Waist Slimming Exercises In Dubai – Personal Trainer Tips

Get the best personal trainer tips and advice for slimming the waist in the UAE. We asked a female PT in the UAE for her top 5 waisting slimming tips that anyone can do.
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The Top 5 Exercises For Slimming The Waist In Dubai

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What are the best exercises in the UAE for slimming down the waist?

Are there any secrets when it comes to choosing the best waist slimming exercises in the UAE? We asked a professional PT for tips and advice.

Losing weight and toning up the waist (mid-line) area is one of the main reasons many people in the UAE choose to hire a personal trainer. However, it’s not as simple as doing as many ab crunches as you can and restrictive what you eat. However, getting a slimmer waist through exercise and diet is the way to go when training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah but some exercise types will give you better, faster results.


So what are the Top 5 Waist Slimming Exercises in Dubai?

For a slimmer waist there are 2 things you can do. Most importantly you need to lose the fat which has accumulated around your waist.

So when picking exercises to do either at home in Dubai or in the gym it’s all about burning as many calories as possible during your workout and being more efficient.

This is why you should forget crunches and opt for big lifts and compound movements as these will get you to your goal quicker.

Additionally, compound exercises work more than one muscle group therefore burning more calories as long as the intensity is appropriate.

The second is strengthening and tightening muscles around the core.

As a personal trainer in Dubai here is a list of my TOP 5 waist slimming exercises:


1) Squats


The squat is an exercise with a lot of muscle recruitment. Make sure your knees are not coming too far forward over the toes and are in line with your feet (not buckling in) and sit back into the squat.

Working large muscles such as the quads, hamstrings, glutes and back the energy demand is higher. Increase the load by carrying a weight or switching to plyometric.


2) Clean and press


A dead-lift, clean and shoulder press all in one exercise will overload multiple muscles and again use more calories. Make sure all components of the exercise are done with correct technique and as full a range as possible.

Neutral spine position should be kept at all times especially at the bottom of the deadlift when people tend to put the spine into flexion and the end of the shoulder press when people can over extend the lower back.


3) Lunge and twist


Lunges again are a big calorie burner as glutes, hamstrings and quads are all used.

Consequently, getting as full a range as possible will increase energy expenditure. Add a twist to the same side of the forward leg to bring in the obliques.


4) Sprints


As well as resistance work, high intensity intervals are great to increase the metabolism and create an after burn maximising calorie expenditure.

As such, you can do 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off for 10 rounds towards the end of your workout.


5) Rainbow plank


From the plank position, drop one hip down to the floor on the side (almost switching to a side plank) and then back to the middle (regular plank), then the other side and repeat.

This variation of plank will strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles as well as the obliques.

As far as giving you a waist this will only help if the core muscles natural state is too lax.

To lose the belly fat remember it’s the most effective calorie burning exercises that will get rid of it quicker. See exercises 1-4 ☺

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