exercise is the only reliable way to lose weight.

There are many training programs and many diet programs available in the UAE but what each and every one of these should explain is that weight loss and fat loss are simple principles

Calories in – Calories out = Calorie deficit

In simple terms. You need to be working towards making sure you are burning more calories than you are consuming. That leads to weight and fat loss.

Let’s say for example as an average man or women you are burning 2000 calories in a normal day without doing too much exercise. But, during that day you are consuming 3000 calories. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see you are consuming more than your body needs – that then leads to weight and fat gain.

To be in a calorie deficit you need to either eat less or train and exercise to burn off those excess calories.

Of course exercise has much more to do with being healthy for a wide variety of reasons but we are focusing on belly fat loss in this article.

So, with the help of a specialist weigh loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you can ensure your daily calorie intake is in a deficit which ultimately helps reduce stubborn belly fat.

Be Consistent

Whether you want to reduce your belly fat to give you a slimmer look, make you healthier, or want a great set of abs you have to be CONSISTENT

It’s no use whatsoever setting any kind of fitness goal if your mind and willpower is not 100% in the zone.

Training and dieting for a week here and there and expecting to see results simply won’t happen. You have to train as hard as you can and employ all your willpower when it comes to eating the right kind of foods.

It’s not an easy process but as long as you remain consistent you will begin to see and feel the results. When you see results it great for motivation too, giving you that extra push you need to lose those last few pounds.

The great thing about setting a goal like belly fat loss is that initially you will see results quickly. As you lose the fat you might find it surprising that you can fit into those skinny jeans again.

In Summary.....

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